Streaming lights | The best of 2022

Streaming lights | The best of 2022

Are you thinking of becoming a streamer or do you want to improve the quality of the streaming lights on your station? In this case, you must know that the ambient lighting you have available is undoubtedly one of the most important elements that you need to consider. Usually, in fact, we tend to think that lighting is an unimportant aspect, so much so that many try to improve the quality of the footage simply by replacing the camera they have available. Well, nothing could be more wrong: correctly managing the light sources around you, in fact, is of vital importance, and can allow even a non-performing webcam to turn into an object from which to obtain more than acceptable, not to say excellent, shots. . Lighting, as we will see below, is a very important technical aspect, which must be taken care of with the highest priority.

We have already talked to you, in another article, about how to make your gaming station more beautiful: in this, however, we will focus more on the technical side, to help you bring out every detail present on the scene in the best possible way. Before reading this guide, remember that we have made a much more specific one on Ring Lights, products that in this field represent one of the best solutions and one on all the equipment needed to start streaming. Below, however, you will find a list of devices for all budgets, but always characterized by high quality: the list in question includes both entire types of products and specific solutions.

Streaming lights, the best products

Elgato Key Light and Ring Light Photo kits with softbox Fixed led spotlights Portable led spotlights and ring lights Complete photo kits

Elgato Key Light and Ring Light

To begin with, we could only start with what we believe are among the best solutions to illuminate a workspace, namely the proposals by Elgato. If you are looking for a product that can effectively illuminate a desk, table or a specific part of a room, you will hardly find better: Elgato streaming lights, among other things, are compatible with the entire suite of company programs and integrate seamlessly with other devices at a software level, such as microphones, capture cards, CamLinks and Stream Decks. For example, they can be controlled via the Wi-Fi network, with the possibility of adjusting the intensity and temperature of the light, through the Elgato Control Center software, in the smallest details, also in order to avoid straining the eyes during long sessions. Finally, Elgato devices are characterized by a very high flexibility: if you wish, in fact, you can easily buy more than one (perhaps a pair of Key Light Air, more popular than a single Key Light) and arrange the light sources as you see fit around the desk.

»View Elgato Key Light Air on Amazon

» View Elgato Key Light on Amazon

» See Elgato Ring Light on Amazon

Photo Kits with Softbox

Softboxes are diffused lights capable of transforming an entire room into a photo set, and are recommended in case you don't have a specific point to shoot, but just want the illuminate a scene in a not too direct way. These are LED lights, powered externally, mounted inside a support equipped in turn with a tripod, designed to spread the lighting as much as possible and not direct it to a specific point, with a generally artificial effect, but potentially more effective, thanks to the presence of a cloth useful for the purpose.

There are various types on the market: the most common are those with a rectangular shape, but there are also octagonal ones. If you are a budding photographer you will have excellent products in your hands, which will hardly disappoint you on any occasion. They are generally quite inexpensive (unless you turn to highly professional models) and do their duty very well.

»See Fotostudio softbox kit (single) on Amazon

» See Fotostudio softbox kit (double) on Amazon

»View Neewer softbox kit (double) on Amazon

» View OMBAR softbox (single) on Amazon

»View OMBAR softbox (double) on Amazon

»View GODOX Octagonal Softbox Reflector 95 cm at Amazon

» View GODOX Octagonal Softbox Reflector 120 cm, with honeycomb grid, at Amazon

Fixed LED spotlights

Probably this is the most classic solution of all, but don't think that even here it is easy to find what is right for you or to have the most effective product in your hands right away. The LED spotlights, in fact, can be of many different types: the ones we propose in this section are the fixed ones, with external power supply and tripod, to be placed to illuminate a room and as alternative solutions to softboxes. Many are dimmable, in order to manually alter the color of the light. We have chosen to separate this section from the one immediately following, relating to portable solutions, because they are very different products, in terms of type and method of use and also type of economic outlay (excluding the first one we propose).

»View Neewer Dimmable LED Light Panel (double) on Amazon

» View Neewer Photo Lighting Kit (double) on Amazon

»View LED Spotlight SAMTIAN Lighting Kit (double ) on Amazon

»See LED video light with intelligent control via GVM app on Amazon

Portable led spotlights and ring lights

So we come to the one that in all likelihood it is the most loved and popular solution, also because it is characterized (generally) by a lower outlay in economic terms. Portable LED spotlights and ring lights, although conceptually quite different in their operation, are very similar in terms of their intended use, since they are perfect for impromptu and on-the-go shooting. In the first case we are talking about a battery-powered version of the classic fixed LED headlights, often compatible with DSLR cameras, while the ring lights are real light rings able to diffuse the light, and are perfect for shooting faces.

Furthermore, some solutions are also designed to be combined with smartphones and are perfect for shooting on the fly, replacing standard flashes (with much greater effectiveness). In these last cases they are quite cheap products, perfect for those who are beginners and want to shoot only with their phone, by connecting a light and a microphone with 3.5 mm jack.

»See Panel d 'RaLeno LED Video Lighting (for cameras) on Amazon

»View Moman Photography Led Light (for cameras) on Amazon

» View ULANZI Compact Dimmable LED Light (for smartphones and cameras) on Amazon

»View Neewer Ring Light Kit with tripod and power supply (universal) on Amazon

» View PEHESHE Ring Light with integration for selfies and filming (ideal for smartphones) on Amazon

»See Ring Light USB Rechargeable Diyife (single, without support or accessories) on Amazon

Complete photo kits

Finally, we come to the last section, the one you need if you are looking for a complete photographic kit, in which nothing is really missing: background, lights, accessories (bags, tripods, filters dimmable or anti-glare, etc.). Here, in short, you will find everything and more, in case you really need everything and do not want to leave out anything, in order to make your room a real professional studio. In this case, clearly, there are various solutions: with softboxes, with LED headlights, with more or less present accessories, and so on. The only constant is the presence of the background, so make sure you have a free and nice wide wall available.

»See Complete Neewer Photo Kit on Amazon

» See Complete Hahoco Photo Kit on Amazon

How to choose the best streaming lights

Beyond obvious features such as the space and budget you have available, to buy the lights that can be most convenient for you from a perspective streaming, it is necessary to take a look at some peculiarities of the lights.

Temperature, lighting and color

You could also have about ten streaming lights and not have the effect you really wanted: before purchasing these products be sure to check the brightness and temperature.

The temperature determines the color of the light and not how overheated it is in the lamp. In fact, the lights are generally divided into "warm lights", tending to orange and yellow, and "cold lights", tending to white and blue: the higher the temperature, the more the lights have a cold brightness. Generally this parameter is measured with degrees Kelvin (K).

Lighting is measured in lumens, and concerns the visible luminous flux emitted by a light source. It depends in part on the temperature, but in the case of these products it can also depend on some technologies capable of softening or amplifying the strength of the lighting.

Energy saving

If you are sensitive to environmental issues, or just if your wallet is leak sensitive, make sure the products you want to buy from the best streaming lights don't use too much electricity. Ecological solutions include long-lasting light bulbs in order to save you on spare parts, or simply have settings that allow you to adjust brightness and temperature according to the needs of the moment. Still other lights, could exploit other energy sources, for example via USB connection with the PC.


In this guide to buying streaming lights we have included many different products, some of which are also sold with extra functions and real additional accessories. For the technological functions, just think of the different LED spotlights listed that have smart functions with the use of smartphone apps (with consequent voice control). In this case, it is possible to select colors and dynamic scenes through these functions. you need also provide you with carrying bags and any additional accessories such as green screens and minor spotlights. Other useful accessories can also be found in the individual products, such as some Ring Lights that also have a smartphone attachment so that they also function as selfie sticks.

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