FIFA 21: Get free packs for FUT - it's that easy

FIFA 21: Get free packs for FUT - it's that easy


Electronic Arts is distributing free packs for the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. On the occasion of the currently running FUT Player Days you will have the opportunity to spice up your team. To receive the free pack for the popular game mode, all you have to do is register in the football simulation - either directly via the game or the mobile companion app. The bonus is based on the number of days you have logged into FIFA 21 Ultimate Team since the release. If this has been the case at least once so far, you will receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack for free.

If you have at least 61 days, you will get a Prime Gold Player Pack. If you have played for at least 116 days, you can look forward to a rare mega-pack. Anyone who has been on the login watch for 138 days can open an Ultimate Pack for free in FIFA 21 (buy now € 24.99 / € 56.99) FUT. Note that the contents of the sets cannot be exchanged. Anyone who is toying with exchanging the objects for coins via the transfer market will be disappointed.

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FIFA 21 TOTW 24: First predictions - which players are in the team of the week?

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FIFA 21 TOTW 23: New Team of the Week for FUT - Lineup & Player Cards

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FUT Birthday: Dates, features & SBCs for the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team event

FIFA Ultimate Team celebrates its 12th birthday this year, meaning the annual FUT Birthday promotion is likely to return again for FIFA 21.

The promotion usually brings back some of the most popular players from past editions of FIFA, giving them huge upgrades and special cards.

Additionally, FUT Birthday offers a range of pack promotions in the store, as well as other in-game objectives and squad building challenges.

What is FUT Birthday?

FIFA Ultimate Team first arrived as an additional download in FIFA 2009 and was only a small part of the overall FIFA experience.

However, in the years since, it has grown to be the biggest and most popular game mode in FIFA and EA Sports usually celebrates its birthday every year with a special promotion.

In the past few years, FUT Birthday squads have been released with two teams available in packs for a week each.

Other upgraded players can be acquired by completing objectives or squad building challenges (SBCs).

When will FUT Birthday begin?

Every year, the FUT Birthday event begins on the last Friday of March, so this year it is expected to begin on March 26.

The promotion usually runs for two weeks, with a FUT Birthday squad being released on March 26 and then a second team being added to packs on April 2.

The main part of the FUT Birthday is the two special teams, containing popular players from previous editions of FIFA.

These players receive huge ratings upgrades, while some are also given position changes and upgrades to their skill rating and weak foot.

Additional FUT Birthday players will be released in daily Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), as well as weekly objectives.

The weekly objective players require you to complete a certain number of in-game objectives, including scoring a certain amount of goals or providing a particular amount of assists.

Will there be special offers during FUT Birthday?

Ahead of FUT Birthday, EA Sports celebrated Player Days by awarding free packs to FIFA users. These packs increased in value the more time you spent playing FIFA 21 so far this season.

As well as these untradeable rewards, special packs will be added to the store during the entire FUT Birthday event.

These packs will be available for limited periods and have purchase limits, while some of the FIFA community have speculated that '2 for 1' pack offers could be part of FUT Birthday after buy one get one free packs were added to the game's code.

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