Cunk on Earth is a masterpiece of irony to recover immediately

Cunk on Earth is a masterpiece of irony to recover immediately

Everyone talks about Cunk on Earth , this new Netflix series , we are divided between those who adored it and those who hated it. How do you say? Haven't you seen it yet? So do yourself a favor and go see it right away, because whatever happens, it won't leave you indifferent. Diane Morgan , her Philomena Cunk , have finally obtained the visibility they deserved for so many years, by virtue of a unique ability to be ironic and irreverent, but without falling into the obvious and the predictable.

Cunk on Earth , its fictional essence going out of its way to confuse us and make us laugh, remains one of the most recent products of top-notch entertainment England has to offer these days.

Philomena and the destruction of disclosure

Cunk on Earth exploded like a small earthquake, after all this was exactly its purpose, as well as its protagonist, Philomena Cunk, a television character who made its appearance exactly several years ago. We are talking about Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe, another happy creation by the author of Black Mirror, with which current affairs and the news, the in-depth programs, became a sort of comedy, halfway between the serious and the facetious.

There Diane Morgan took on for the first time the role of this proudly ignorant popularizer like a hoe, capable of embarrassing anyone with an almost impeccable candor and British elegance. Now, after 2018's Cunk on Britain, Philomena is back raising the stakes with Cunk on Earth , which has conquered the top of the charts basically everywhere.

To tell the truth, it has been ten years since Morgan, an expert in mockumentaries and sit-coms, has become a true celebrity in her homeland, with this character who honors and together deconstructs popular narrative, the one that subjects of his majesty has always liked it as a demonstration of his supposed ill-concealed superiority.

This first season of Cunk on Earth, consisting of five episodes, sees the proud journalist wandering, or so it seems, around the globe, telling us about ancient Egyptians, the Italian Renaissance, prehistory and the future. In short, inside there is everything that the proud BBC has usually always proposed through her majesty David Attenborough's elegant and charming voice. Diane Morgan with Philomena mimics and parodies him, with her plebeian Manchester accent, with a work of sheepish distraction, made up of interviews with professors, researchers, experts in every field of knowledge who are disarmed by his incredible stupidity.

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Look at the gallery Cunk on Earth works precisely because it combines the best of British humor with the anarchy of nonsense connected to pop culture and our daily life, leaves the king substantially naked.

By Re we mean both the sacredness of knowledge, as has often been used by popularizers, television masters of ceremonies who have shaped our daily lives for decades, and by the institutions, often with a classist and arrogant attitude. The series also convinces because the budget appears (it appears, it's actually another trick) to our eyes substantial. We actually see Philomena Cunk wandering around Rome, Pompeii, South America and other archaeological and historical sites, often twiddling her thumbs. The narration appears so closely faithful to the concept of television reenactment, that in the end there is even the doubt that everything is not a hiccup or the result of bloopers. Naturally she takes care of dispelling all our doubts and making us roll over with laughter while she exasperates us with her nonsense.

Diane Morgan is armed with her iconic cold gaze, her haughty ways, her candid arrogance, with which she gives a unique charm and sympathy to her character.

she In fact she is the bearer of something incredibly current: the domination of mediocrity and ignorance. Because the fundamental point, the reason why Cunk on Earth is so current, is the fact that it is not simply the triumph of man's ignorance in our day.

We live besieged by the dictatorship of the present and tomorrow, which has made us absolutely incapable of understanding the importance of the lessons contained in the past. A sad reality whose existence in this series, between jokes about Egyptian mummies, Chinese walls and future conflicts, Mesopotamian culture and Jesus reminds us. The embarrassment of Morgan's interlocutors remains priceless, men and women who have spent their entire lives perfecting their knowledge and who are disarmed by her as a pigeon would do with a chessboard: by placing guano on top of her.

Between irony and a disturbing mirror of reality

From a semantic point of view, the series is also precious because it gives us a perfect cross-section of what the modern agora has become, which mainly develops on the Internet.

Philomena fully represents that sort of downward leveling, which social platforms have permanently made a constant of our time and which has transformed what could have been a resource, into an unhealthy and aggressive bar. If this seems a bit too abstruse an analysis, bear in mind that most of his arguments, or rather non-arguments, the cheap questions, the errors, the doubts, the most ridiculous perplexities, are not all that different from those found under every post that talks about the moon landing or pre-Columbian civilizations or the mysteries behind Covid-19. Among flat-earthers, reptilians, Sunday conspiracy theorists, self-appointed pseudo experts, the flow of information that reaches us today is a swamp of nonsense.

The same nonsense that Philomena uses during her travels: she offers us a confused and inadmissible, yet incredibly effective soup, because she puts the "lowest" interlocutor at ease, she represents him. Let's talk about what she aspires to be on a par with those professors and researchers, who make him feel constantly in difficulty, putting him in front of his inability to be a party or dominant in every part of knowledge only with noise.

This reality, however, must absolutely not distract us from the fact that the series above all seeks to make people laugh, by the declared will of its parent company: the BBC, which has always been the realm of the most beautiful informative documentaries on our planet ever. However, the famous network is also the very symbol of snobbish British eloquence, which then leads us to another fundamental aspect present in Cunk on Earth: the mockery of Anglo-Saxon self-celebration, of feeling itself the center of everything.

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This is a perfect product to give us an English point of view on the world and culture, that will almost to bring everything back within its borders, to make the narrative of humanity its own narrative, according to the old adage that England's laws are the world's. Elegant and at the same time vulgar, sophisticated and at the same time cheesy, Philomena continues with her rambling oratory, the mania for protagonism that after all she has always exuded from television storytellers. While they spoke to us about a Julius Caesar or Napoleon they always gave the feeling of believing themselves closer to the truth than anyone else.

To those of us who grew up and got rich thanks to the words of Piero Angela, the already mentioned David Attenborough, Walter Cronkite and many others, perhaps the whole will also be annoying for this reason too. Of course it remains very English, this kind of humor is their hallmark, you either like it or hate it.

Deliberately chaotic and simplistic, but also incredibly dynamic, Cunk on Earth in this first season ultimately works as a sort of opposite, of Heyoka, in the native American sense : the absurd becomes a means by which to reaffirm the truth.

Because with Philomena Cunk, manifest ignorance is a tool to make us understand the importance of knowledge, her annoying arrogance is the means to create an interesting bath of humility in us, convinced that we always have the truth to click range. It won't be the last time we have to deal with this woman, with Diane Morgan and the credibility of her that she knows how to give her.

But in our little bit of little considered Italians, we would like to remind you that 15 years before you, our Neri Marcorè had already made history in this sense, with the parody of him, Alberto Angela, flanked by the " Reeducational Channel” by the brilliant Corrado Guzzanti.


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