Zerocalcare will do a new series with Netflix

Zerocalcare will do a new series with Netflix

An important day for Netflix in Italy: today the Roman office was officially opened. As Reed Hastings, founder and CEO explained, “It is a great pleasure to have taken root in Italy, a country that has a cultural and cinematographic history of primary importance. The opening of the Rome office is a clear sign of our strong long-term commitment to the country and will allow us to work even more closely with the Italian creative community to create a variety of great Italian shows and films. "

Among these there will be a new animated series signed by Zerocalcare (Movimenti Production and Bao Publishing). After Strapping along the edges, a format of six half-hour episodes will arrive, which will enter even more deeply into the themes dear to the author. The Zerocalcare series does not yet have an official title.

All the other Italian productions announced by Netflix The serial transposition of the novel Il Gattopardo - (Indiana Production and Moonage Pictures) - the series inspired by the novel by Tomasi di Lampedusa from which Visconti has drawn a masterpiece of our cinematography. Director Tom Shankland will rediscover all the modernity of a story, that of the Prince of Salina and his family, which is that of Italy of yesterday and today, giving space to characters and stories that are little explored in the book. Deception (working title) (Cattleya, part of ITV Studios) - a sentimental thriller that plays with suspense, taboo and uncomfortable truths about love. The passionate relationship, not without shadows, between a mature woman and a boy who is half his age, undermines social conventions and family balance, subverting the untouchable topos of motherhood of Mediterranean culture. Lotto Gang (working title) (BIM Produzione and Feltrinelli Originals) - the incredible adventure freely inspired by the true story of the biggest and most ingenious Lotto scam ever. Set in the Milanese hinterland in the mid-90s, it offers a heist with unforgettable anti-heroes and anti-heroines that combines action and Italian comedy. I hate Christmas (Lux Vide, a Fremantle Group company) - Pilar Fogliati protagonist of Netflix's first Italian Christmas series that tells the search for love with the key of comedy. The new non-fiction projects announced today and coming out in 2022:

Wanna (Fremantle Italy) - a crime docu-series with pop touches that reconstructs and tells the known but above all the lesser-known aspects of a woman and a story that is also the portrait of a historical moment and an era of television in Italy. The Alex Schwazer Case (Indigo Film) - an unfiltered story about the rise, fall and search for redemption of a sportsman, against the backdrop of an intricate sporting and judicial affair. Summer Job (Banijay Italia) - the first Italian Netflix original reality show: what begins as a heavenly vacation soon turns into the first work experience for the ten boys and girls who make up the cast. Conducting, for the first time in this role, Matilde Gioli The films announced today and due out in 2022:

We rob the Duce (Bibi Film) - an ambitious "heist movie" full of action and humor with directed by Renato de Maria and with Pietro Castellitto, Matilda De Angelis and Isabella Ferrari, among the protagonists. My Name is Vendetta (Colorado Film) - a thrilling action, survival and revenge film set in Northern Italy. Written and directed by Cosimo Gomez and with Alessandro Gassman as the protagonist. Love & Gelato (HT Film) - the adventures and misadventures - with lots of ice cream! - of Lina, a young American in search of herself and her roots in a glittering Rome. Written and directed by Brandon Camp. Sotto il Sole di Amalfi (Lucky Red) - friendships and loves in a magical summer in the splendid setting of the Amalfi coast in the sequel to Sotto il Sole di Riccione. Directed by Martina Pastori, in his directorial debut, with Lorenzo Zurzolo, Ludovica Martino, Isabella Ferrari and Luca Ward among the protagonists. To Launch From the Stars (Lotus Film) - inspired by the novel of the same name, the exciting story of Sole, a young woman who, after the death of her best friend, will try to face and overcome all her greatest fears. Directed by Andrea Jublin, with Federica Torchetti, Lorenzo Richelmy, Cristiano Caccamo, Celeste Savino, Anna Ferruzzo and Massimiliano Gallo. Sara Furio, Director of films for Italy at Netflix: "Our desire is to bring to our members around the world many different stories and all authentically Made in Italy. We are very happy with the variety of our offer this year, which ranges from action films to drama, from coming-of-age stories to stories of love and friendship. We want to continue to work alongside our Italian creative partners and always find new keys to bring ambitious Italian stories to the world ".

The projects announced today are added to the Italian serial productions already announced and in various stages of production between which Lidia Poët, Briganti, La Vita Liar degli Adults, Everything asks for salvation and whose first images have been seen today, together with the second season of Incastrati, the fifth season of SKAM Italia and Di4ri.

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