ASUS ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint | Review

ASUS ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint | Review

The Gladius has always been the favorite series for fans of ROG, the ASUS line dedicated entirely to gaming, and now a new product has been added to the catalogue: the Gladius III Wireless AimPoint, a mouse that, while maintaining the essentiality that distinguishes the line brings new evolutions and features that definitely make it a valid alternative.

In the past we have reviewed the brother of this mouse, namely the ROG Gladius III Wireless, while in the following lines we we will focus on the new AimPoint version, which owes its name to the exclusive optical sensor that ASUS has opted for. Exactly as for the product mentioned above, we are dealing with an excellent peripheral, light and versatile which, unfortunately, has only one problem, namely a slightly high price.

ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint: How is it made?

The Gladius III Wireless AimPoint has the same asymmetrical shape as its predecessor, as well as an extremely simple and elegant design. In fact, we find a body entirely covered in good quality plastic, the ROG logo illuminated with an RGB light and a total of 6 programmable keys. Finally, the matte look definitely helps not to make the mouse a magnet for annoying streaks and fingerprints.

The weight of just 79 grams makes it perfect for gaming, ensuring sharp and controlled movements, while there are grooves on the sides to further improve grip. As for the illuminated logo, it is possible to interchange 5 different RGB effects by simply pressing the "profile" button located on the back of the mouse; these profiles will correspond with those that can be customized and saved in the device's memory, together with other values ​​such as DPI, through the Armory Crate program.

At the top of the mouse we find the two main buttons, the silicone rubber wheel and the small button for changing the DPI. In the support area, on the other hand, there is the AimPoint sensor, the switch to change the type of connection (Wireless, Bluetooth or wired) and the 100% PTFE plastic feet, whose task is to ensure maximum fluidity of movement. Finally, the last two programmable buttons are placed on the left side of the peripheral.

Our experience

Like all the peripherals in the ROG line, the new Gladius is a peripheral oriented mainly towards gaming, so we can't help but start by talking about the new optical sensor, as well as the strong point of the mouse. The ROG AimPoint features sensitivity levels ranging from 100 to 36,000 DPI with a deviation of

Although the mouse has three connection modes, the one we recommend using is the ultra-fast 2.4 GHz wireless, as it boasts ROG SpeedNova technology, which optimizes wireless data transfer to offer low latency performance and improved battery life of the mouse. In this mode, the Gladius Wireless III AimPoint, according to ASUS, would in fact last up to 119 hours, which is really impressive considering the competitors in the sector.

During our use we tested the mouse for both daily activities than in gaming sessions, and we really enjoyed it. The grooves really help to improve grip, while the size makes it suitable for those with larger hands too. Clearly only professional gamers can afford to set the DPI to the maximum, or 36,000, while for more common and relaxed use we were happy with a value of around 5,000.

All Inside the mouse we find the 3-pin ROG Micro Switches, which have a declared longevity of up to 70 million clicks, but if you wish they can be easily replaced with the 5-pin ones using the special extractor included in the package. Thanks to the Push-Fit Socket, users can in fact interchange the switches of the left and right buttons easily, so as to adapt them to their style of play and their preferences.

Having said that, the Gladius III Wireless AimPoint has many other features that can be changed through the Armory Crate program, such as polling rate, surface calibration settings, button mapping and, of course, RGB light effects.


Just like its predecessor, the ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint is an excellent mouse, which thanks to the 36,000 DPI sensor is positioned among the top of the range in the sector, representing a perfect choice for professional gamers. The package is made even more interesting by the presence of accessories in the package and interchangeable switches, while the only cons is the list price of €129.99, which being slightly above average prevents it from being an absolute best buy.

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