Horror games | The best of 2022

Horror games | The best of 2022

The horror genre in recent years has gone through a moment of severe crisis. In particular, we refer to triple A, since it is undeniable that the indie scene has instead been inundated with productions: from the boom of Outlast to games such as Friday the 13th: The Game. In recent years, however, things have changed a bit, thanks to the return in style of Capcom and the master Shinji Mikami. It seems that the scene is once again ready to give away some of the best horror games ever, we can only hopefully wait for good news from these talented authors and development houses.

In this article, therefore, we will select the best horror games, looking at the last six years of releases, virtually all of the current generation. Before we begin, we suggest that you also check out the best storytelling games.

The best horror games

Resident Evil Village The Quarry Ghostwire: Tokyo Dying Light 2 House of Ashes Alan Wake Little Nightmares II Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 7 Remothered Alien Isolation The Evil Within Outlast

The Quarry

Generic Photos The Quarry, developed by Supermassive Games, is a teen horror adventure that allows players to control different characters and decide their fate through different moral choices. Together or with a group of friends, therefore, you will be able to enjoy a more than satisfying horror experience, which incorporates the good things done with the hugely popular Until Dawn and with The Dark Pictures Anthology; a set of ingredients that are certainly winning.

If the horror genre and, more generally, related to narration, is what you prefer, well, you have no excuses: The Quarry is definitely for you!

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