Sky and NOW: the main news from 22 to 28 May

Sky and NOW: the main news from 22 to 28 May

Sky and NOW

May is about to end and is preparing to end with further major productions to confirm that it will be a month full of news brought by Sky and NOW. Between TV series and films, the schedule will expand considerably, leaving viewers glued to the screen. Let's find out together the main new titles that will be available from 22 to 28 May 2022.

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Sunday 22nd May


This documentary explores the power of images in promoting racial, economic and social equality, a commitment that Gordon Parks, one of the pioneering artists of American photography, and the generation of young photographers, directors and activists inspired by him, has tried to make their whole life through the lens of his camera.


“The design of nature is music. If you listen to the trees, you will hear a song ”(Diana Beresford-Kroeger). It is on this premise that acclaimed director Kevin McMahon (Waterlife) travels to the heart of the boreal forest in his new documentary to explore the chorus of life in Canada's iconic wilderness. Borealis offers an immersive portrait of the forest from the perspective of the plants and animals that inhabit it. Natural threats such as insects, droughts and fires have joined the extractive industries and logging to alter their delicate balance. In a rapidly warming climate, many of the survival strategies no longer work, and massive change is underway. With a heartfelt appeal to the voices of scientists, indigenous and environmentalists, McMahon makes clear the need for a greater understanding of the natural world. But in the end it is the voice of the forest that resists.

Monday 23 May


This year, for the eighth season of Marriage at first sight Australia, the sexologist Alessandra Rampolla joins to relationship experts Mel Schilling and John Aiken in an effort to match new singles hoping to find the love of their life. The spouses will be expertly matched in this extreme social experiment but their relationships will be put to the test through challenges and obstacles never seen in any other Marriage season at first sight, together with revelations capable of upsetting the balance between the new couples: in fact, as never before this year, several single protagonists of this experiment will have to face unexpected situations and surprising truths that will concern not only what happens within the couple ...



Paolo Borsellino, in one of the latest public speeches, said: "the fight against the mafia must first of all to be a cultural movement that gets everyone used to feeling the beauty of the fresh scent of freedom that opposes the stench of moral compromise, indifference, contiguity and therefore complicity ". For the mafia, art is an illegal trade in works worth billions of euros, the third most profitable market for international organized crime after drugs and international fraud. With art, dirty money is recycled. Instead, for civil society and for all those who share the fight against the mafia, art is beauty and freedom. And this is the story we follow in Arte vs Mafia. In 2022 we celebrate the anniversaries of 4 murders of four state men engaged in the battle for legality in Sicily, killed by the mafia: Giovanni Falcone (23 May 1992), Paolo Borsellino (19 July 1992), Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa (3 September 1992) 1982), Pio La Torre (April 30, 1982). We remember them with a special that filters memory through art and beauty, as Borsellino said.

Tuesday 24 May


The new episodes of one of the most beloved franchises of all time, the story of the professional and private life of doctors, policemen and firefighters of the city of Chicago, within a real serial universe: Chicago MED, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire (respectively in their seventh, ninth and tenth seasons) are three worlds in contact, distinct but connected by the presence of Molly's bar, a meeting and leisure place without distinction between uniforms and gowns.


Grand Jury Prize at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival to the new film by Asghar Farhadi, two-time Academy Award®-winning director for A Parting and The Client. Rahim is in prison due to a debt that he was unable to repay. Taking advantage of a two-day leave, he tries to persuade his creditor to withdraw the complaint for part of the sum due. But things don't go according to plan.


They come from all over the world, they are children who fight to defend their ideals. From India to Peru, from Bolivia to Guinea via France and the United States, this documentary aims to meet these children who have found the strength to fight their battles for a better future.

Friday 27 May

BOULDER 181 - EP. 3-4

The new Sky Original series made with TapelessFilm and Red Joint Film and set in the multiethnic suburbs of Milan continues: Block 181, a building complex on the edge of the city, becomes the background of a story in which love, conflict generational, emancipation and the conquest of power are intertwined. The three young protagonists of this story are Bea (Laura Osma), a Latin American girl torn between loyalty to her family and her gang and the desire to change her life, and Ludo and Mahdi (Alessandro Piavani and Andrea Dodero), close friends as brothers. Block 181 is directed by Giuseppe Capotondi with Ciro Visco and Matteo Bonifazio. For this unprecedented project, Sky wanted Salmo, pioneer of Italian rap, by his side, not only as a music supervisor, but also as a creative producer and performer, in the role of the criminal Snake.


The world of electronic music has been constantly evolving since its inception at the beginning of the 20th century. From the limitless possibilities of digital synthesizers to the recent revival of analog recording; from the incredibly perfect tone of auto-tune, to the democratization of music production. Each of these extraordinary developments is directly linked to the work and art of the women protagonists of this documentary: Clara Rockmore, Daphne Oram, Bebe Barron, Pauline Oliveros, Delia Derbyshire, Maryanne Amacher, Eliane Radigue, Suzanne Ciani and Laurie Spiegel. The film maps a new history of electronic music through visionary women whose radical experiments have redefined the boundaries of music.


Documentary film by Michael Moore presented in competition at the 66th international film art exhibition in Venice. The film focuses on the global financial crisis that broke out in 2008 in the United States of America due to mortgages, acting as an indictment against the current US economic system and capitalism itself. The film also deals with the religious component, in relation to which Moore proposes to examine whether capitalism is placed in the Christian and evangelical perspective as a real sin, in order to highlight the contradiction at the base of the capitalist system itself, largely supported by parties strongly linked to religion.

Saturday, May 28


Third chapter of the saga for kids inspired by the cult 80s Honey, I shrunk the kids. Felix is ​​a teenager who spends his days with his friends at the Otto-Leonhard-Gymnasium. But within the school, Otto Leonhard's spirit is felt and is able to make people smaller. Young Felix, who manages to communicate with Leonhard, knows something and in fact this time ends up making his friends narrow down! He'll have to find a way to get them back to their natural size. The previous chapters, HELP, I SHRINKED THE PROF! and HELP, I HAVE RESTRICTED MOM AND DAD !, are scheduled for Saturday 7 and Saturday 14 on Sky Cinema Family.


The album Viaggio senza vento helped to consecrate Timoria as a point reference point for the rock scene in Italy. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album's release, the group organized a tour which, thanks to the enthusiasm of the fans, continued for over 10 months with sold out dates throughout Italy. With this documentary we relive the energy and emotions of the closing live of the tour, held at the Fabrique in Milan. A beautiful document remains of that evening, wonderful images, music and chat with Omar Pedrini, frontman of the group, who tells stories, background and anecdotes.

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