Warstride Challenges, the tried and true of a shooter at the speed of light

Warstride Challenges, the tried and true of a shooter at the speed of light

Warstride Challenges

If we were to reduce a video game to a minimum, also trivializing the speech a lot, we could say that it is all a set of inputs and feedback. The screen shows us an image, we press keys in response and the image changes. At that point we get new information, press the keys again and we are inside a loop. If the process is quick and varied enough, the game is fun.

Obviously there is a lot (a lot) more around video games, but not always. Sometimes a game is just that: a simple goal, a series of inputs and a visual response in a very (very) quick loop. While not comprehensively, we've just described Warstride Challenges, Dream Powered Games 'DOOM-like shooter.

Available in Early Access, this new FPS aims to satisfy shooter fans' desires for speed and violence . Let's see if he's on the right track for now, in our tried and tested Warstride Challenges.

Right in the middle of the action

One of the enemies of Warstride Challenges Warstride Challenges has a very clear objective : let us play, mouse and keyboard in hand, without wasting time. The game is divided into a series of levels, to be played in order, and the goal each time is to get to the exit as quickly as possible. To do this, you must also eliminate every enemy, otherwise the final door will not open.

The focus is on speed, as already mentioned. Our character doesn't have to run, he has to practically throw himself from side to side by jumping. Jumps, in fact, increase our speed and push us forward rather than high. At the same time, they make it more difficult to aim, so you need to be precise in every movement.

Each level has medals to earn in Warstride Challenges The goal is not just to finish the level, but to do it in the best way possible. Each mission lasts no more than a few tens of seconds. The very first level can easily be completed in less than two seconds. To get record times, however, you need practice and you must learn exactly where each enemy is, so that you are ready to take them out around a corner. The longevity of Warstride Challenges is therefore a consequence of the desire to improve one's result, both to compete with one's friends or in the world ranking, and to unlock new content.

Some types of levels simply require you to have obtained a certain number of medals (bronze, silver, gold, platinum), but there are specific challenges that do not count the bronzes. Warstride Challenges is a game where minimum performance is not enough and must be continually improved. If you are a shooter lover, we are sure that you will immediately get stuck in this loop of attempts, looking for the best time, stealing a few tenths of a second from time to time.

Levels and variety

Warstride Challenges environments are various types of crypts Warstride Challenges also tries to vary the cards from time to time. First of all, each level has more difficulties (for now only a part of these are available, we are still in Early Access, let's remember that). These keep the overall structure of the level, but change things like enemies, weapons and some contextual elements like explosive barrels. In some cases, the levels become almost mini puzzles, requiring not only reaction times but also the glance to see how to eliminate certain enemies in the right way.

Then there are the B.F.L. , zones made up of single levels already completed, connected in order one after the other. In addition, there are arenas, challenges that only ask you to eliminate a certain number of enemies without having to reach a specific exit point.

Variety also comes through the tools at our disposal. Basically we will only have a pistol, but soon we will unlock other weapons, such as a shotgun and a carbine. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses and we will have to use them in the right way. In addition, there are special powers, such as slow motion, which allow you to get a small advantage: even in this case, you need to understand what is the best time to take advantage of it. The set of tools - weapons and powers - is defined by the game, so there is no risk of a player getting stuck trying to get through certain areas without the correct tools.

Early Access

We will have to eliminate the enemies before they even attack us in Warstride Challenges We repeat it. Warstride Challenges is in early access for now, but the content list is already very substantial. There are 24 levels, each with varying difficulties. There is no shortage of bonus levels, eight B.F.L, five weapons, various powers and interesting functions such as the ability to choose up to three "nemesis", or choose a player (friend or found in the classic world) so as to see his ghost inside the levels and being able to study its movements and indirectly compete against it.

Warstride Challenges also offers an editor in which we can create custom levels to share. However, it is still an unripe component, uncomfortable in the controls and with limited options. More importantly, the search system for levels created by other players claims to know the name of the level. If not, you have to settle for a list of random levels, let's assume the latest ones created by the community. The editor is a very interesting component: if the team, with the next updates, knows how to expand everything in the correct way, it could make the game practically infinite.

Even if you don't care about the editor , know that with the next updates will be introduced new levels, enemies, weapons, powers and more. The impression is that there is still a lot to discover in Warstride Challenges.

Finally, we point out that graphically, on a technical level, the game is already solid now and you don't have to worry. Stylistically we are faced with yet another game consisting of hellish crypts with very generic demonic monsters, but in this case the graphics are just a background. Visually the action is always very clear, even at insane speeds, and that's all it takes.

Warstride Challenges is a shooter that focuses on speed. The levels are completed in seconds, but must be repeated over and over again in search of the best time. Most importantly, it's fun if you're a FPS fan. Early Access is already solid and offers a good amount of content, which will expand over the months. You will have to wait for the full version for a complete judgment, but Warstride Challenges is already promising and we would like to recommend it to anyone interested in this type of gameplay.


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