Esport: the Tormenta Circuit of League of Legends, Wild Rift and Valorant lands in Italy

Esport: the Tormenta Circuit of League of Legends, Wild Rift and Valorant lands in Italy


Riot Games has announced that the 2021 Tormenta Circuit of League of Legends, Wild Rift and Valorant will arrive in Italy thanks to the collaboration with several partners. The competition, which will be divided into tournaments dedicated to the three titles, will in fact be supported by various partners: PG Esports x League of Legends, ProGaming Italia x Valorant and Qlash x Wild Rift.

The Tormenta Circuit is a great project by Riot Games designed to bring amateurs to be able to compete at a higher level, close to professionalism. This is a further entry made available by the publisher to allow emerging athletes to get noticed, so as to constantly raise the level of the competition.

Participation is open to all non-professional players over the age of 14 years that want to compete in a competition structured on several levels. The tournament will take place throughout the year, and will primarily include the official events of the Circuit, but will also be open to the possibility of integrating events organized by the Italian communities of LoL, Valorant and Wild Rift.

The different stages, which from time to time will guarantee a precise quantity of points according to the importance, will allow to create a ranking that will give access to a real amateur league of the reference game. At the end of the season, the best of the league will participate in the grand final which, depending on the game, will give access to the next step of the competitive pyramid.

"Bringing the Tormenta Circuit format to Italy is a fundamental step for Riot Games for the evolution of the competitive ecosystem in the territory, giving everyone the opportunity to compete with a path of true growth as players. countries like Spain, where the circuit has already been a reality for years, this competition has given us a lot of satisfaction and has allowed unknown players to get noticed by the best professional teams in the world "declares Carlo Barone, Brand Manager of Riot Games.

Wild Rift is the version of League designed for mobile and console. "The advent of the Tormenta di Valorant Circuit represents a new chapter in the history of the export of our country. Thanks to the collaboration with Riot Games we have the opportunity to create the competitive scene on Valorant from scratch, starting from the foundations and keeping as a fixed point the players and the community. The goal is in fact to build the "home" of Valorant fans: a point of reference, a space where everyone will recognize each other and can live the competitive experience with the many tournaments that we will organize in the For us at ProGaming Italia, the Tormenta Circuit is not just an innovative project with great potential: it represents a challenge that we are excited to take up to raise the level of exports in Italy again "explains Valentina Malagò, Sr. Project Manager of ProGaming Italia.

"It is a source of pride and great satisfaction for us to take the opportunity to expand our collaboration with Riot Games an than to the grassroots scene of League of Legends.The national debut of the Tormenta Circuit represents a unique opportunity for the League of Legends community to get noticed and to take a first important step towards professionalism. All players willing to embark on a competitive path will now have much more chance to get noticed by the Italian teams participating in the PG NATS of League of Legends. The hope is that the Tormenta Circuit becomes an important nursery to train the champions of the future! "Says Pier Luigi Parnofiello, CEO & Founder PG Esports.

" We are honored to have been selected by RIOT as an organizing partner of the Tormenta circuit for Wild Rift. It is for us at QLASH the perfect opportunity to continue to develop our beating heart, that is the community and to demonstrate our value also in the organizational field "finally confirms Luca Pagano, CEO of QLASH.

Starting today it is it is therefore possible to register for the Circuito Tormenta 2021, with the first stage of League of Legends: Wild Rift scheduled for April 3. For more information and how to register, visit:

Q&A with Riot Games on the Tormenta Circuit

The logo of the Tormenta Circuit Our Umberto Moioli questioned Carlo Barone, Riot Games Brand Manager, about the potential and importance of the Tormenta Circuit within the Italian esports scene.

Umberto Moioli: how does the circuit work?

Carlo Barone: The Tormenta Circuit was created with the aim of giving a structure to a fairly chaotic and discontinuous world, giving the possibility, under certain conditions, to anyone orga nice a competitive event to include it under the hat of the Circuit itself, making sure that the results of that specific event contribute to a national ranking (at an amateur level). Obviously there will also be events organized directly by our partners in the area and "major" competitions on the occasion of important moments on the Italian scene. The contribution to the ranking of an event will then depend on different factors such as duration, number of participants, level of organization, etc. The final component of the Circuit is finally represented by the real amateur League which will see the best teams of the ranking compete, with the possibility, dependent on the ecosystem of each individual game, to compete to access the next step and, potentially, to professionalism. br>
UM: Why is it important to have an outlet even for non-professional players?

CB: Because today, becoming (video) professional players is mainly a matter of luck ... don't get me wrong, talent, dedication and commitment are and remain fundamental components of this path, but without being in the place right, at the right time, often not enough. The Tormenta certainly has the purpose of providing a stage for potential talent, but also of offering that level of continuity that is needed to demonstrate this talent.

UM: We can have some examples of success stories of initiatives similar to the abroad?

CB: The most recent and emblematic is represented by Elyoya, current jungler of the Mad Lions competing in the LEC (and therefore also in the running for the Worlds), considered one of the most promising players of the year and who began his adventure with the Tormenta Circuit in Spain. He tells it himself in the trailer created to promote the 2021 edition of the Circuit in Spain:, declaring very little misunderstanding "for me the Tormenta is the first step if you want to become a professional player ".

UM: What is the profile of the players and teams you are targeting? Amateur but already competitive teams or can everyone really participate?

CB: The Circuit will be open to all non-professional players of any level, also because the variety of events we hope to host will give everyone the opportunity to have fun without necessarily aspiring to professionalism. On the other hand, we hope that participation in the Tormenta will give players the opportunity to find companions with the same goals and to get to form truly competitive teams.

The three games involved are very different from them, both as types and as longevity: is it different to carry out a similar initiative on a product like LoL, with over 10 years on its shoulders, compared to Wild Rift?

CB: It is undoubtedly different, both for the options that the game offers, and for the potential of players we are targeting. The other big difference concerns the possibilities offered to those who compete, a game like Wild Rift does not currently have a mature export ecosystem, so there are no competitive outlets (for now), where League of Legends already has a well-defined competitive structure. in which the Circuit is inserted. UM: What kind of rewards / support will the best teams get? CB: The prizes will vary a lot depending on the extent of the event in which you participate, but specifically, for the amateur leagues, in addition to a prize pool still being defined, the best reward will undoubtedly be the possibility of accessing the "step" next of national competitions.

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