Amazon: 10 essential products for your summer!

Amazon: 10 essential products for your summer!


If you are about to leave for the holidays before or after August, you may have to make the last purchases, recovering a series of items that could come in handy during the summer holidays. At this time of year, you know, we tend to give priority to light products, even more so if you need to bring with you items that allow you to relax and continue to carry out some of the fundamental activities with minimal effort, and it is precisely on this kind of products that we have paid the most attention.

To make sure you don't miss anything on holiday, we have collected 10 essential products that you should buy before traveling. From small Bluetooth speakers, with which you can listen to music wherever you are, to blenders with jugs, for those who want to prepare an excellent smoothie even on the go.

We have taken into consideration many factors, including the real usefulness of these products and of course the price, so we are sure that you will find many ideas about what to take on vacation, with the certainty of receiving the items before you set off on your trip. In fact, every single product can be purchased on Amazon and enjoys the advantages of Prime. As if that were not enough, some are even on offer, so you can take advantage of them to stock up on items to use for the next summer season.

Bluetooth case JBL GO 3 Power Bank Charmast Thermal bottle MAMEIDO Swimming goggles DAWINSIE Thermoelectric bag Mobicool MB32 DC Camping mattress Trinordic Neck fan COMLIFE LARKSON backpack No 7 Blender with carafe BLACK + DECKER BXJB500E

Bluetooth case JBL GO 3

Vacation is synonymous with fun therefore, if you have not taken it into consideration, we recommend that you buy and bring with you a small but powerful Bluetooth speaker such as the JBL GO 3, with which to listen to your songs you prefer wherever you are. In fact, you just need to recharge the battery and connect the speaker to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to ensure that the audio of the mobile device is reproduced on the external speaker at a much higher quality than that of any other smartphone or tablet. Despite being compact, JBL GO 3 will be able to satisfy you, wirelessly reproducing a respectable audio and even with a good dose of bass. With IPX67 certification, which makes it resistant to water and dust, this is the perfect speaker for summer!


Charmast Power Bank

Se you need a second power bank to always keep your devices charged during the summer holidays, we suggest you consider the Charmast proposal which, for about 20 euros, offers a device of over 10,000 mAh, equipped with two inputs and three outputs of 5V / 3A with which to recharge smartphones and tablets or, why not, even your notebook. This model also has a practical LED digital display, on which the percentage of remaining battery is indicated together with other information relating to the voltage. The fact that it fits in any pocket, handbag and backpack only increases the chances that this power bank is the one that suits you best.


Water bottle thermal MAMEIDO

Because of the high temperatures, in the summer you tend to drink a lot more and if you stay away from home you don't always have the opportunity to find something cool to quench your thirst with, so bring a thermal bottle with you. that may be a wise choice. The one we propose is 750 ml and boasts a simple but elegant design, with the possibility of choosing dozens of textures that give it a unique style. Made of BPA-free stainless steel, it allows you to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, while hot drinks for up to 12 hours, inside a double-layer casing, designed to allow air not to pass between the internal wall and outdoor.


DAWINSIE swimming goggles

If you like diving in the water, you should take a look at this pair of swimming goggles because, besides to integrate a protection for the ears and nose, they offer a 180 ° view. Furthermore, the lenses are made with an eye towards the safety of ocular health, protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays of the UVA and UVB type which, you know, in summer could be very dangerous due to long exposure to the sun. Also excellent for use in the swimming pool, the design of these goggles is unisex and thanks to the adjustable clip attachment they are suitable for both young people and adults.


Mobicool MB32 DC thermoelectric bag

In addition to the thermal bottle, some may be interested in a thermoelectric bag if you need to keep various types of food cool, regardless of whether you spend the day at the beach or in the mountains. The Mobicool MB32 DC is a very functional and spacious thermoelectric bag, as evidenced by its 32 liters of capacity, enough to allow you to insert up to 8 large bottles in the main compartment. On the front there is another zippered pocket, which you can use to organize even better the large space guaranteed by this bag, which will ensure cooling down to 15 ° below the ambient temperature. Sturdy, foldable and equipped with a shoulder strap, this bag will accompany you throughout the summer and on your future trips out of town.


Trinordic camping mat

If your holiday is based on hiking, then you can't do without a camping mat like this one, characterized by ultra-light and foldable materials, designed to facilitate carrying on the shoulder. This is also possible thanks to the fact that it is an inflatable mattress, with a double valve inflation system that will allow you to put it into operation in a few seconds. This model is also made of 40D nylon, a material which, in addition to guaranteeing excellent longevity of the product, ensures good comfort during rest, further enhanced by a cushion integrated into the structure.


COMLIFE neck fan

If you want to relieve the typical sweltering and exhausting heat of summer, we recommend that you bring a neck fan with you. As you can easily guess, this is a cooler that does not need support, as it is designed to adapt and to stay firmly on your neck, while receiving a good dose of fresh air, adjustable to three different intensities. . Power is powered by a 5,000 mAh battery, which guarantees an autonomy of up to 9 hours. In addition to being powerful, the air flow can be adjusted on different angles, so as to be sure that the ventilation is not dispersed but directed directly on our body.


LARKSON Backpack No 7

Items such as power banks, swimming goggles and fans can easily be lost on vacation if not stored in safe places when not in use. In this regard, a backpack like this can come in handy and thanks to the large compartment you can also use it to store your notebook, thus accommodating even generously sized products. The shoulder straps are adjustable and this means that the fit will be optimal regardless of your height. There is also a handle for those who prefer to carry it by hand, made with sturdy materials as well as those of the entire backpack.


Blender with jug BLACK + DECKER BXJB500E

We conclude our personalized product list for this summer by offering you this blender with jug, great for those who do not want to give up a good smoothie on vacation. With two operating speeds, to which is added a "Pulse" mode that takes full advantage of the 500W of the appliance, you can easily mix and blend even the hardest foods, obtaining up to 1.5 liters of smoothie. A product of excellent workmanship, as demonstrated by the four stainless steel blades and the non-slip base composed of 4 suction cups, which help the appliance to remain stable on the support base.


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