Countdown to the Wired Next Fest in Florence

Countdown to the Wired Next Fest in Florence

Saturday 28 May at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence the Next Fest returns, the most important Italian festival on innovation and technology with free live participation and with the public in attendance. We will talk about the future of democracy, between new governance models and the fight against social and economic inequalities, but among the central themes of the day there will also be climate change and technologies that enable an improvement in the life of the new generations. There will be interventions centered on freedom of expression and thought, as well as those on the limits of a digitized and super-connected society. Above all, however, many great guests will be on stage in Florence.

Sign up for the festival Among the most anticipated names, the Egyptian activist Patrick Zaki, who will open the Next Fest, stands out. His story is well known: engaged for years on the human rights front, in 2020 (in an attempt to return home to visit family members) he was arrested at the airport, due to some posts on Facebook considered a threat to national security for incitement to subversion. His detention caused a stir, and after his release last December - after 670 days - his troubled story is still ongoing, so much so that he cannot leave Egypt until the end of the trial that sees him accused. . At the Next Fest, in fact, he will only be able to intervene remotely.

The other guests of the Next Fest In a future that could be governed by predictive algorithms and digital tools that are not completely transparent in their mechanisms of action, with the realization of a real paradox of artificial intelligence, the intervention of the president emeritus of the European Research Council (ERC) and professor emeritus of scientific and technological studies at Eth in Zurich, Helga Nowotny, will be central. The challenge we face today is on the one hand to create a world in which artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role, but on the other hand to ensure that mankind continues to accept that element of uncertainty which is inextricably linked to concept of the future itself.

Things you need to know to follow the event From the sphere of rights and scientific research we will then move on to the world of art and entertainment, with three international talents. First of all, the rapper and entrepreneur Manuelito Hell Raton, also judge of X Factor in the 2020-2021 edition and who will bring the public into the playground world. Then one of the main exponents of Italian hip-hop, Davide De Luca aka Gemitaiz, who will reflect on the importance of loneliness, on that strange thing that you have inside and on how to use music to be inspired. Again, the winner of the David di Donatello as best actor in the film On my skin Alessandro Borghi will take the stage of the Next Fest, this time in the role of the other.

The music of Next Fest The very young writer Sabrina Efionayi, author of the novel Addio, will also be a guest in Florence, see you tomorrow in which she told her incredible story as an unaware adopted daughter, having a prostitute as a biological mother countryman. Her mission today is to give a voice to the second generations without rights, to favor the changes of an unequal society and chronically inattentive to minorities.

Still on the subject of fighting discrimination, the Lgbtqi + activist Jessica Giorgia Senesi will take the stage: much followed on TikTok, with over 250 thousand followers, she uses the platform to talk about gender equality and inclusion, its transition path. There will also be the most famous drag queens in Italy Mauro Leonardi and Carmelo Pappalardo, aka Karma B, for years engaged in raising awareness through theatrical art on freedom of expression and who will explain how to go beyond the mask.

There will be interesting ideas on technology, for example with the writer and philosopher Eric Sadin. His main area of ​​interest is the intersection between digital innovation and society: if we live in an age where people are ultra-connected and in a certain sense trapped in their subjectivity, convinced that they are the center of the world and know whatever argument, it is very necessary to construct a new social contract to defeat the totalitarianism of the masses and the tyranny of the individual. Democracy, rights, digital and sustainability are not so distant issues: Federico Marchetti, president of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, technological entrepreneur and pioneer of sustainability will explain this on stage. His speech on the green pass of fashion will start from the fact that the European Commission has launched its Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, to make the clothing sector sustainable, a market that had a turnover in Europe of 162 billion euros in 2019. and is now committed to promoting the development of a circular economy, converting to sustainability.

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