NieR: Will Automata become an anime? Registering a domain suggests it

NieR: Will Automata become an anime? Registering a domain suggests it


NieR: Automata could become an anime, according to the registration of a domain that suggests precisely this hypothesis: the news, reported by a reliable source, is currently missing any further details.

Able to total sales for more than 7 million copies, the NieR series enjoys great popularity also and above all among fans of manga and anime, so it would be a completely natural move for the franchise.

Yoko's possible involvement Taro in animated reduction would really mean a lot in terms of fidelity and quality of fit, but as mentioned right now the details are very few.

Let's talk about simple rumors until an official announcement arrives, but that was enough for NieR fans to fill the social networks with posts full of enthusiasm.

An adaptation, however. animated, and therefore an enrichment of the NieR universe, would make fun of the possibility that the series will soon return with a new chapter, a hypothesis not yet confirmed by Taro.

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Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden Is Nier Creator's Latest Game

Yoko Taro plays by his own rules. That meant serving as creative director on a card-based role-playing game called Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars in 2021, despite everyone assuming his next project would be Nier-related. It apparently also means releasing another one of those games just a few weeks after announcing it, as Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is coming out in just two weeks.

Announced with little warning today, Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is a completely separate game from The Isle Dragon Roars, and it's not a direct sequel. Both games are designed as standalone titles, though you'll have some idea of what to expect gameplay-wise if you've played The Isle Dragon Roars.

Square Enix calls the game a 'standalone experience for both old and new fans of the series,' and by 'old fans,' the company means people who played the first one like three months ago. The world moves quickly these days.

As an unnamed hero, you must save a group of islands facing destruction, joining a failed maiden venturing into the seas. Because it's a Yoko Taro project, expect some depressing and unexpected turns, along with music director Keiichi Okabe's signature melancholy tunes.

Much like in the first game, Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden uses cards for everything--and we mean everything. From the menu to dialogue and the environment, it's all represented by cards. Should its design be similar to the first game, there will actually be a pretty traditional turn-based RPG behind that structure. Some of the cards look to be returning, as well, including items and townspeople. Those who played the first game should also spot a certain organization making another appearance in the trailer, too.

Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is out February 17 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC. Nier DLC will be available, just like with the first one.

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