Trapani | Best of May 2022

Trapani | Best of May 2022

The drill is a transversal tool, used for both do-it-yourself and professional activities. Currently on the market there are many models that are characterized by different technical specifications from each other in terms of power, secondary functionality and accessories. In this article, therefore, we will explain what are the best drills in circulation, highlighting the pros and cons of each product.

As a reference point for your purchases, we have deliberately chosen Amazon because it is one of the few e-commerce to guarantee an excellent after-sales service (should there be factory problems) and a fast, practically flawless shipment.

Drills on the market - as specified above - are many, divided into categories very different. In this article we have selected the best of the macro-category, however we have also decided to explain the differences between the products in the article wiki, available immediately after the review of the solutions currently on the market.

I best drills

Black + Decker BEH710K-QS Compact Black + Decker BDCHD18K-QW Bosch Home and Garden 603130000 Bosch 603131000 Bosch Professional GSB 19-2 RE Bosch Professional GBH2-28F

Black + Decker BEH710K-QS Compact

Generic photos Are you interested in a compact and economical solution? In this regard, the Black + Decker BEH710K-QS Compact drill comes to your aid! This is an item with excellent potential, given that it has pretty good technical specifications, starting with its 13 mm metal keyless chuck and the switch lock, in order to improve comfort. To all this is added an idle speed of up to 2800 rpm. Recommended for those who want a drill for small do-it-yourself jobs!


Black + Decker BDCHD18K-QW

Black + Decker BDCHD18K-QW is a hammer drill / driver, which is an essential component of any toolbox. It has an 18V lithium battery that provides the speed and autonomy necessary for drilling in wood, metal and plastic materials. In addition, the percussion action allows you to quickly drill into concrete and masonry. Being also a screwdriver drill, it allows you to screw with accuracy thanks to ten tightening torque settings and two mechanical speeds. Its compact design and low weight guarantee excellent comfort of use. If you are interested, you could find it at a selling price of around 100 euros.


Bosch Home and Garden 603130000

The EasyImpact 550 impact drill guarantees high drilling performance. Also equipped with screwing / drilling / percussion drilling functions, it allows you to work according to the type of material, with maximum flexibility and speed. This tool, being equipped with Bosch electronic regulation for the control of the number of revolutions, ensures acceleration that allows you to very well dose the drilling precision with the speed, by pressing the switch on the handle. In short, this drill has everything you need to do a job in maximum safety and with maximum practicality. Its selling price is around 60 euros.


Bosch Professional GSB 19-2 RE

Bosch Professional GSB 19 -2 RE is a fast and very versatile hammer drill suitable for all those heavy duty and two speed applications. It is also an extremely safe product, since it includes a mechanical overload clutch with anti-rotation protection and an innovative anti-slip handle fixing system. Furthermore, it has a special self-tightening chuck with single bush (like most of the products belonging to this brand), with an Auto-Lock system, which allows you to replace the accessories, not included in the sales package.


Bosch Professional GBH2-28F

The Bosch Professional GBH2-28F is another hammer drill with excellent technical specifications, which guarantees top-level performance thanks to its electric motor from 880 Watts and an impact energy of 3.2 joules. It also ensures perfect control of the device, through the kickback control technology, which detects a sudden blockage of the tip and, consequently, immediately stops the motor. In addition to the drill, its equipment also includes an additional handle, a quick-change drill chuck, a quick-change chuck, a six-piece drill set, a chisel, a depth stop, a cleaning cloth and an "L" shaped case.


How to choose the best drills

After taking a look at the best products currently on the market, it is necessary to explain the differences of the models of drills. In particular, there are four types of this solution, namely:

Drill screwdriver. These are particularly versatile tools, which can be used both for drilling a material and for screwing / unscrewing screws. Drill press . It represents a fixed solution, compared to the many products in this market segment. In fact, it is installed on a work surface and operates by drilling a material starting from top to bottom. Percussion drill. Tool characterized by a rotary movement assisted by another horizontal one that allows to drill very hard materials such as reinforced concrete. Hammer drill. It represents the latest type of drills and allows you to insert metal dowels inside a concrete or in a hard material. As for the characteristics that a drill must possess, here are the ones that must be sought before making a purchase of this kind.

Power and Speed ​​Structure and Safety Accessories

Power and Speed ​​

Potency is an aspect that must be absolutely taken into consideration before buying such a product. It is generally expressed in Watts, and drills have a wattage ranging from 200-300 units up to the order of thousands. A good drill boasts a higher intensity of drilling and therefore allows you to do a job in less time, compared to a drill with a lower wattage. At the same time, it is necessary to buy a drill with a good number of revolutions (2000-3000 revolutions per minute) that integrates at least two drilling speeds.

Drills tend to be items powered by the mains or by a battery . The former are more powerful because they can use continuous energy, while the latter have less power, but can be transported more easily. Furthermore, according to the power, it is possible to trace different usage profiles, that is:

Drills with power up to 500 W. We are talking about products that can be used for "so-called" domestic jobs, and therefore all those not too demanding, such as the assembly of furniture and much more. These articles are able to drill materials such as wood and plastic, as well as harder ones but with reduced performance Drills with power up to 750 W. These are common products, and therefore of medium power. They are perfect for their versatility and suitable for medium demanding jobs. Drills with power over 750 W. They certainly represent the high-end of the market because they have high performance, and therefore suitable for carrying out demanding jobs such as drilling concrete, metals and wood, without any drop in performance.

Variable speed and direction variator

Another fundamental aspect is the variable speed, that is the ability of the drill (by means of a switch) to vary the percussion speed to adapt it to the type of materials, as well as acting progressively to all those jobs that require greater delicacy or greater power. Clearly, this function can be found in the high-end models, which provide a series of selectable speeds, while it is not easily found in the economic models (they have at most one or two speeds).

In addition to this, some products have the ability to change the direction of rotation of the spindle and, consequently, of the drill bit. This is a specification that can be fundamental for some processes, especially suitable for professionals in the sector.


As widely specified, a good drill is important. However, it is highly recommended to buy one with a good initial set of accessories that allows you to do most of the work without buying anything else. Generally, the useful accessories are the following:

Dust collection device. It represents a very useful accessory, especially in continuous and long-lasting processes. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a cup that isolates the action area of ​​the tip, so as to avoid dirtying the work area. Depth rod. As in the case of the dust collector, this accessory is a useful tool for measuring the depth of the hole, in order to perform more precise work. Additional handle. We are talking about an accessory commonly included in the packages. The best products have a removable one, which allows you to firmly grip the drill. Drill set. It is a set containing a variable number of bits, which allow you to perform different processes, based on the material to be drilled. Tool case. It is imperative to keep your drill, which is why a briefcase is always useful for storing your jewel. This accessory tends to have a useful capacity to carry many accessories, even those described above, especially in the case of a set of tips and / or additional batteries.

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