By attacking the day against homotransphobia at school, the Italian right demonstrates how much it is needed

By attacking the day against homotransphobia at school, the Italian right demonstrates how much it is needed

By attacking the day against homotransphobia at school

In recent days, the Ministry of Education has sent all Italian schools a circular that in a civilized country should have sounded like the most obvious of the obvious and which in Italy could only raise a fuss. The document refers to the international day against homotransphobia, scheduled for May 17, and institutes are urged to organize educational and awareness-raising initiatives on the subject.

Everything is okay to think, the fight against discrimination takes place first of all through work in schools and ultimately there are just a handful of constitutional articles, national laws and international treaties to remind us that homotransphobic attacks cannot be tolerated in contemporary society. Obviously not for everyone, given how the Italian right reacted to the circular of the ministry led by Patrizio Bianchi.

The second time of the Zan bill After the six-month stop due to the secret vote that sank it in the Senate, the bill against violence and discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability can restart its process The usual "gender ideology" "Teachers and schools of all grades, within their own didactic and organizational autonomy, they are invited to create opportunities for in-depth study with their students on issues related to discrimination, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms ”, reads the circular. Which in the following lines recalls the importance of creating an open and inclusive school, where discrimination of all kinds - those discrimination which, it should be remembered, the Italian legislative apparatus prohibits - find no place.

A simple, schematic text, devoid of any political and ideological connotation. Which simply, in fact, recalls the importance for each school of creating a non-discriminatory context and educating students on the subject, so that the world of tomorrow can be better than that of today. A text that the Italian right has, however, branded as a perfect example of the phantom "gender ideology", the para-theory patented by Giorgia Meloni & Co and of which Meloni herself has never been able to give a definition. "A disconcerting document", they wrote by the Brothers of Italy, complete with an announcement of parliamentary questioning and the request to parents to pay attention and request the signed consent for any initiative actually organized by their children's institutions for the day of 17 May . "Gender propaganda", on the other hand, thundered the League, which then pulled out of the drawer the usual slogan with which the legislative process for the Zan bill was accompanied: "Hands off our children".

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Here's the point. For the Italian right, speaking of homotransphobia at school actually means applying the Zan bill against homolesbobitransphobia (but not only: the bill also deals with misogyny and skill) without this having overcome the parliamentary stumbling block, which also happened because of the palace games in the Justice commission led by the Northern League player Andrea Ostellari, who set up a theater of continuous postponements and recalendarizations of the discussion. In fact, one of the most opposed points of the Zan bill is the creation of a national day against homotransphobia, which would promote awareness in schools on the issues of gender discrimination and sexual orientation. One thing for which a law is not needed until proven otherwise, it would be enough to rely on the Italian Constitution, especially since this and more generally about racism, attacks against minorities and everything related to violations of human rights in schools we talk about always, fortunately. If anything, that day had to be an assist so that more could be talked about, since that specific topic is more ignored than the others. But no. Moreover, at the international level, a day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia already exists: on May 17, precisely.

For the Italian right, talking about gender discrimination and sexual orientation means doing the brainwashing students, that is to contribute to creating that world in which everyone is free to live their sexuality as they like, without having to suffer attacks, abuse and violence for this, which is so frightening to the right.

Homotransphobic attacks continue in Italy Giorgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini and company would do well to read the endless list of homotransphobic attacks that continue to make the achievement of an acceptable civil and democratic condition a mirage for Italy. In 2021 there were 238 reported episodes, one case of homotransphobia every day and a half. A number that is certainly much higher in reality since the topic often remains submerged for fear of exposing oneself, even with the same family members. It is no coincidence that the International lesbian and gay association (Ilga), an organization that brings together over 400 LGBT + groups from all over the world, in its February report utters decidedly negative words about the Italian context. And Italy wins an unacceptable 33rd place out of 48 in the European ranking on the fight against hate crimes.

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If this happens it is also and above all due to the responsibility of politics, which creates a fertile context. The paradox is that the recent crusade of the Brothers of Italy and the League against the circular of the Ministry of Education and the school initiatives against gender discrimination and sexual orientation are the perfect example of why these circulars and initiatives are necessary. If we really want to find a problem, it is that perhaps even before school work should be done in parliament, a sort of day in which those who today chatter about "gender ideology" and propaganda are forced to hear with their own ears the stories of those who in 2022 he still sees his freedoms crushed and cannot even count on the support and solidarity of those who govern him.

A bit like when Matteo Salvini said that Italy does not need a law that legalizes the recreational use of cannabis because anyone who wants to can already smoke a joint, today the Italian right has used its homotransphobia to say that in Italy there is no need for education against homotransphobia. A short circuit so dear to the political spectrum, for which things are obstructed, awkwardly demonstrating their absolute and urgent necessity.

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