Record of Ragnarok Season 2 release period revealed

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 release period revealed

Warner Bros. Japan has revealed in the course of the last few hours that the Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok, known under the official name of Record of Ragnarok II and inspired by the manga of the same name by Shinya Umemura, Ajichika and Takumi Fukui, will debut through Netflix during the course of the 2023.

The staff of the anime in charge of the production have revealed that more information will arrive at the Anime Expo in July 2022.

In the meantime, here is the new promotional image:
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Regarding the cast, Miyuki Sawashiro is Brunilde, Tomoyo Kurosawa has the role of Göll, Tomokazu Seki as Lü Bu, Soma Saito voices Adam, Kazuhiro Yamaji as Kojiro Sasaki, Hikaru Midorikawa is Thor, Wataru Takagi is Zeus, Takahiro Sakurai has the role of Poseidon, Junichi Suwabe is Hermes, Rie Tanaka is Aphrodite, Hinata Tadakoro as Ares, Tatsuhisa Suzuki gives the voice to Shiva, Shows Hayami is Odin, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is Loki and Yukihiro Nozuyama gives the voice to Heimdall.

Record of Ragnarok: what is the work about?

The gods are angry. They are tired of human beings, of their misery, greed, myopia and pride, and they decide to annihilate them once and for all to restore peace, harmony and beauty to the Earth. But the Valkyrie Brunhilde titillates their pride: perhaps the gods, deep down, are too afraid of men to give them one last chance? Obviously the gods fear nothing or anyone, and thus indicate the RAGNAROK, the final clash between gods and men! 13 representatives of the human race, chosen from all eras and assisted by the power of the Valkyries, will face off against 13 fierce divinities: if they manage to win the greatest number of duels, humanity will be saved. The bloodiest, most visionary, unpredictable, exhilarating battle-manga of the last few years begins!

Record of Ragnarok: the manga

The original manga by Shinya Umemura, Ajichika and Takumi Fukui was launched in Comic Zenon magazine in November 2017. Umemura takes care of the story, Ajichika of drawings and Fukui of the composition of the series. The 14th issue was released in Japan and online stores on March 19. In Italy, as already anticipated, the manga is published by Star Comics.

Record of Ragnarok also boasts a spin-off published in October 2019 on Comics Zenon entitled The Ryo Fu Ho Sen Hishoden (The Legend of Lu Bu Fengxiang The Flying General).

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