Lega Pro launches into the nft

Lega Pro launches into the nft

The nft landed in Lega Pro (or the third Italian football series) and it is no coincidence that it happens here, the old Serie C is a regulatory and digital experimentation field. Suffice it to say that it was the first Italian football league to introduce the three points, the playoffs, to focus on highlights in 2012 with director Poppi Bonnici and a pioneer in betting on streaming. The right place to make a new announcement could only be Talent Garde n, the most important European digital education operator and the largest community in Europe of innovators in the world of technology. This is where the presentation of the debut of the Lega Pro in the world of NFT takes place, that is the non-fungible tokens, that is, the "digital tokens" saved on the blockchain that unequivocally demonstrate how the owner of the token is also the person who owns the digital work connected to it. Because NFTs are now elements present in art, music and even in sport - the NBA, in fact, immediately understood it that collectors would have appreciated. In Italy, however, the first approaches in Italy between football and the NFT are linked but limited to the Italian Super Cup, at the beginning of 2021.

For Francesco Ghirelli, “today's question is how football can reconstruct a new path with generation Z, but also those that preceded it, where an abysmal detachment is manifested. The deeper problem is what to do about his future and whether he has his future. The Serie C League has always been the league of innovation: the possibility to have space is to be one step ahead of the others ".

From April 29th there is the possibility to buy on DaChain.com - the new platform for the creation, management and marketing of nft - three digital collections: Top Moments Playoff with the best actions of each game in different editions limited; Collectible 3D, a series of iconic objects including the official 2022 Playoff ball and the Championship trophy; Final 4 Art by Cristina Stifanic, four unique works of art created by Cristina Stifanic in a limited edition for the Final Four. Whoever manages to create special combinations, can get prizes.

(Project phases and duration)

Thus, together with Eleven Sports - historical partner in streaming represented by Giovanni Zurleni ( CEO) and with Marco Corradino (founder of DaChain) the perfect ecosystem was found to implement a momentum of technological and innovative contemporaneity, as is the nature of the third Italian football league, certain that subsequently, even the categories higher will be inspired by the numbers of the project: 28 participating teams and 14 drop nft (one drop corresponds to the launch of a collection) in a limited edition with three exclusive collections, almost 5000 nft total in a month and a half.

Marcel Vulpis, vice president of Lega Pro, specifies: “We are the only professional league that, next to football played, has nft on the left and esports on the right after having closed a license agreement with Electronic Arts. All our export teams will play on Fifa 22. We are the only league that gives its fans the opportunity on several fronts to get excited about football. "

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