Roccella, new minister of the family: against abortion and lgbt + rights

Roccella, new minister of the family: against abortion and lgbt + rights

Roccella, new minister of the family

Initially, the name of the Northern League player Simonetta Matone was mentioned, but after a few hours Eugenia Maria Roccella was chosen for the role of minister for the family, birth rate and equal opportunities of the government of Giorgia Meloni. Former undersecretary for health in the Berlusconi IV government, Roccella has a political path that touches opposite poles. In the 1970s she joined the Women's Liberation Movement, set up in Rome by a feminist group of the Radical Party, to arrive years later in the conservative world of Family Day, with positions against abortion.

On abortion in Italy there are those who do worse than the Marches. And what the party programs say After Chiara Ferragni's story that sparked the Brothers of Italy, the analysis of the numbers by the journalists who, with civic access, requested information on conscientious objection from all Regions. And the political proposals in view of the elections on 25 September

The beginnings with the Radicals

Among the objectives of the Women's Liberation Movement where Roccella was active there were free information on contraceptive means for everyone in schools , the liberalization of abortion without distinction of state of health and age in adequate health facilities, as well as the socialization of care work. In March 1971, the Women's Liberation Movement requested the suppression of the then National Motherhood and Childhood Work, a welfare institution created during the fascist regime in the context of the demographic battle carried out by Benito Mussolini.

Candidate to the Chamber of Deputies with the Radical party for the politics of June 1979, she is not elected and at the same time decides to leave the party. In an interview published in 2005 in the newspaper Avvenire, Roccella tells of being fond of the then leader Marco Pannella but of wanting to leave because "the radicals are individualists" who, to tell her, were waging battles that would have destroyed the individual. Other positions she takes on abortion, again in that interview, raise concern about her future as minister: "The so-called freedom of choice is questioned because it has begun to understand that it gives freedom of choice of" when and if " being mothers is becoming more and more a freedom of choice on the child: the freedom of "who" to be mothers, through the "genetic selection" of the child ".

Against abortion

From leaving the Radical party until the end of the 1990s, Roccella disappears from the radar of politics. In these twenty years she radically changed her position on the claims of the feminist movement of the time, and as a professional journalist she wrote editorials for Avvenire, articles for Il Foglio and Il Giornale, and became a biographer of Silvio Berlusconi. At the beginning of the 2000s, the publication of the book After Feminism is the first of a series of events that lead the new minister for the family to embrace increasingly contrasting positions compared to the previous ones.

In the 2008 elections she comes elected to the Chamber of Deputies from the ranks of the People of Freedom in the Lazio 2 constituency, and undersecretary at the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policies. A few years later, in 2013, during the presentation to the Chamber of the committee "There is only one mother", she defines gestation for others as a practice of "procreative liberalism". In January 2011, together with Roberto Formigoni, Maurizio Gasparri, Maurizio Lupi and other members of the Freedom Party, he signed an open letter to promote the presumption of innocence of the then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in the Rubygate case.

Abortion, in over 20 hospitals in Italy 100% of gynecologists make conscientious objection The landing on Family day She is also re-elected in the 2013 and 2018 political elections, the latter time in the Brothers of Italy quota. In recent years she has spared no negative statements about the Ru486 abortion pill, defined as "home abortion", and about assisted fertilization. On the first Family day of 2007 Roccella is the spokesperson for the event and in Toscana Oggi she says "I am happy that the Family day is precisely May 12, the 33rd anniversary of the referendum on divorce: this anniversary demonstrates that civil marriage exists in Italy, the possibility of divorce and, therefore, the uselessness of other requests ". Civil unions requested by the LGBT + community are targeted.

Still on the subject of civil unions you wrote in the monthly Tempi, ten years later, that “civil unions are always few. When such laws are passed in Europe, the results are always very disappointing because the truth is that homosexuals who want to marry are actually few ”. In 2013 she joined the New Center-right led by Angelino Alfano, from which she then emerged two years later becoming one of the founders of the Identity and Action Movement, of Christian Democrat and conservative inspiration. For the new minister for the family, birth rate and equal opportunities of the Meloni government, it is therefore a yes to the "natural family" and a categorical no to abortion, LGBT + rights, euthanasia and the end of life.

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