How to get all the LEGO gifts for the Star Wars days

How to get all the LEGO gifts for the Star Wars days

LEGO, as per tradition in this particular period of the year, officially announced the latest news related to "May the Fourth be with you! ", The most important and at the same time most awaited event by Star Wars fans, which will be active from 1 to 8 May 2022. This year, the surprises are innumerable, as those interested will be able to purchase new sets, with the possibility of obtaining fantastic gifts and doubling the VIP points.

Clearly, we are talking about a more unique initiative than rare of its kind. In fact, fans, in addition to winning one or more products recently added to the catalog, will be able to obtain fantastic gifts to add to their collection. Among the novelties, we find the new set of Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder (75341), coming from the movie Star Wars: A new hope and belonging to the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series line.

This is a collector's item of inestimable value, which will allow lovers of the saga to be transported to the desert planet of Tatooine. With this new set, you need to use new construction techniques, with fully customized LEGO elements, to recreate every minute detail of Luke Skywalker's legendary vehicle. It is made up of 1,890 pieces and also includes two Luke Skywalker mini-figures with a lightsaber and C-3PO. This set will retail for € 199.99, starting today, May 1, 2022, for VIP users and May 4 for standard buyers.

Throughout the promotional period, purchase some of the sets compatible with the initiative, it is also possible to obtain gifts, namely:

AT-ST (30495) with purchases over € 40.00; Mandalorian VIP keychain with purchases over € 70.00, for LEGO VIP users only; Lars Family Homestead Kitchen (40531) with purchases over € 160.00. As if that weren't enough, as we specified in our article, on the occasion of the "May the Fourth be with you!" , LEGO will allow all VIP users (new and existing) to earn double points on selected LEGO Star Wars sets, but the Terms and Conditions must be checked. This last initiative will be valid from May 1st until May 8th 2022.

That said, we just have to strongly suggest you to visit the page dedicated to the promotion, at the following address, where you can view all those that are the Star Wars themed proposals that the portal is offering. However, before leaving to your purchases, we strongly suggest you also subscribe to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and China. Happy shopping!

LEGO Star Wars Best Selling Products

75328 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Helmet of the Mandalorian ™ | € 59.99 75327 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Luke Skywalker ™ Helmet (Red Five) | € 59.99 75343 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Dark Trooper ™ Helmet | € 59.99 75192 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Millennium Falcon ™ | € 799.99 75252 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Imperial Star Destroyer ™ | € 699.99 75290 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Mos Eisley ™ Tavern | € 349.99 75313 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ AT-AT ™ | € 799.99 75329 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Diorama flying over the trench of the Death Star ™ | € 59.99 75330 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Jedi Training Diorama ™ on Dagobah ™ | € 79.99 75339 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Diorama Waste Compactor Death Star ™ | € 89.99 75342 - LEGO® Star Wars ™ Republic Fighter Tank ™ | € 39.99

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