Driving stations to play Gran Turismo 7 | The best of 2022

Driving stations to play Gran Turismo 7 | The best of 2022

Gran Turismo 7 is the highly anticipated new driving and racing simulator from PlayStation Studios that arrives on Sony consoles on March 4, 2022. To better enjoy the simulation experience of the Gran Turismo series, many people are looking for driving stations equipped with all the comforts and all the features you need to get the most out of Sony videogame gameplay.

Gaming peripherals such as steering wheels, pedals and gearshift levers offer a fair degree of realism when driving Gran Turismo 7, but it is with a real station that you can enjoy a complete simulation game experience: the best driving stations, in addition to being comfortable seats suitable for placing on a steering wheel, have many functions that guarantee a safe immersion in the realism of the game between adjustments, shock absorbers and sensors.

In this article dedicated to the best driving stations for Gran Turismo 7 we have chosen varied products, from the cheapest to the most profe ssional and expensive, which adapt to different pocket, space, and game requirements. If you are interested in these types of video games, also check out the guide for the best gaming wheels, the guide for the best driving seats for Forza Horizon 5, and the guide to the best racing games.

The best driving stations for Gran Turismo 7

Playseat Challenge, the cheapest Next Level Racing S015, the most expandable Playseat Evolution, the most affordable Next Level Racing S010, the most comfortable Next Level Racing GTtrack, the best ever Gran Turismo 7 driver stations

Playseat Challenge, the cheapest

Gran Turismo 7 driver stations A guarantee for racing stations is definitely the Playseat brand, present on several occasions in this guide is on the track in first position with one of the cheapest solutions to play Gran Turismo 7. This station, equipped with a seat and supports for the steering wheel and pedals, has been created in a minimal way precisely to adapt to the needs of newcomers to simulators and, above all, to save space. The Playseat Challenge station, in fact, is perfectly foldable on itself, a useful function to avoid taking up bulky space if you do not have an area large enough to allow you to have large and expansive stations such as driving ones. This entry level station combines comfort, performance and stability at a truly ridiculous price. The seat is ergonomic and also allows adjustment of the lumbar support, while the support system is patented to be universal and adapt to any steering wheel and pedal set you have available. The dimensions are 136 x 54 x 69 cm when unfolded, and 27 x 54 x 124 when folded.

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Next Level Racing S015, the most expandable

Gran Turismo 7 driver's stations Let's go up a level with the Next Level Racing S015 station, one of the best-selling on Amazon thanks to its versatility. The concept of the station is the same as the Playseat Challenge, that is an entry level product able to recover space in wallets and at home. In addition to the previous chair, however, Next Level Racing also sells this station in a bundle with accessories and peripherals. In addition, the adjustments allow for a more customizable modification of the layouts of the controllers and pedal boards. The entire station, in fact, can be adjusted both in the GT position, therefore upright and raised, and in the Formula position, ideal for sportier cars. While the frame and seat may seem fragile, this station was actually built to withstand over 150kg of force per hub. The dimensions are 175 x 12.7 x 75 cm, and compatibility with all major driving peripherals guaranteed.

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Playseat Evolution, the most affordable

Gran Turismo 7 driver's stations Playseat is a popular brand among fans of driving simulators such as Gran Turismo 7 for its reliability of workstations such as the Evolution and Evolution Pro, solutions that at the right price are able to offer everything you need by adapting with maximum comfort. Starting with the seats made in racing style, the Evolution and Evolution Pro are driving stations that adapt to any type of room, even living rooms, thanks also to the adjustment of the seat and supports. The seat upholstery is in imitation leather with quality finishes, while the supports are made of ultra-resistant steel to ensure stability and strength. Each mount has its own fixing screws which are compatible with most driving peripherals such as steering wheels, pedals and gear levers. Gran Turismo and Red Bull branded models are also available.

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Next Level Racing F-GT, the most comfortable

Gran Turismo 7 driver's stations Let's start to raise the bar by offering Gran Turismo 7 players the comforts of the Next Level Racing F-GT driver's station, a product that cost of a little space even allows the fixing of a screen thanks to a dedicated support sold separately, thus offering the maximum immersion in the game. The NLR S010 station is sold with a number of extra features such as shift support, seat slider, lumbar cushion, adjustable feet and Buttkicker Gamer 2 adapter. The station design is equipped with GT bars, a function that can adjust the seat low or high depending on how you are driving or what kind of car you are driving. The cockpit is stiff and solid, built in such a way that you have the peripherals you will always mount close at hand.

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Next Level Racing GTtrack, the best ever

Gran Turismo 7 driver's stations The most suitable driver's station for games such as Gran Turismo 7 is definitely the Next Level GTtrack, a product very similar to the already discussed F-GT but with a series of additional features that make the driving experience even more realistic. The GTtrack adjustments allow numerous adaptations to the most disparate driving styles, and the seat is even equipped with sporty seat belts to create even more identification and realism in the gameplay. Just like the F-GT, the GTtrack can also be adapted with modular adjustments such as a separately purchased screen stand or by simply moving the gear lever from right to left and vice versa. The station also has movable wheels to be able to move it entirely between one game session and another, while in general the entire frame is built to be as resistant as possible to weights, traction wheels and bulky professional pedals.

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How to choose the best driving positions for Gran Turismo 7

Choosing the most suitable driving position for Gran Turismo 7 and your needs is not a very simple thing, because there are many variables at stake beyond the weight of your pockets, such as your favorite driving style, or simply the space at your disposal. For these reasons we have included in this purchase guide different types of driving stations, to which you can make your careful evaluations taking into consideration the following factors: ergonomics, functionality, space available and active community.


Generally the driving stations are divided into two main types: GT and F1. For games like Gran Turismo 7 we try to lean towards GT seats rather than F1 ultra-sports, but never say never. For this reason, while including a majority of GT seats in our article, there are some seats that can be adjusted to have an F1 seat (or almost) such as the Next Level Racing S015 or the Next Level Racing F-GT. Beyond these two macro-subdivisions of the stations, also pay attention to the many different adjustments and comforts that each product can offer, from the simplest integrated lumbar cushion to the modular modification of the supports, functions included for example in the Next Level Racing GTtrack and in the NanoRS 702.


As you could read in the guide, we have decided to divide the various products into a whole series of categories. They range from the most comfortable to the absolute best, and with all the features that differentiate the driving stations, the price can change. They range from € 200 up to a maximum of over € 700. In between there is room for all budgets and needs of gamers who want to enjoy a total driving experience in Gran Turismo 7.


Some of the driving stations we have included in this guide possess extra features that increase gameplay realism and in-game immersion. Some products, such as the Next Level Racing S015, are sold in bundles with one or more driving peripherals that are absolutely necessary to have a fully functional station. Others, such as the Next Level Racing F-GT and the Next Level Racing GTtrack, allow for the addition of screen holder supports, while the NanoRS 702 stations have these functions already integrated in the passenger compartment.

Available space

Unfortunately, the driving stations are among the most cumbersome products in gaming, so before buying any of the products we have recommended, consider their size well. Some solutions suggested for Gran Turismo 7, such as the more entry level stations, are also designed to be folded back on themselves so that they can be moved and hidden when you are not in the game: this is the case of the Playseat Challenge and the Next Level Racing S015 . Others, such as the PlaySeat Evolution or the NanoRS 702, are more compact and try to take up as little space as possible. Still others, such as the Next Level Racing GTtrack, don't mind being long and wide, but have lockable wheels that allow for easy movement to less crowded places when you're not playing.

Community active

Stations, accessories and peripherals dedicated to racing games, especially if simulated just like Gran Turismo 7, are complicated instruments that often require updates and modifications in order to offer the best in gameplay. For this reason, whatever your choice among our suggestions, we also recommend that you consult the racing game communities on PlayStation because you may find some useful advice, some patches or some physical changes that can be really useful in improving your experience of game.

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