Disintegration: Developer V1 Interactive closes its doors

Disintegration: Developer V1 Interactive closes its doors


The US studio V1 Interactive will shortly no longer exist. As the team announced via Twitter, the company will close its doors shortly after five years of operation. In a short statement, the team thanks both its employees and the fans for their support over the past few years. When exactly the last working day will be is just as little known as the specific reason that ultimately led to this decision.

However, it can be assumed that the shooter-strategy mix disintegration (now buy 26.99 €), which V1 Interactive had brought onto the market last year. The game failed to achieve great commercial success, which apparently turned out to be doomed for the studio. It was V1 Interactive's first game. Here is the farewell message from Twitter:

"We are very sorry to inform you that V1 Interactive has to officially close. We want all talented people at V1 - both past and present - thank you for helping to make the past five years so wonderful. And a big thank you to the community that has supported us. "

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What will become of the shooter-strategy-mix disintegration or the corresponding trademark rights after the closure of V1 Interactive is not yet known. Given the low level of commercial success, however, it can be assumed that a comeback in any form is not to be expected.

Source: Twitter

'Disintegration' developer V1 Interactive is shutting down

V1 Interactive, the indie studio behind the sci-fi tactical shooter Disintegration, has announced that it's officially shutting down less than a year after the game was released. The studio was founded by Marcus Lehto, the former Creative Art Director for Bungie Studios who oversaw the development of the Halo franchise. Disintegration was V1's first game — and now, it's the only game the company would have developed. 

Despite the sudden announcement of its closure, V1's shutdown doesn't come as a complete surprise. The company removedDisintegration's multiplayer mode only six months after the game was launched in July 2020. It said its player base 'showed interest in the single player campaign,' but that the game 'unfortunately struggled to build a significant audience necessary for a compelling multiplayer experience.' Lehto also tweeted at the time that the game 'never got a fair shake.'

V1 Interactive © V1 Interactive V1 Interactive

Disintegration is set 150 to 200 years in the future where it's the norm for people to get their brains transplanted into mechanical bodies to protect themselves from the effects of climate change, overpopulation and disease. It's played from a first—person POV, wherein you can issue commands to a four-person squad while providing aerial support from a hovering 'Gravcycle.' 

On Twitter, Lehto said that the company has been transparent with its employees and is 'making this decision now so they still have ample time to search for new jobs while being supported by [the] studio.'

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