Elden Ring, a glitch renders Azur's Comet ineffective

Elden Ring, a glitch renders Azur's Comet ineffective

Elden Ring

Since its release, Elden Ring has seen two builds dominate the power charts in both PVP and PVE: Bleeding builds and Sorcery builds. Notably, sorcery builds have become a loved and hated part of the game due to their ability to tear apart both players and bosses in seconds. These builds, in fact, if well managed, are capable of annihilating a boss in no time and are the joy for speedrunners.

Elden Ring One of the most devastating spells on Elden Ring is Comet of Azur. It is a devastatingly channeled beam of light that destroys everything it touches. Although, on YouTube, you can find many videos in which players use the spell to kill bosses in no time, the spell can be rendered almost harmless. By using Holy Ground Ash of War in combination with the comet of Azur, Reddit user shsbhshsvaa was able to transform one of the most powerful single target spells in the game into a wide-area burst of rays. At first, it appears that this new strategy will prove quite effective against large groups of enemies, particularly the group slowly approaching shsbhshsvaa. In reality, the beam is scattered and becomes ineffective.| ); }
Found a comet azur glitch, not very effective from Eldenring

Elden Ring players are always looking for news for this title, which means there is a lot of material. From the most effective builds, to speedruns, to similar glitches, players posting recommendations related to FromSoftware's title continue to grow day by day.

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