Apple, talks with Canoo for the development of its electric car?

Apple, talks with Canoo for the development of its electric car?
New rumors arrive on Apple's goals for the automotive sector. According to what was reported by the American website The Verge, in 2020 the big giant would have had some talks with the managers of Canoo, the well-known electric vehicle startup, with the aim of carrying out its projects relating to the construction of an electric car.

More specifically, the contacts between the two companies would have taken place in the first months of 2020 with some options on the table including the acquisition by Apple of Canoo itself. The indiscretion comes at a crucial moment for the realization of Apple's "Project Titan". The latter, together with Hyundai, is said to be working on an agreement that will probably be signed by March for the joint development of an electric and autonomous vehicle.

According to The Verge itself, the The interest of the House of Cupertino concerns the “skateboard” platform developed by the Torrance startup. Not surprisingly, the platform differs from the others both for the implementation of a large number of electronic components and because it uses steer-by-wire technology. Compared to the most common technologies, therefore, the one developed by the startup allows greater flexibility in design.

Despite the fact that Canoo would have been willing to open its capital to the giant Apple, with the aim of obtaining new and substantial financial resources , inevitably there was no desire to completely sell the company. On this report, Apple itself has not expressed itself, while Canoo has made it known that it does not intend to release any statement in this regard. The company said it did not openly comment on strategic discussions, relationships or partnerships, unless it was deemed appropriate, while Apple declined to comment.

However, it appears that the Los Angeles-based startup has merged with Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. IV, obtaining a whopping 300 million dollars to finance the project that will see the production of the Canoo minivan, together with other projects that the company intends to carry on. There are also relations with Hyundai, so much so that the two companies seem to be linked by a collaboration agreement for the joint development of electric vehicles. However, the startup, not surprisingly always supported by Chinese and Taiwanese capital, has held talks with companies in Silicon Valley and China with the clear aim of obtaining the capital necessary to develop and optimize its programs.

However, it must be reiterated that Canoo has not given up its ambition to work with large companies such as Apple, in fact, talks are underway with companies interested in exploiting its skills and technologies.

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