Hyundai Driving Experience, on track at Monza with the sports N

Hyundai Driving Experience, on track at Monza with the sports N

Hyundai Driving Experience

To obtain the driving license that allows us to circulate freely on the road it is necessary to follow a procedure common to all which, among the various lessons and notions, teaches us to maintain the correct driving posture or how to use the clutch pedals correctly, brake and of course the accelerator. After having obtained the driving license and starting to circulate in an ever more constant and decisive way, it is inevitable that you sometimes take some wrong freedoms in terms of posture and driving habits. It might seem trivial to you, but holding the steering wheel correctly is a really important action and judging from what we can observe in city traffic, it seems that it is not a clear element (let's repeat it together: 9:15 for maximum control!).

In order to offer the emotions of sporty driving and above all the foundations for driving in total safety, the Hyundai N Driving Experience is born, a series of packages designed to always offer the best for enthusiasts. and newbies. The experience developed by the team of the Korean brand is designed to learn and entertain at the same time, naturally while at the wheel of a very sporty Hyundai N, perhaps among the curves and curbs of the Temple of Speed, the famous Monza racetrack. . | ); }
Last week, in a very gloomy two days, we had the opportunity to participate in this particular Experience aboard Hyundai i20 N, Hyundai i30 N and the latest arrival Kona N. A complete range, from the compact to the baby SUV, capable of offering performance suitable for both road and track use. The work performed by Hyundai on these three cars is truly superb, both in terms of mechanics and in terms of electronics which, in some contexts, is a fundamental companion for getting out of dangerous situations. Performance and power that must be managed, however, and this is where the Hyundai N Driving Experience session comes into play, which with its instructors and driving courses can offer the basis for managing dangerous conditions on dry and wet roads. The pitfalls are always around the corner, dodging an imminent obstacle or performing an emergency braking may require automatisms that are difficult to imagine or even think about.

Our experience

On the occasion of our two-day test, we had the opportunity to test the cars in various fields: from emergency braking to controlled skidding, up to reversals. (J-turn) in reverse with limited grip. There is also space for healthy competition, with a slalom aboard the compact i20 N to be performed on a specially set up course between the first variant, the escape route and the straight. In this exercise, precision is a fundamental element to avoid wasting precious seconds or arriving in the wrong gears in the most critical points. Naturally this is an exercise that collects part of the lessons obtained previously, so expect a sudden emergency braking to be able to park the car, within some imaginary limits. | ); }

The event ended with a series of laps on the Monza track, following the maneuvers and trajectories of the hare car driven by one of the numerous instructors made available by the organization. Despite the severe storms that have made Monza a veritable “open-air swimming pool” in some sectors, the Hyundai N have been able to have their say, always offering maximum safety even in the most critical corners, such as the famous Parabolica.

As mentioned by Lars Mysliwietz, former professional driver especially in rallies, driving instructor with whom we spent the day in Monza, "the car follows our eyes" and it is therefore essential to understand the direction we take. he intends to go. The maneuver must then be as clean and relaxed as possible, without jerks or frenetic actions: decisive and clear-cut movements.

The experience with Gabriele Tarquini

To complete the already more than rich experience, Hyundai has decided to offer a couple of laps aboard Kona N driven by the racing driver Gabriele Tarquini, famous for his achievements in the Touring Championship. Being a passenger in a sports car driven by a driver is always a mystical experience that we recommend to all those who do not suffer from car sickness and are looking for a continuous dose of adrenaline.

We have tried Kona N in different contexts, but always and only on the road, and we never would have thought it would be able to tackle the curbs of the Temple of Speed ​​with such naturalness and precision. Well done, Hyundai, but above all congratulations Gabriele, a truly unforgettable experience.

Hyundai N Driving Experience

To experience this kind of emotions, better understand the behavior of the car and drive with greater safety, you can buy one of the packages offered layout from Hyundai. Different types and paths are available; in addition to Monza, it is possible to turn to the Nurburgring and Bilster Bang. For the package with one night and a day and a half of testing, the cost is respectively 529 euros for i30 N and 429 euros for i20 N. The price is per person, with overnight stay in a hotel and three meals. For 729 euros, however, it is possible to include a companion (double room) with access to the track, catering and entry to the paddocks (no shift is provided).

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an even richer experience, Level 2 is available which is spread over several days, with six meals, more nights in a hotel and a price between 799 and 899 euros, depending on of the car. For more information, we recommend that you visit the official website. In our opinion it is an experience to be completed at least once in a lifetime; if you are passionate or simply want more driving safety, we recommend that you evaluate one of the packages made available by Hyundai.

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