Couchmaster Cycon² in a short test: Enjoy PC games with mouse and keyboard from the sofa

Couchmaster Cycon² in a short test: Enjoy PC games with mouse and keyboard from the sofa

Couchmaster Cycon² in a short test

Hand on heart, every PC gamer wants to play comfortably from the sofa every now and then and not have to do without the much more precise control with mouse and keyboard. In addition, the back is more relieved depending on the current seating on the couch. With the Couchmaster series, Nerdytec has long made it its goal to make console players comfortable for keyboard vibrators. With the second edition of the Couchmaster Cycon, a further development with various improvements comes into the living room at home. For just under 180 euros, it offers two comfortable cushions for the arms, as well as a freely placeable support with numerous USB connections, for practical storage of keyboard and mouse, or for lunch.

This includes items such as the mouse, beverage cans or whatever else fits in side pockets. Nerdytec has also given the new Couchmaster six instead of the previous four USB 3.0 ports (2 outside, 4 inside) and a simpler cable management system, which is now located behind magnetic flaps. In contrast to its predecessor, you no longer have to screw it down. In addition, thanks to the 60 cm depth, the two side cushions also fit on short seats. The cushions have been made a bit narrower, but are completely sufficient.

Compact and practical

The Couchmaster Cycon² can be connected directly to the PC using the supplied USB cable, or optionally to a streaming box such as Valve's Steam-Link. If the resulting power supply is not sufficient for the USB devices used, a separate power adapter is included. This is attached to an auxiliary connection at the end of the USB cable and is therefore usually conveniently located near the socket of the PC or streaming device. The storage surface lies on the cushion without being fixed and can be moved freely, but never slips away even during more active game sessions. Due to the free placement, a better-nourished belly also fits loosely, wiping the construct (the author can confirm this). Mouse and keyboard are tidily connected through two inlets in the inner area. The two USB ports on the top are suitable for other devices, because the support offers not only the necessary peripherals, but also some space to store a cell phone for charging, for example - without them getting in each other's way.

My Opinion

By Christian Zamora


[email protected] The Couchmaster is a practical tool for comfortable PC gamers - only the price could put you off. So far, I only knew the previous Couchmaster models from tests with my colleagues at PC Games Hardware. Connecting and laying the enclosed cables caused a headache for me at first, despite the illustrated instructions, but in the end it was easier than I thought. Because my gaming PC at home is not near the TV, a Steam Link from Valve served me as an alternative. That also worked without a hitch, because the Couchmaster's support is just a USB hub. Playing my favorite PC games on the television at home with the Cycon² from the sofa - and without the need for a controller - proves to be comfortable, practical and relieves the strain on your back, depending on your own sitting posture. You have to weigh yourself whether the admittedly hefty expense of 180 to 200 € (depending on the design) is worthwhile for the comfort. Couchmaster Cycon² (Hardware) 8/10

Pro & Contra Comfortable cushions with the support Fits on shorter seats Non-slip support with plenty of space Sufficient USB connections Easy assembly with good cable routing Practical gimmick for couch potatoes High price for just barely 3 parts More pros & cons ... Advertisement: Order hardware now from Amazon

RF Online Update Interview

It is quite unusual that an MMO begins with one publisher, is then shut down and re-opened with a new publisher. Can you tell us how this came to happen with RF Online?


They told us that they were apologised for having to take their service offline between when the Codemasters service ended and now and that while it may be much more commonplace for an MMO to go from start to finish with one single publisher, that this isn’t the only way that things can be done.

They wanted to be clear that the closure wasn’t something that they were pleased with either, but that they hope that when the game is re-launched, their game will be better than ever.

“We, CCR,” they said, “will do our best fr RF Online Global Service, and we guarantee no more service suspension will be generated later”.

Is there any fear that, given its previous closure, players will perceive this as a failed game and stay away?


They told us that: For an Asian market game, RF Online had a good and positive reputation in the Western MMORPG market while Codemasters served as publisher. They think that coming to the conclusion that RF Online is a failed game simply because of the service interruption would be a broad interpretation of the facts.

They went on to say that The reactions of the games players can be read in magazines, blogs and their official website and while people have certainly had a lot of questions since their announcement at the end of last year, they feel that their answers have shown that those who might see the game as a failed game are incorrect.

RF Online Screenshot

Can you tell us the differences between your RF Online and the Codemasters version?


They told us that if they were to lay out all of the differences between their version and the Codemasters version, it would result in players who have been waiting for the game to launch to be unhappy.

For now, they wanted to just simply say that the new RF Online under CCR will be the newest version available and will be different from the Codemasters version.

“Please wait shortly”, they said. “You won’t regret joining our game.”

Will players of the previous incarnation of the game have to “start over” when the new version launches?


No, they don’t need to start over again.

To resolve this issue, they held a character restoration event for former Codemasters users during their closed beta test. They plan to do something similar again when the game re-launches but with a different format.

What will the business model be when RF Online re-opens?


RF Online’s business model will be based on items sales.

When players first start the game, there will be no cost to them signing in, but those who want to “more fun” can purchase the items that they need from in-game.

They told us that they feel that this kind of business model is good both for MMO gamers who don’t want to pay monthly fees and the company that “wants to give more chance to play game to users.”

Will there be an Open Beta after the Closed Beta, or will the game simply launch at that point?


Commerical launch (or in this case re-launch) is an issue that they take very seriously and while they do currently have a schedule for it, they want to be careful about making any announcements because certain issues could come up that would force them to change it.

They did, however, want to pass along a tip for readers and that is that they will be “concretizing” their schedule based on the success of their closed beta test.

For now, they told us, their number one priority is to “prepare the game perfectly”.

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