Nintendo GameCube: Reggie Fils-Aimé and the hatred of Donkey Konga

Nintendo GameCube: Reggie Fils-Aimé and the hatred of Donkey Konga

Nintendo GameCube

Reggie Fils-Aimé was probably the real symbol of Nintendo, at least in the West: the former president of the American division has now for years left the role of the manager and has had the opportunity to tell some anecdotes of his career on several occasions. , like the one concerning one of the most particular games of the GameCube.

To the microphones of G4TV, the former president of Nintendo of America spoke about Donkey Konga and how he secretly hated that particular a game, a real rhythm game, played with the help of some bongos. Strange as it may seem, Reggie Fils-Aimé certainly had some very good reasons for being against the project.

It's not the only controversial episode in Reggie Fils-Aimé's career. Leaving aside the GameCube, the former executive of the Kyoto house also focused on other moments, such as the launch of the Game Boy Micro. “From my point of view, the concept of that console was a failure. Not only was it difficult to use the buttons, but the screen was very small ”, the words of Fils-Aimé. All combined at the time of launch: the US division of Nintendo, in fact, was planning a series of interesting discounts for the Game Boy Advance, which however conflicted with the release of the latest hardware revision.

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10 Rarest GameCube Games That Are Worth a Fortune

It has been 20 years since the release of the GameCube, and it’s no secret that it wasn’t Nintendo’s best-selling system. In its seven years of production, it managed to sell just under 22 million units worldwide, making it the company’s second worst-selling home console behind the Wii U.

Despite this, the GameCube was a beloved console to many. From series debuts like Luigi’s Mansion and Metroid Prime to continuations of popular franchises like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Super Smash Bros. Melee, there were plenty of gems for all types of players.

The games that came out during this era have seemed to grow in popularity, especially since many of them saw re-releases over time. And because the console didn’t sell remarkably well, many of the games have become scarce over time.

We’ve put together a list of the ten rarest GameCube games on the market right now that would cost you an arm and a leg and probably a kidney to buy. If you own any of these games, hold onto them tight, or consider selling them for a pretty penny.

All of the estimated prices are taken from the PriceCharting website and reflect the CIB (Complete In Box) prices of recently sold listings.

Skies of Arcadia Legends – $170

Skies of Arcadia Legends, released in 2002, was one of the few JRPGs that existed on the GameCube. It’s a port specifically for the GameCube since the original release was on the Dreamcast and was simply called Skies of Arcadia.

The plot revolves around a young air pilot named Vyse who teams up with friends to stop the Valuan Empire from using ancient weapons to destroy the world.

While Skies of Arcadia received critical acclaim on the Dreamcast, the GameCube version received more criticism because the graphics weren’t improved despite the more powerful hardware.

There are a good number of copies of Skies of Arcadia Legends on the market, but they’ll still run you $170 or more. Recently sold copies in May 2022 went for $170 and $180.

Disney Sports Basketball – $200

Disney Sports Basketball might not be the most highly acclaimed game on this list, but of course, anything with the name Disney in the title will be sought after by collectors. Developed by Konami, this game was released on both the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance in 2002.

In the game, you could play as various teams led by your favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Despite the fact that Disney Sports Basketball received unfavorable reviews, the game sells on the secondhand market for a pretty high price.

The recently sold CIB listings are a bit all over the place, with the most recent copy in April selling for a whopping $500, but it seems on average you can secure a copy for about $200, especially if you settle for a loose CD with no box.

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance – $300

In 2005, Intelligent Systems released the ninth game in the Fire Emblem series, Path of Radiance. This tactical JRPG introduced the character Ike who travels across the land of Tellius to restore peace and ease tensions in other countries.

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance was only the third Fire Emblem game to be released in the west, meaning the audience in this part of the world might not have been very familiar with the series yet. Because it was released at the very end of the GameCube’s life, it didn’t have too much time to sell a ton of copies before the Wii came around.

It’s not difficult to find copies of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance on the secondhand market, but they go for roughly $300 CIB, probably because the Fire Emblem series has gained substantial popularity in the west since this game’s release.

Go! Go! Hypergrind – $300

You might not be too familiar with this game, but more power to you if you are. Go! Go! Hypergrind, a skateboarding game developed by Atlus, was released in 2003 exclusively in North America. The art design was a collaborative effort with the studio behind the cartoon Ren & Stimpy.

There’s a bit of a range on the market right now for this game, but recent sales seem to be around $300 and higher in the month of April 2022.

Gotcha Force – $500

Gotcha Force was one of those odd, unique games that didn’t perform well critically or commercially but gained its own niche cult following. This 2003 game by Capcom was both a fighting game and a third-person shooter; players could collect gacha toys and battle with them in-game.

In 2012, Capcom reprinted copies of the game in Japan, which may have stirred a newfound interest in players. This, paired with the few sales of its original release, could explain why the game sells for over $500 on the secondhand market.

Metroid Prime & Zelda Wind Waker Combo – $600

If you’ve been scrolling through this list looking for a game you own, your heart might have stopped when you saw the two games in this section. Neither Metroid Prime nor the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker sell for very much on their own (sorry!), but you might not know that these games were once paired together in a special release.

It was released exclusively in the United States during the 2005 Christmas rush, according to the Nintendo Fandom website. The case had discs for both Metroid Prime and Wind Waker inside with no changes at all to each game.

Because this game’s cover art is easily replicated, you should look out for fakes if you are seriously planning on purchasing a copy. Legitimate copies show up on the secondhand market occasionally and fetch around $600 due to the special case art.

Super Monkey Ball 2 Pack – $600+

Now we’re starting to get into ultra-rare territory. This was a special edition player’s choice game that contained both Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 together in one boxed package. Not much is known about when it was originally for sale or how many copies might have been sold.

Legitimate copies of this compilation don’t show up often. The last sale listed on PriceCharting was in November 2020 for $600 complete-in-box. At the time of writing this, there appears to be a copy on eBay with a “Buy It Now” price of $2,000. Yikes!

Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest – $650+

Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest was a bit of a weird game with a weird history. It was originally released in Japan in 2002 and Nintendo had decided to not localize it for other regions. However, Atlus ended up localizing it for North America later that year.

Cubivore involved controlling a cube-shaped creature that can eat other creatures to mutate and grow stronger. There were some role-playing elements involved, but the combat was easy and fast-paced, and the graphics were simple and reminiscent of the Nintendo 64 era.

For some reason, collectors are paying over $650 for copies of Cubivore. The average price in April 2022 was nearly $700.

Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire – $1,500+

Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire wasn’t really a “game,” but it was GameCube software nonetheless. It was released normally in Japan in 2003, and then it was launched in 2004 in North America where it was only available for purchase at the Pokemon Center store in New York City.

The “game” acted as storage software for players’ Pokemon from the games Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. Up to 1,500 Pokemon could be stored and organized. This software also gave you the ability to play Ruby or Sapphire on your TV if you had a copy of the game.

Because this game was extremely hard to come by, and because it is sought after by Pokemon collectors, Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire sells for over $1,500 on the secondhand market.

Sonic Heroes & Super Monkey Ball Duo Pack – $4,000+

This last game is a little bit of a mystery. At some point, Sonic Heroes and Super Monkey Ball were paired together in a single package by Sega. Like the Super Monkey Ball 2 Pack, it isn’t really well-documented when, where, or why this bundle was released.

If you’re interested in learning more about this duo pack, the best source currently is probably this video from Craig’s Game Room in 2020; he added this holy grail item to his collection and gives a pretty thorough history of it.

In short: it’s extremely rare. The last record of one selling was earlier this year in February 2022 for $4,350.

If you manage to find a copy of this game for sale, you likely won’t be paying less than $4,000 to add it to your personal collection. If you just found a copy somewhere in your basement and are looking up how much it might be worth… congratulations.

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