What to follow at the Wired Next Fest in Florence if you are interested in cinema, TV and books

What to follow at the Wired Next Fest in Florence if you are interested in cinema, TV and books

What to follow at the Wired Next Fest in Florence if you are interested in cinema

The sportsgaming.win Next Fest, the most important Italian festival on innovation and technology with free participation, will return on Saturday 28 May in Florence, at Palazzo Vecchio, with a schedule entirely dedicated to the future of democracy in which guests and contributions from the world cannot be missing. of entertainment and art. Different individual experiences and artistic sensitivities but which, although belonging to different spheres, carry a common message: to preserve individual identity, fight against discrimination, protect minorities and identify new spaces of expression for the human being, in the light of innovations and social changes in progress.

Sign up for the festival With a talk with the emblematic title Against the tyranny of the individual Eric Sadin, French writer and philosopher will intervene on stage in search of new social contracts that can remedy totalitarianism of the masses. For a decade Sadin - considered among the greatest critics of the digital revolution - has been studying the effects of digitization and writing about these topics in newspapers such as Le Monde and Die Zeit, and will share his reflections on the hidden effects of technological development with the public. >
Sabrina Efionayi, author of the novel Addio, will bring to the stage instead her incredible and fascinating experience of an unconscious adopted daughter, a story that has struck thousands of readers. As a spokesperson for the new generations, you will talk about a changing society, helping to make it fairer and more attentive to minorities and excluded people. Speaking of integration, the most famous drag queens in Italy Mauro Leonardi and Carmelo Pappalardo, aka Karma B, will share their experience on the complex activity of raising awareness on the theme of gender identity and freedom of expression, going beyond the mask , with actor Paolo Camilli.

The other guests of the sportsgaming.win Next Fest We will then talk about sustainability, both in the kitchen and more generally in the entrepreneurial sphere, with the 3-star Michelin chef Niko Romito. His business model, based on the search for balance through essentiality and social responsibility, has become an example all over the world. Further ideas will then come from the philosopher, writer and television commentator Maura Gancitano, who starting from her experience with Tlon (a community that has more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram and which deals with social and cultural issues) will talk about how beauty cannot be objective, but everyone is free to interpret it individually.

Things to know to follow the event Guest in Florence will also be Alessandro Borghi, known to the general public for having played Aureliano Adami in the film Suburra and in the TV series of the same name , but also for having won in 2019 the David di Donatello as best leading actor in On my skin, dedicated to the story of Stefano Cucchi. Among other things, he is also one of the protagonists of the Sky Devils series. From cinema to writing, Jonathan Bazzi - author of the novel Febbre, finalist at the Strega Award 2020 - always looking for a permanent body of gravity on stage together with the actor and spokesperson of the Gay Center Pietro Turano, will tell how identity is also expressed through the definition of the relationship with one's own body and sexuality.

Then there will be Isabella Ragonese, actress and playwright who played Letizia Battaglia in the series Solo per passion, bringing to the screen the biography of an absolute protagonist of the Italian twentieth century. And again in the field of cinema, director Gabriele Mainetti will talk about the Italian horror genre under a particular guise: how can it be possible to make this genre a metaphor to tell about contemporary society and transmit a message useful for the growth of young people?

Finally, the artistic director and choreographer Emanuele Cristofoli, aka Laccio, will bring his experience in the world of show business and entertainment to the stage of the sportsgaming.win Next Fest, according to which the affirmation of power also passes through its representation. And he will also tell about his direct experience, all a staging, in having worked for X-Factor, for the Eurovision Song Contest and The Young Pope, where he always tried to combine a pinch of creativity with one of madness.

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