The Great Aviation Comic on newsstands with La Gazzetta dello Sport

The Great Aviation Comic on newsstands with La Gazzetta dello Sport
From the always reliable primaedicola site we learn of the departure of a new collateral series attached to La Gazzetta dello Sport entitled The Great Aviation Comic.

As the title suggests, the series will be dedicated to the series set in the world of French-Belgian aeronautics, obviously starting from the most famous and long-lived one: Buck Danny!

The Great Aviation Comic, the details

The Great Aviation Comic will start next February 12 and each issue will cost € 4.99 plus the cost of the newspaper. The cadence will be weekly and for the moment the expected releases are 46.

The titles of the first 25 releases have been released from which it is understood that Buck Danny will be the protagonist of at least the first half of the series, with two-story books the one.

A plane has not returned - Patrol at dawn - 12/02/2021 NC 22654 does not respond - Threat to the North - 19/02/2021 Buck Danny against Lady X - Alert in Malaysia - 26/02 / 2021 The Tiger of Malaysia - SOS! Flying saucers! - 05/03/2021 A prototype has disappeared - Top secret - 12/03/2021 Mission to the lost valley - Prototype FX 13 - 19/03/2021 ZZ Squadron - Return of the Flying Tigers - 26/03/2021 The Tigers Flying to the rescue - The Flying Tigers against the pirates - 02/04/2021 Operation Mercury - The satellite thieves - 09/04/2021 X-15 - Alarm at Cape Kennedy - 16/04/2021 The mystery of the ghost planes - Alarm atomic - 23/04/2021 The squadron of death - The Blue Angels - 30/04/2021 The pilot with the leather mask - The valley of green death - 07/05/2021 Sharks in the China Sea - Ghost Queen - 14 / 05/2021 Apocalypse Mission - The pilots of hell - 21/05/2021 Flames from the sky - The attackers - 28/05/2021 The Japs attack - The mysteries of Midway - 04/06/2021 The revenge of the children of heaven - The flying tigers - 11/06/2021 In the claws of the Black Dragon - Attack in Burma - 18/06/2021 The smugglers of the Red Sea - The pirates of the desert - 25/06/2021 The oil gangsters - Pilots co llaudatori - 02/07/2021 Sky of Korea Aircraft without pilots - 09/07/2021 The secrets of the Black Sea - The ghost squadron - 16/07/2021 Forbidden zone - Thunder on the mountain range - 23/07/2021 The night of the snake - Sabotage in Texas - 30/07/2021 The format is not specified but La Gazzetta dello Sport, not being new to these initiatives, should use the same paperback format with French dimensions already used for other similar series, for example for Michel Vaillant.

Still as happened in the past, the stories are not proposed in chronological order.

We are waiting to be able to show you the graphic layout of the series and to know the plan of the complete work with the other 21 releases.

Buck Danny, the series

Created by Jean-Michel Charlier and Victor Hubinon in 1947, Bucky Danny stars the American Air Force pilot of the same name and his two companions Jerry "Tumb" Tumbler and Sonny Tuckson.

The first issues of the series are set during the Second World War but starting from 1954 the settings became contemporary passing from the Cold War to the most recent scenarios of international tension such as the War in the Balkans.

The “classic” series consists of 52 serialized albums with a few years of pause. In 1979, upon Hubino's death, the series remained on hiatus for about 4 years and then returned for 4 albums designed by Francis Bergèse. Upon Charlier's death in 1989, Bergèse drew a book on texts by Jacques de Douhet and then dedicated himself directly to writing until 1996 for a total of 7 albums.

The series was relaunched in 2013 with Frédéric Zumbiehl and Francis Winis, later replaced by Formosa.

In Italy the series was published by Cenisio and AD / Alessandro Editore before moving on to Nona Arte / Editoriale Cosmo which began a chronological and integral reprint in valuable volumes as well as to publish the new adventures.

Buy Buck Danny The integral (1948-1951).

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