The author of Hell's Paradise positive for COVID-19, no chapter of Ayashimon

The author of Hell's Paradise positive for COVID-19, no chapter of Ayashimon

The author of Hell's Paradise positive for COVID-19

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku author Yuji Kaku recently tested positive for COVID-19, so he announced on Twitter that although he is now cured, he was unable to carry on his current published work during his illness. on Weekly Shonen Jump, aka Ayashimon, so there will be no chapter within issue 12 of the magazine scheduled for February 21.

Kaku added that the infection has made him banned since his work does not often allow him to meet people and that he does not go out much to devote himself to his long work of making the manga. Despite this, the author is delighted that his illness has not brought him any complications.

We specify that the manga will resume the regular serialization within the number 13 of Shonen Jump scheduled for February 28.

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Hell's Paradise - Jigokuraku: manga and anime

As mentioned, Yuji Kaku is famous for the successful Hell's Paradise series written and drawn from 2018 to 2021 through the online pages of Shonen Jump Plus, also managed by the Shueisha publishing house. The manga consists of a total of 127 chapters collected in 13 volumes and have recorded a large following supported by 3.6 million printed copies.

The manga ended in January of this year and, at the same time, the anime adaptation was announced, the details of which are currently unknown.

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The feared ninja Gabimaru, considered unbeatable, awaits the arrival of an executioner in prison capable of killing it. The desire to end it now seems stronger than the desire to fight, but the proposal of the executioner Asaemon will awaken in him the fury of the past: the possibility of returning to live with his wife, the only light in his life, if he accepts to venture into a magical and deadly land to retrieve the secret of eternal life for the shogun!

We invite you to purchase the first issue of the battle shonen full of fights, emotions and adventures in pure ninja style. The booklet that will close the work is also available here for booking.

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