Aliens: Dark Descent, let's discover the new team action based on aliens

Aliens: Dark Descent, let's discover the new team action based on aliens


Alien is one of those names that sometimes seem really under-exploited by video games, especially in recent years. Thinking of an Aliens: Colonial Marines still creeps up fans, while Alien: Isolation dates back to 2014 and has never had a real following, despite the acclaim of the public and critics. The most recent Aliens: Fireteam Elite aimed to gather some of the large audience dedicated to live service, but it seems to have failed. It is now played by very few people and lies almost forgotten in various digital stores. Who knows if the Pathogen expansion, just announced, will be able to revive it.

On the Aliens vs. Predator is no better at all, given that the last game in the series dates back to 2010 and is remembered as a discreet product, but certainly not exciting. You will therefore understand that this special of Aliens: Dark Descent, single player team action developed by the specialists of Tindalos Interactive (Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, Stellar Impact) must not only try to describe a game, but also to give hope. >

The trailer

The game will be an isometric team action for single players Now, the official trailer for the Summer Game Fest, an event where Aliens: Dark Descent was presented, doesn't really say much . It is a computer graphic film in which we recognize the typical atmospheres of the series, with colonial marines that patrol a deserted space base in search of enemies. The encounter with the aliens occurs practically immediately and escape is inevitable. Beautiful, certainly in line with the atmosphere of Alien, but we're still talking about computer graphics. There are actually very short gameplay sequences, but they are relegated to the final part of the movie.

They show very fast scenes, really of a few moments, with teams of marines in position shooting at particularly aggressive aliens. Among the weapons we recognize assault rifles and a missile launcher. The view is isometric and there are some really spectacular explosions. Unfortunately, that's all, in the sense that there is little else to point out. It is understood that it is an action in which a team is managed and not a single character and it is understood that it will be necessary to repel the aliens in waves. In terms of exploration, team management and other game systems, everything is more mysterious.


Toasting aliens: we can't wait From the official description of the game, however, we learn more. details . Meanwhile, the setting: Lethe's moon. The goal of the colonial marines is to stop the emergence of new xenomorphs (facehuggers, praetorians and queens are confirmed), but the latter will not be the only enemies to face. There is also talk of deviant agents of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, an intergalactic multinational that looks only to profit, and of undefined horrible creatures that will make their first appearance in this universe.

In terms of game structure we are not talking about open world, but about large open levels, which as such should leave a minimum margin of initiative to the player in the exploration. After all, it is said that you will be able to follow unique paths and that the actions carried out will affect the levels, so there should be a certain margin of intervention on the scenarios. There will therefore be shortcuts to be found, safe areas to be created with the tools available, such as motion sensors that will allow you to identify the arrival of a threat and positions to be decided in the event of an attack.

The typical aliens of the series The enemies of them will be equipped with advanced artificial intelligence, which will adapt to the tactics of the player. Unfortunately it is not explained how, but we imagine that there will be a sort of reaction to the decisions made, so as to make them more effective and less predictable.

In operational terms the team will be customizable. There will be five classes to be selected, with dozens of specializations; there will be points to be distributed in the skills with the leveling of the individual units; There will also be a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from and armor to wear. Unfortunately this is still very vague. There is also talk of a base to be developed to discover new technologies to be used in battle, so we imagine that there will be a kind of hub area in which to take refuge, but for now it is a mystery how the progression of the same will be managed. The official description mentions some resources, but it is not clear if they will be found playing or if there will be a dedicated management system.

A scene from Aliens: Dark Descent In short, very little is known from Aliens: Dark Descent. However, there is time for more information, as the release is set for 2023.

Aliens: Dark Descent is still a mystery to a large extent. The idea frankly seems excellent, also because it is perfect for exploiting some peculiar characteristics of the Alien franchise, such as the sense of encirclement created by the aliens, but it remains to be seen how it will be developed. Tindalos is a talented team and could really bring out a jewel, giving players the joy of being quartered by aliens again.


The idea seems solid So many promises DOUBTS Certainties few, at this stage Have you noticed any errors?

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