505 Games Spring Showcase | All ads

505 Games Spring Showcase | All ads

Although more slowly than in other countries, Italy is working hard with video games and especially in the last period we have experienced exponential growth, not only from an economic point of view, but also from that linked to quantity. and quality of the video games produced. In this, 505 Games (distributor of games such as Assetto Corsa and Control) is working hard to establish itself on the market, not only targeting big known studios, but also small talented teams, ready to land their projects on PC and Console.

Over the last few days we have had the opportunity to attend, behind closed doors, the preview of the 505 showcase and in this article you can find the summary of the announced projects, which correspond only to a very small part of what we will see over the next few years.

Among The Trolls

Among the Troll Developer: Forbidden Studios Platforms: PC Steam (Early Access) Release: 2022
Once he arrives, however, he realizes that his grandparents have disappeared and this leads him to explore the magical Finnish forests in search of them, finding himself immersed in Nordic mythology and Finnish folklore, often thinking back to memories of childhood and the wonderful summer years spent with his loved ones.

You will have understood from the description that this is a survival different from the usual, more focused on "magic", enchanted creatures, nature and local animals, where the experience focuses more on immersing the player not only in a survival video game, but in a unique and mysterious game world.

The guys at Forbidden Studios are working hard to bring this title to life , which will arrive in early access in the next months of 2022.

Stray Blade

Developer: Point Blank Games Platforms: PC Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 Release: 2023 Stray Blade is a new intellectual property developed by Point Blank Games, intent on giving life to a new Action-RPG set in a brand new fantasy world called “Acrea”. Clearly, exploration and frantic fighting are the focus of the game itself, which not only allow us to advance in the story, but also to change it according to our victories and our results. Accompanying us on this journey is Boji, our faithful companion who, in addition to helping us in the fights, is busy upgrading the equipment.

The game is scheduled for 2023 on the main consoles and on PC (Steam and Epic Game Store).

Miasma Chronicles

Developer: The Bearded Ladies Consulting Platforms: TBC Release: TBC Miasma Chronicles is a new IP developed by the guys of The Bearded Ladies Consulting (already known for the excellent Mutant Year Zero) which stars Elvis Ashlee and her elder brother in robotic form, Diggs. The two brothers embark on a journey in search of their missing mother, in a game world set in the near future where a phenomenon called "Miasma" is dominating everything.

The genre doesn't stray too far from Mutant Year Zero, the development team is in fact developing another tactical-strategic experience, this will certainly please the fans, since their previous work is still an excellent title.

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