LEGO Botanicals: sets for builders with a green thumb!

LEGO Botanicals: sets for builders with a green thumb!

LEGO Botanicals

Designed and developed for adult builders with a passion for nature, design and home decor, the sets from the LEGO Botanical line have amazed fans since their debut in January 2021. The new line was inaugurated with the launch of two main sets and two “expansion” sets. The first two owner sets were produced with the now well-known "18 Plus - Adults welcome" livery, while the two "expansion" sets are sold in boxes with the more traditional livery of the "accessory" sets. We are talking about the sets LEGO Creator Expert # 10280 "Bouquet of Flowers", LEGO Creator Expert # 10281 "Bonsai Tree", LEGO Cretor # 40460 Roses and LEGO Creator # 40461 Tulips.

Yes obviously it is about products that are aimed at a clientele of adult builders, who want to spend time building something that will then be nice to exhibit at home. Let's see the four sets in detail.

LEGO Creator Expert # 10280 “Bouquet of flowers” ​​

The LEGO Creator Expert set # 10280 “Bouquet of flowers” ​​is contained in an overall large box, considering the price of € 49.99. Inside we can find the usual transparent envelopes, numbered from 1 to 3, as well as an instruction manual also closed in a transparent envelope and an unnumbered envelope containing the long 32-stud "stems" (seen so far as the skeleton of the flagpoles of the ships / galleons, here in sand green color. The set does not include stickers or other decorative elements, but on the other hand is really full of known elements but in new and exclusive colors. An old in age but new in color is the piece of the bush , produced so far are bright green or lime green. This new dark green version will appeal to many diorama builders, to make the vegetation of their brick landscapes even more varied. The new large steering wheel that debuted with the LEGO 18 set Plus # 10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1 is also featured in this new Botanical set, obviously in dark green. The instruction manual includes a short introduction by the LEGO Designers of the set - Anderson Grubb and Astrid Sundorf Christensen, along with a brief description of the six real flower varieties that inspired those included in the set. The set includes the elements needed to build three Roses, two Snapdragon (Snapdragon in the instruction manual), a Lavender flower, an Aster, two Common Daisies and a California Poppy. The set also includes three elements of green filler and two bushy twigs also fillers to complete the bouquet.

LEGO Creator Expert # 10281 Bonsai Tree

The high enough piece count doesn't necessarily translate into a huge volume of bricks , but the instruction manual is still supplied in a separate plastic bag, leaving the two Reddish Brown Hose Flexible elements loose in the box, which will be used to decorate the trunk of the tree.

We'll be honest: as soon as the set arrived in the editorial office, our first thought after seeing the image on the front of the box was “it's the bonsai of Master Miyagi from Karate Kid!

In addition to being the representative image of the dojo and the fighting style of Master Miyagi, the bonsai tree is also used by the Master himself to teach the young Daniel LaRusso the philosophy and spirit that should guide those who study and learn the Karate art. The specimen seen in the film should be that of a dwarf Juniperus Procumbens, a shrub belonging to the Cupressaceae family. It is a variety of Eurasian juniper that can be found in Japan between 1,500 and 2,500 m of altitude. Vegeta exclusively with needle, a non-pungent and very short needle with a pungent and pleasant scent.

(Credit photo: | @DarkSarcasm on fanpop .com)

As soon as we saw the image on the back of the box, we immediately flew with our thoughts to Japan for Hanami, the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of the spring flowering of Japanese cherry trees ( which in Japanese are called sakura) ... and now there are TWO copies of the set in reaction!

(Credit photo:

Let's see the two complementary sets that can be used to enrich our floral bouquet of the LEGO Creator Expert # 10280“ Bouquet of flowers ”set.

LEGO Creator # 40460 “Roses”

This easy-to-assemble set contains the 120 pieces needed to build 2 red roses (flowers), complete with green leaves and stems adjustable in length. Combining it with the set # 40461 Tulips can add even more color to the brick bouquet of the LEGO Creator Expert set # 10280 “Bouquet of Flowers”.

LEGO Creator # 40461 “Tulips”

The easy set, really very easy to build, includes 111 pieces with which you can make 3 flowers: one white, one purple and one yellow. All three flowers are complete with beautiful bright green leaves, symbolizing new spring life. Thanks to the length-adjustable stems, they can be displayed in most vases. The set can also be combined with the LEGO set # 40460 Rose and the LEGO set # 10280 “Bouquet of flowers”.

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