Sky and NOW: the main news from 10 to 16 April

Sky and NOW: the main news from 10 to 16 April

Sky and NOW

April is about to arrive and is preparing to be another month full of news brought by Sky and NOW. Between TV series and films, the schedule will expand considerably, leaving viewers glued to the screen. Let's find out together the main new titles that will be available from 10 to 16 April 2022.

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Sunday 10 April


Roberto Andò (Long live freedom!) directs Silvio Orlando in the film adaptation of his novel of the same name. Gabriele Santoro teaches piano and lives in the Spanish quarters, even though he comes from a family from Naples well. He lives a solitary and habitual existence, until a child sneaks into his beautiful home. He is the son of the upstairs neighbor, who asks him for help because the Camorra is looking for him. The life of the shy and introverted man changes so radically.


C'Mon Tigre is a project born in 2013 from the idea of two Bolognese boys thanks to their travel stories and sound experiences. Around the first album C'mon Tigre, which gave its name to the group, released in 2014, a collective of musicians gathered who joined the project, helping to build the sound universe that characterizes the band. C'mon Tigre give shape to a new, original language, made of mixes with jazz, afrojazz, hip hop rhythms, funk, 70s disco. We live the emotions of their concert at The Cage Theater in Livorno.


A unique opportunity to relive the emotions of the Roger Waters concert, entirely dedicated to the Pink Floyd album The Wall, which most marked rock music and contemporary culture. Filmed over the course of numerous stops on Roger Waters’s acclaimed tour, this documentary gave the singer-songwriter the opportunity to delve deep into his own personal history. Drawing his cue from the mourning for the disappearance of his grandfather in battle during the First World War, and of his father, in the Second World War, Waters took this opportunity to underline the futility of war.


The film follows Megan Rapinoe, Jessica McDonald, Becky Sauerbrunn, Kelley O'Hara, Christen Press, Sam Mewis and Julie Foudy, as they sue the United States Soccer Federation for pay discrimination. Three months before the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup, the players filed a collective action for gender discrimination against the US Soccer Federation. The documentary features multiple episodes, including the record-breaking World Cup win in 2019, with players continuing to search for equal pay.

Monday, April 11


Tim and younger brother Baby Boss Ted are back in the fun sequel to the hit animation from DreamWorks. The Templeton brothers have grown up and have drifted away from each other. Tim is married and has two girls, Tabitha and Tina, while Ted is the CEO of a hedge fund. When little Tina is revealed to be an agent on a mission to find out what secrets the mysterious founder of Tabitha's school is hiding, Tim and Ted find themselves having to work together once again.


This project by Nico Vascellari is developed in 20 domestic performances made with the band Ninos Du Brasil, which for 20 consecutive days crossed the 20 Italian regions telling a cross-section of Italy, in time of Covid. The places of culture are closed and then the home becomes the theater, the museum, the cinema, the club, a space in which to invent new operating methods, in a positive and proactive way. After a year of closures and total uncertainty for an entire cultural system, the project questions what it could mean to return to normality.

Tuesday 12 April



Donatello - the Renaissance is a documentary that tells, starting from his masterpieces, the life and work of one of the most important and influential masters in the history of Italian art. The documentary reviews the works featured in the homonymous exhibition to be held at Palazzo Strozzi and the Bargello National Museum from 19 March to 31 July 2022, whose greatness is restored to the viewer thanks to evocative footage and the involved and detailed commentary of experts . Donatello - the Renaissance offers an engaging and immersive experience among sculptures, paintings and drawings, reconstructing the path of one of the greatest masters of the Italian Renaissance.

Wednesday 13 April


Life is all about choices and sometimes a single decision can change it forever. Joe Kimbrough, the protagonist of this innovative NBCU series, is well aware of this, who, having reached the milestone of graduation, does not know which path to take: will he choose love by becoming a nurse? Will he walk in his father's footsteps by becoming a policeman? Or will she follow his heart by dedicating herself to music? The series, written by Matt Reeves (The Batman) and starring James Wolk (Watchmen), spans all three scenarios, demonstrating how much a person's destiny can change depending on whether they follow love, loyalty or passion. , but without forgetting that, after all, life is always unpredictable, messy and beautiful.


A collection of six documentaries, created by Bill Simmons, which explore crucial moments in world of music. With the first documentary, Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage, we return to Woodstock '99, a festival that was supposed to recall the original concert of '69, but which was the scene of riots, looting and sexual assaults. The careers of great artists are then explored: in Jagged, the artist Alanis Morisette talks about himself in an unpublished interview, while DMX: don't try to understand, follows a year in the life of rapper Earl DMX Simmons. The fourth chapter of the series, Listening to Kenny G, traces the artistic evolution of the most famous instrumentalist of all time Kenny Gorelick in an incisive and humorous way. With the fifth chapter, Mr Saturday Night, the series tackles the hectic career of Stigwood, a visionary impresario who, from manager of artists such as Eric Clapton and the BeeGees, has produced successful Broadway shows. The latest episode, Juice WRLD: into the abyss, is a dynamic exploration of the life and legacy of rapper prodigy Juice WRLD.

Thursday April 14


Oscar Isaac, Tye Sheridan and Willem Dafoe in a film of redemption and redemption directed by Paul Schrader, scriptwriter of Scorsese's Taxi Driver, who appears here as a producer. In competition at the Venice Film Festival 2021. William Tell is a former soldier who learned to count cards in prison. He puts his skills to good use by wandering around the casinos until he meets Cirk, a boy looking for revenge.


The documentary describes the career of Robert Fisk , the influential British war correspondent. For more than 40 years, Fisk has been reporting on some of the most violent conflicts in the world. The documentary captures him in action, notebook in hand, as he travels through war-torn landscapes. In his relentless pursuit of facts, Fisk has stirred his share of controversy, with the determination to see things firsthand and the tenacity to say what others don't want. But despite the danger, he continued to uncover the stories as they unfolded, speaking directly to those involved. In an era of fake news, where journalists are dubbed "the enemies of the people", Fisk's determination to document reality has become an obsessive war to tell the truth.

Friday the 15th April


Between science fiction and faith, the dystopian adventures of Mother and Father continue, two androids who escaped with six embryos from the war-ravaged Earth to re-establish a new humanity elsewhere. The ambitious and spectacular sci-fi by Ridley Scott returns with the second season: the two parents settle in a new atheist colony in the tropical zone of Kepler 22 b, hoping for a new beginning, but their "natural child" threatens to lead the little that remains of humanity to extinction.


Three years after the dramatic fire that struck the Parisian cathedral on April 15, 2019, the new Sky Original film signed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (The name of the rose, Seven years in Tibet), reconstructs the story. It is the story of the challenge that the emergency services had to face and the dangerous struggle of those who had to face the monstrous fire triumphing, thanks to competence and courage, and saving the priceless treasures present in the cathedral.


Through perseverance, hard work and creativity, these three brothers have reached the pinnacle of their profession, becoming the best-selling artists of all time with over 220 million records sold worldwide. From popular ballad to disco sounds, this biographical documentary takes the viewer on a journey through the decades to explore the musical evolution of the Bee Gees.

Saturday, April 16th


Tom Hardy returns as Spider-Man's archenemy in one of the biggest hits of the latest film season, a Marvel sequel starring Woody Harrelson and Michelle Williams. The alien symbiote Venom, which has found its "host body" in the journalist Eddie Brock, challenges Carnage, another powerful symbiote that has entered the body of a serial killer.


Three days of travels into the unconscious, into Space and through the streets of Gotham City with 7 spectacular films: the thriller INSOMNIA with Al Pacino and Robin Williams, a remake of the 1997 Norwegian crime of the same name; the trilogy that sees Christian Bale giving face and body to the Dark Knight, begun in 2005, consisting of BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT and THE DARK KNIGHT - THE RETURN; the 4-Oscar-winning fantasy thriller, which deals with the reality of the psyche, INCEPTION with Leonardo DiCaprio; the Oscar-winning visionary science fiction masterpiece INTERSTELLAR with Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain; and the latest adrenaline-filled journey into the folds of space-time, blockbuster of the 2020 season and winner of 1 Oscar, TENET with John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki.


The story of the last 20 years of Dante Alighieri's life: the "escape" from Florence, the death sentence, the continuous wanderings but also the writing of one of the most famous works in the world, the Divine Comedy. Which works, landscapes and visions influenced his story? Questions raised by an unprecedented narrator: his daughter, Antonia Alighieri. A little girl raised in Florence, without her father, whom she will know only on the verge of her death, in Ravenna, where she awaits not only the meeting with her parent but also her with her just work concluded. A parterre of first-rate experts - linguists, medievalists, art critics, theologians - will answer the many questions surrounding Dante's life and his work. Dante's voice is that of Toni Servillo.


The film traces the life of one of the most important and best-loved icons of the 20th century: BobMarley. His universal appeal, his impact on the history of music and his role as a political and social prophet remain unmatched. His music and his message transcend cultural, linguistic and religious barriers, still echoing around the world today, with the same force as when he was still inviting. Only very few musicians have had such a strong impact on the culture and Bob Marley, despite his short life, is among them.


The natural world is full of colorful characters , quaint and extravagant. It may sound crazy, but there are good reasons why life is like this. Nothing is too outrageous when it comes to survival in the weird, wild and wonderful world of nature.

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