Sanremo 2023: Fedez rips the photo of the deputy minister Galeazzo Bignami and the other gifs of the second evening

Sanremo 2023: Fedez rips the photo of the deputy minister Galeazzo Bignami and the other gifs of the second evening

Sanremo 2023

Sanremo - The second evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023 opens with Gianni Morandi and the broom, mindful of yesterday's scene in which he lent himself to clean the stage with the remains of the roses left by hurricane Blanco. Definitely a heavier second episode, with fewer surprises and a general easing, but when Massimo Ranieri, Al Bano Carrisi and Gianni Morandi arrive we all go to class. Competing singers included. The journalist Francesca Fagnani did well in co-hosting, especially with the monologue on detention written together with the boys of the Nisida juvenile prison. Of course then we were able to listen to the remaining 14 songs and discover the first general ranking which sees: 1) Marco Mengoni 2) Colapesce Dimartino 3) Madame 4) Tananai 5) Elodie. Among the most intense moments, there is certainly that of the Iranian activist Pegah Moshir Pour who launches a really strong message of freedom with Drusilla Foer. Amadeus thought everything had gone smoothly, and instead he was wrong or in any case he imagined that the best was yet to come.

On the stage of the cruise ship Fedez with his freestyle song he pulls everyone in the middle: from the minister of the Eugenia Roccella family (famous for her position against abortion) to the Codacons, up to showing and tearing the photo by Galeazzo Bignami of Fratelli D'Italia, current Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport (the ministry of Matteo Salvini). The politician, in his youth, was portrayed in a photograph at a party with a black shirt and a swastika, a sort of Nazi uniform. Fedez himself, perhaps already in agreement, then wanted to release Amadeus and Rai from further problems, always declaring live: " I take full responsibility for what I did, the text had not been announced to the organisation, Rai and to the authors of Sanremo”. We'll see the developments, meanwhile for today we will only talk about that. Finally, the monologue of the comedian Angelo Duro who, to tell the truth, tries the extreme provocation without succeeding in the slightest, remaining only a faded caricature of clich├ęs that he himself wanted to debunk. We would have liked more "Belve" moments like at the end, with Francesca Fagnani's interview with Amadeus and Gianni Morandi. An opportunity ready on a silver platter and not exploited properly. In order not to miss anything, there were also some delays and if you rightly went to bed early, you will find the handy summary in 10 + 1 gif below.

Gianni Morandi and the broom Very predictable but fun.

The Napoli shirt This is Napoli's year, also for Amadeus.

Francesca Fagnani's entry Francesca Fagnani begins her Sanremo like this:

Gianni Morandi, Al Bano and Massimo Ranieri Do you know the Three Musketeers or the Three Tenors? Here, they eat them. They are the three highlanders of Italian music and they take you all to school.

Drusilla Foer and Pegah Moshir Pour The story of the Iranian activist Pegah Moshir Pour who brings the issue of rights to attention on the stage of the Sanremo Festival in Iran with Drusilla Foer. “For freedom! For freedom! For freedom!”

Colapesce Dimartino They have the strong point, currently they are second and they literally throw themselves into their Splash.

Rosa Chemical He drove quite a few Brothers (from Italy) crazy.

Fedez rips the photo of Deputy Minister Galeazzo Bignami in Nazi uniform In his freestyle song from the cruise ship he spares no one, he takes it out on the minister of the Eugenia Roccella family, with the Codacons and with Galeazzo Bignami (FdI) then tearing up a 2005 photo of him in a Nazi uniform. “ If Rosa Chemical goes to Sanremo the quarrel breaks out, perhaps better the deputy minister dressed as Hitler ”.

Paola and Chiara The most eagerly awaited of this festival. They create “Furore” with their choreography which is already cult.

Angelo Duro transgressive #1 During the monologue, the comedian undresses to show that he is the transgressive one, not even having a tattoo.

Bonus: Transgressive Tough Angel #2 How transgressive. Wow! Wow! Wow!

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