Microsoft Flight Simulator: the World Update makes Italy even more realistic and exciting!

Microsoft Flight Simulator: the World Update makes Italy even more realistic and exciting!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

As Arthur Clarke wrote in the last of his three famous and homonymous laws: any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Following the thought of the British writer, we then venture to say that even the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator can only be composed largely of magic, it would basically be the only way to explain the sense of wonder that characterizes our every return behind. the joystick of the Microsoft simulator and Asobo Studio.

Even more after the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update dedicated to Italy and Malta, where our peninsula has been revised far and wide making it even more precise, detailed and real than it already was before.

A unique nation in the world

Flight Simulator: Venice is even more beautiful and photogrammetry extends far beyond the lagoon It is not parochialism: Italy is truly an incredible place. You realize it when, despite having the whole world at your disposal, you still end up in the crested arms of the Alps, grazing the trees of the Valle delle Fierrere after having flown over Naples and before seeing Anacapri rise; and then the Islands, the enigmatic Sardinia and its extraterrestrial paradise corners, Sicily with its unpredictable winds. This latest World Update, the largest ever according to the developers themselves, envelops the nation in an additional layer of credibility by enriching it with a myriad of details and extending photogrammetry far beyond the boundaries that we would have expected.

The cities reproduced with this technology are many more: in Rome, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Venice and Verona, present since the game's debut, are added Turin, Bari, Perugia, Parma, Ancona, Pavia, Cittadella, Paestum and Padua. The photogrammetry of Rome, Milan, Naples and Venice has instead been revised and extended far beyond what we would have expected, while before the World Update this was concentrated only in the historic centers, leaving the suburbs in the hands of machine learning. The photogrammetry of Rome now extends kilometers and kilometers after the ring road, and in every direction, involving the Castelli area and part of the coast.

Airports and points of interest

Flight Simulator: the hilly and mountainous reliefs are now much more rugged and precise. On the other hand, there are over one hundred Italian airports to which the data has been updated, and four those created by hand and with 1: 1 detail, that is the airport of Palermo, of Sondrio, Marina di Campo and Bolzano. Also included in the World Update are many new points of interest, from the Allianz Stadium to the Celano Castle, from the Modena Cathedral to the Afragola station, from the Sardinian Nuraghe to the Stelvio Pass, from the Capo Caccia lighthouse to Piazza dei Miracoli with the Tower of Pisa of course included. The package also includes three Bush Trips dedicated to Sardinia, Sicily and the Apennines; three landing challenges in Reggio Calabria, Falcone Borsellino airport and Genoa Setri; and finally three discovery flights to Venice, Rome and Florence.

Alps and Apennines

Flight Simulator: flying to France All details that lovers of high-altitude flights will hardly notice, but for them the experience will change when they see the wild peaks of the alpine mountains, finally as rugged as in reality and no longer smoothed by the resourcefulness of a software, and by the movement of the ground below that sways, rises and sinks through more precise data. and updated. Ten and pass gigs of realism that can be downloaded from the in-game shop, as always for free.

A world of details

Microsoft Flight Simulator: we kindly warn passengers to head to boarding for the Milan - Palermo flight at 10.00 With this ninth World Update, Microsoft Flight Simulator has practically doubled an already unattainable graphic detail, allowing flights of a realism that is even unsettling at times. In the meantime, through the updates dedicated to the simulation part, the flight experience has also significantly improved, but the control of IFR flights still leaves a lot to be desired despite being much more precise than it was in the beginning. However, we regret to note that, after all this time and an increasingly efficient optimization, the game still remains too unstable and constantly threatened by possible crashes. Nothing capable of demoralizing the lovers of flight simulations, or more simply of the breathtaking beauty of our planet.


Flight Simulator: where do you want to go today? Microsoft Flight Simulator is a series that has made the history ofa> video games, but this new version is destined to be a real milestone. Of course, if only there were also a managerial aspect behind it, a system that offers a purpose even to those who cannot imagine it alone, it would be even better, we would really be close to perfection. But the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator has already made a lot of dreams come true, and it is not certain that it will not be able to realize this too in the future ...

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