The 5 strangest controllers to finish Elden Ring

The 5 strangest controllers to finish Elden Ring

Let's face it, Elden Ring already puts its own effort into making things difficult for those who venture into its territory: as per tradition, in fact, the latest addition to FromSoftware gives its best when it comes to making the gaming experience thorny. to users. If we then consider that some of them also end up devising, for sheer taste, further hoes in the foot, here we are already in the field of masochism.

In this article we will take a look at the 5 controllers stranger to finish Elden Ring. A roundup of methods designed to manage the control system that touches the boundaries of the illogical and that every time automatically raises a poignant question:


Controller Fisher Price

Rudeism's Fisher Price pad turned into a real controller Someone has probably said that the Elden Ring is child's play and Dylan "Rudeism" Beck must have taken those words a little too literally. The New Zealand streamer has in fact faced the latest From adventure with a Fisher Price gamepad duly modified in Xbox style, following the challenge thrown at him by a user.

Screw here, replace there, and the children's controller is transforms into an instrument of war ready to shed blood, but with a small peculiarity: the sound effects are still the original ones. The result is an alienating mix between the seriousness of the actions that the character performs on the screen and the cheerfulness of the nursery rhymes that come out from the speaker of the peripheral. It might sound funny but think about it: in Elden Ring, a wrong movement or action could correspond to certain death, accompanied in this case by a sparkling song.

That's right: ten minutes and we would throw it out of the window.

Guitar Hero's guitar

Killing monsters to the sound of fancy chords could be epic Assuming that the author of this article manages to get out of tune even when the intercom rings, here, try it to imagine him facing the threats of the world of Elden Ring with a guitar in his hand. A tragedy foretold, in short.

Yet there is someone who has attempted the enterprise to the sound of plucking and chords: it is SuperLouis64, a Texan modder who has transformed Guitar Hero's guitar into a controller with which guiding his alter ego through the Interregnum. The body of the instrument is entrusted with the commands relating to the skill of the weapon and those useful for moving back and forth, jumping and healing; while the handle houses the frets that serve to move left and right, to dodge, attack and lock the target.

Has your dream always been to mow down demons and other abominations while feeling Jimi Hendrix? No, not ours in fact, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.


Play the piano while playing Elden Ring or play Elden Ring while playing the floor? How do you say? Ah, do you want to hear from Giovanni Allevi? Well you can do this too.

Several users have in fact enjoyed connecting a keyboard to the Elden Ring commands so that they can control their character by pressing the musical notes. In each of these cases, what comes up is a musical achievement worthy of a mid-century Czechoslovakian intimist film, which ties into the game's sound effects for a more unique than rare cacophonic blend.

Yet, come to think of it the control system is not that far from that of a normal PC keyboard, and it could also be a good way to fool our parents in the next room and make them believe that we are practicing with the piano instead of wasting time with video games .

Dance pad

The dance pad is a peripheral that can be useful in time of souls With your hands, with your head, with your feet ... sings The Representative of List, but more than a song it seems the list of the most absurd ways in which the people of the web have decided to face the latest work by Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Although the Dance Dance Revolution series is not dead, at least in our country is now far from the limelight of some he year ago, evidence that however does not represent a valid reason to set aside the legendary home dance pad. Some players have in fact been stubborn to want to risk not only their skin but also their meniscus in the wastelands of the Interregnum, controlling their warrior through commands given with their feet.

Needless to say, for most of us it would be already a great result not to make our buttocks meet the floor, but on the web there are those who even defeat bosses with kicks even if they were dancing the hully gully smoothly.


In practice going to the greengrocer and buying a bunch of bananas is the same as buying a controller if we think about it Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go? But above all: what prompts a player to connect the Elden Ring controls to a bunch of real bananas to press and then try their hand at the adventure in this way?

Here, we will probably never have a satisfactory answer at the last question, let's limit ourselves to commenting on the idea of ​​SuperLouis64 - that's right, again he - who has seen fit to assign a game command to each banana. Do we want to move forward? Just press the banana on top. Backards? The one below. To jump? A banana shot to the far left and so on. Without forgetting that there is even a special banana to evoke Torrente.

In short, the setting appears as comfortable as a bed of nettle and seems to transform the user into a DJ engaged at the console, or at least into a player of congas. Honestly, we have a hard time imagining a crazier set up than this: it is therefore appropriate to say that we have arrived at the fruit.

And you? What other wacky controllers to squeeze Elden Ring with have you seen around? Please let us know in the comments below.

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