With no need for roads, the LEGO DeLorean arrives!

With no need for roads, the LEGO DeLorean arrives!

With no need for roads

The legendary DeLorean from "Back to the Future" has landed on the digital shelves of lego.com and the physical shelves of the LEGO (Vertified) Store, and she didn't need roads to do it!

Paraphrasing the beat note of "Back to the Future" you hear when Doc first shows Marty the Time Machine

On sale since April 1st, after being presented a few days ago on its official LEGO social channels

⚡ Great Scott! We're going Brick to the Future with the new LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine. Available 1st April! ⚡

Get a first glimpse of the set now, and see Doc and Marty take on a brand-new adventure! https://t.co/Zwh9EFi53F pic.twitter.com/GyalHnzZTI

- LEGO (@LEGO_Group) March 17, 2022

Are you ready to discover it with us?

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LEGO Creator Expert # 10300 Time machine Back to the future

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The set: the presentation The set: the functions The real DeLorean of the film Previous sets of Back to the Future The fan-designed DeLorean

The set: the presentation

The reproduction of one of the most iconic cinematic vehicles of all time unveiled a few days ago is a three-in-one set. one . In fact, just like the Porsche 911 presented last year (we talked about it in our article), which could be built in two versions (Turbo and Targa), also the LEGO Creator Expert # 10300 Time Machine Back to the Future set will be able to be built in the three versions seen in the three films of the saga:

version "1985", complete with "hook" to capture the cable in which the 1.21 gigowatt current necessary to activate the channeling flow will flow version "2015", the one that takes Doc and Marty back to the future to "save" the latter's children and complete with the Mr. Fusion fusion generator and function, which allows it to fly version "1885", the one that mounts on the hood the "printed circuit" built with components recovered from DOC in the Far West that replaces those damaged when Marty arrived in the past

Officially licensed product from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, the model includes iconic features and details such as the flow channel, the box of plutonium stolen from the "Libyans" by Doc, the legendary hoverboard (the magnetic leavening skateboard) of Marty and Doc Brown and Marty McFly minifigures with completely new prints and graphics (compared to those included in previous LEGO Ideas and LEGO Dimensions sets).

Bob Gale, co- Writer and co-producer of the saga, said:

“Universal, Amblin Entertainment and the directors of 'Back to the Future' are delighted to have collaborated with the LEGO team in the creation of this fantastic set. In the film, Doc Brown spent nearly 30 years and his entire family fortune building his time machine. Fortunately, unlike him, you will be able to create this LEGO model in far fewer hours and in a less expensive way. The only difference: you will not be able to travel into the future ... for the moment! "

The presentation of the set was accompanied by the new animated short film “Brick to the Future”. Previewed at Lego.com/bttf, the intrepid LEGO minifigure duo will race over time to try to recover the lost channeling stream. Not only that: LEGO is back where it all began to capture the three versions of the set alongside the "real" DeLorean Time Machine, the famous Backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood where "Back to the Future" was filmed.

Joe Lawandus, Vice President and General Manager, Global toys and Hardlines of Universal Brand Development then added

“The project we carried out together with the LEGO Group proved incredibly exciting, with incredible details that squeeze the 'eye to each of the three' Back to the Future 'films, to iconic elements of the DeLorean time machine such as Mr. Fusion, to the creation of the Doc Brown and Marty McFly minifigures. We are confident that fans will be looking forward to going back in time with this LEGO set "

Sven Franic, LEGO Set Designer instead commented:

" Since its release in 1985, “Back to the Future” has become a cult film and a favorite of entire generations of fans around the world - myself included. I had a lot of fun reliving the iconic moments of the three films in this exciting and slightly nostalgic design adventure. The timeless fun of LEGO bricks and the adventure of "Back to the Future" are the characteristics we wanted to capture in this set. We are sure that fans will have fun running through time in LEGO style ”.

The set: the functions

The details of the original DeLorean Time Machine are faithfully reproduced in LEGO Creator Expert # 10300 Time Machine Back to the Future set and draw inspiration from the film's trilogy. Included in the set we find functions and features such as:

the wheels that fold to activate the flight mode the iconic flow channeler illuminated by a luminous brick (as in the recent LEGO Technic Batmobile which we told you about in this our article) the famous travel dates (1985, 2015, 1955 and 1885) printed on the dashboard the gullwing doors and the hood opening Marty's hoverboard the interchangeable plates a banana and a can to feed Mr. Fusion

The “1985” version is equipped with the lightning rod and the plutonium tank, as in the first film. The “2015” version seen at the end of the first film and throughout the second can be completed with the Mr. Fusion generator module and with the foldable tires for hover conversion. Finally, the version "1885" and protagonist of the third film is fitted with white wall tires and the printed circuit built with the components available in the Far West on the front hood.

The real DeLorean DMC-12

In the "Back to the future" trilogy, the time machine was built by Doc starting from a normal production model of the DeLorean DMC-12 car:

( Credit photo: autoartmodels.de)

which requires an electrical power of 1.21 gigawatts to move in time. To generate so much power, Doc powers the DeLorean with a generator that uses plutonium rods capable of creating energy through a nuclear reaction.

Choosing the DeLorean DMC-12 as the car to use to build the car of the time was based on the fact that the futuristic and characteristic stainless steel bodywork and the futuristic gull-wing doors made the scene in which Marty, just arrived in 1955, ends up in the barn of the Peabodies who, awakened by the crash, they mistake the car for an alien spaceship. The art department was tasked with drawing sketches for the DeLorean facility. The first artist to tackle the subject was Andrew Probert, but the assignment was later assigned to Ron Cobb, who was responsible for the fans and the nuclear reactor on the back of the vehicle, because Probert's version was too "perfect". In fact, the idea was to give the Time Machine the air of a dangerous "huddle", arranged and assembled in the garage by a mad scientist.

Previous Back to the Future sets

LEGO Ideas # 21103 - The DeLorean Time Machine

The set allows you to build the brick version of the legendary DeLorean time machine used by Doc Brown and Marty McFly in “Back to future". The model is equipped with many details, such as the gull-wing doors that can be opened, the folding wheels, the flow channel, the LED display and the two license plates that we see in the film. An additional engine and wheels make it possible to recreate the different variants of the time machine protagonist of the three films “Back to the Future”. Includes 2 minifigures: Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

LEGO Dimensions # 71201 - Level Pack: Back To The Future

Marty McFly has been catapulted back into the Hill Valley from 1985 due to an experiment by his eccentric scientist friend Doctor Brown, and he needs your help to find a way to go back to the future to save his friend! Build Marty, clip him to his LEGO Toy Tag and place him on the LEGO Toy Pad to see him come to life in the game. Activate his Sonar Smash special ability to help him solve in-game puzzles and overload enemies. When Marty needs a time jump, add the buildable 3-in-1 Delorean Time Machine and Hoverboard to the game! Rebuild the DeLorean Time Machine into an Electric Time Machine or Ultra Time Machine. Rebuild the Hoverboard into a Cyclone Board or Ultimate Jet. Unlock the exclusive "A Hill Valley Time Travel Adventure" level of Back to the Future.

LEGO Dimensions # 71230 - Fun Pack : Doc Brown

Join Doc Brown on a series of insane adventures in a multiverse mash-up of your favorite characters. Build it and place it on the LEGO Toy Pad and see it come to life in the game, then activate its Hacking, Technology, Fix it and Drone skills to solve puzzles and fight enemies. If you run out of ideas, take Doc Brown's Traveling Time Train with you and rebuild it into a Flying Time Machine and Rocket Blast Time Train to gain enhanced powers in the game.

LEGO Brickheadz # 41611 - Marty Mc Fly And Doc Brown

Marty McFly and Doc Brown LEGO BrickHeadz characters are fun to build using colorful LEGO bricks to recreate all their iconic details of the blockbuster film Back to the Future, including the maverick scientist's white jumpsuit and the time-traveling teenager's red puffer jacket. Doc is also equipped with the detachable DeLorean time machine remote control, while Marty has his own camera, which is also detachable.

The fan-designed DeLoreans

It's so iconic, desired and admired that the DeLorean from "Back to the Future" is one of the cinematic cars that most inspired the imagination and tested the creativity of brick fans with a passion for the Doc Brown and Marty saga. Let's find out what we believe is one of the best brick versions seen online.

Dave Slater.

“The way I see it, if you have to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with a certain style? Is Doc Brown's joke that surely inspired Dave Slater to design his brick-built Ultimate Collector Series Delorean Time Machine. The incredible level of detail with which the model designed by Dave replicates the DMC-12 is incredible. The iconic gull-wing doors open vertically, the wheels fold into hover conversion mode and the detailed interior includes the iconic and flow channeler.

»Click here for instructions

Sorry the LEGO Designer 'for the crudeness of this model that hasn't had time to scale' (fans of the BTTF saga will understand)… are you ready to go back to the future? Or have you already been there?

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