Pokémon TCG: a Pokémon GO-themed expansion is coming

Pokémon TCG: a Pokémon GO-themed expansion is coming

Pokémon TCG

The Niantic team has announced on its social networks the arrival of an expansion of the Pokémon TCG, the famous card game of the series, themed Pokémon GO, with the cards that will therefore be inspired by the mobile game for iOS and Android.

The details at the moment are not many. The Pokémon GO expansion will be available during the course of this summer and Niantic has released an image of the official sleeve, which depicts Mewtwo, Pikachu, Larvitar, Gyarados, Blissey, Aipom and Conkeldurr, which will presumably be among the new TCG cards. Pokémon, as well as Professor Willow. According to the words of Niantic, more details will be revealed soon.

Pokémon TCG: the official packet of the Pokémon GO themed expansion "This summer a new expansion will be released born from the collaboration between the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon GO! ", reads the official statement from Niantic. "The Pokémon TCG Pokémon GO expansion cards will be inspired by the popular mobile game. More details will be revealed soon, so check back for future updates."

This is exciting news. for Pokémon TCG players and which denotes the increasing importance of Pokémon GO in the brand, which among other things will become part of the official competitive circuit of The Pokémon Company, as announced last October.

Nel Meanwhile, Lunar New Year has begun on Pokémon GO, offering players the chance to catch a Litteo and take advantage of some tempting bonuses.

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Pokemon Go Will Get a Full Pokemon TCG Set This Summer

The Pokemon Company has announced that it will release a Pokemon Trading Card Game set themed around Pokemon Go. The surprise announcement was made via the Japanese Pokemon Twitter account, with a brief teaser video also released. The set will be named 'Pokemon Go' and appears to feature card art taken from Pokemon Go. The set appears to be a mini-expansion, as booster packs released in Japan will only contain 6 cards, and will feature Mewtwo as one of the set's mascots. No other details were announced about the set, such as if it will include any mechanics inspired by Pokemon Go. 

The set will be released in Japan starting on June 17, 2022. No international plans were announced, but the cards will likely either be integrated into a full US set or released through a series of special box products. We should also note that retailer listings confirmed that the US/international audience would get its own special set in June, which has yet to be announced, so the Pokemon Go cards could get a near-simultaneous release in Japan and internationally.

The new card set continues a collaboration between Pokemon Go and the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which began last year with the release of a Professor Willow-themed card. At the time, Niantic noted that further collaboration was possible, so it seems that we're seeing the fruits of that now. 

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is preparing to release its first English set later this month. The new Brilliant Stars expansion will add a new VSTAR mechanic to the game, which gives players the ability to use a VSTAR Power once per game. The mechanic acts as a combination of sorts for the Pokemon VMAX mechanic currently used in the game, as well as the GX mechanic used in the previous 'Sun and Moon' cycle. The next set will feature Pokemon from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. A new 'Sparkling Pokemon' mechanic will also be introduced to the card game at a later point in time. 

Expect further announcements about this brand new set in the coming weeks. 

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