Break Pro Wrestling: discovering the new federation born in Rome

Break Pro Wrestling: discovering the new federation born in Rome

Break Pro Wrestling

The panorama of Italian Wrestling has grown dramatically in recent years. More and more federations have tried to restore life to a business that was stale in our country, forging new talent and attracting more and more fans. With an eye to NXT Europe, which will also embrace Italy in the future, we continue our journey linked to the Wrestling of the peninsula. This time we had a chat with Andrea Ballarin, founder and promoter of Break Pro Wrestling, a federation born in Rome and which debuted last October 23rd with Episode 1: New Noise.

Karim Bandit at the end of the first BPW show - Credits: Giuseppe Cuozzo photography

Break Pro Wrestling was born in Rome

A new Wrestling federation is born in Rome. Where did the idea of ​​the name “BREAK PRO WRESTLING” come from and what are the objectives of this ambitious project?

The name probably has an unromantic genesis, it was almost a marketing choice if you will. It's international but easy to pronounce in Italian, it abbreviates well to BREAK or BPW. I also like to think that it "breaks" a little with the tradition of the other acronyms of our country and is unique.

Your inaugural event saw a great mix of Italian and international athletes. What are the names that fans will absolutely have to set their eyes on?

I would say about all the talents we have in the card, the Roman scene is among the most luxuriant at the moment and Italian wrestling in general is under the magnifying glass of the whole world wrestling business. We are ready to take the leap forward in this discipline.

What do you think of Italian Wrestling in general? Do you think there has been an evolution compared to the past?

Absolutely yes, it has grown a lot in recent years. There has been an exponential leap forward. Not only in the quality in the ring but also in the training of the athletes, but a lot can still be done and still improved. Above all, I have seen a change of mentality from many wrestlers, an openness to go beyond the borders to go and train and learn around the world.

Can you give us the names of some wrestlers you would like to bring in in the future?

There are many and I would perhaps risk spoiling some surprises for all the fans. So I would say that anyone who is not under exclusive contract with a major can be a target if the conditions are right and we can tell a good story together.

What innovative things can fans expect from your federation?

We are trying to bring a different attitude and way of wrestling than what I have seen around Italy. Maybe more adult and punk rock and with storytelling at the heart of it all.

Next Break Pro Wrestling show


The Roman Lion #Adriano faces @Karim_Brigante for the BREAK UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP.

Who will come out with the gold?

12th FEBRUARY 2023


LARGO VENUE – Via Biordo Michelotti 2, Rome


(MV by @stormskifx )

— Break Pro Wrestling (@breakpwrome) February 9, 2023

Break Pro Wrestling will be back on stage this afternoon in Largo Venue (Rome) with Episode 2: And Out Come The Wolves. In the main event the reigning champion Karim Brigante will challenge the title from the assault of the "Lion of Rome" Adriano. The rematch between Yota Tsuji and Sebastian Dewitt is also eagerly awaited, and the debut in Rome of the BBBs (Mirko Mori and Nico Inverardi) who will face Fabio Romano and Rocco Garzya.

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