The best free games for Nintendo Switch

The best free games for Nintendo Switch

Although Nintendo Switch is still a fresh console and unstoppable success, it is to be considered that the hybrid from Nintendo arrived on the market almost five years ago. Its catalog of downloadable games from the eShop is therefore very large and includes many free-to-play games to try without spending anything.

From this point of view, the Nintendo online store is one of the most updated and varied: let's find out together which are the best free games for Nintendo Switch of 2022!


Fortnite is one of the most supported and updated games The most famous Epic Games shooter of recent years is available on any platform, even on Switch, always distributed in free to play mode. We are obviously talking about Fortnite, a real cult phenomenon for millions of gamers and one of the most successful titles ever. Its formula is relatively simple: it costs nothing, has great and balanced online multiplayer and is fun. Purchases through microtransactions are represented by purely aesthetic improvements, one thing that makes them, therefore, not mandatory.

The game, which can be downloaded directly from Nintendo eShop, or via the dedicated internet page, is also cross-play. It means that you can challenge friends regardless of the platform they use, making Fortnite a truly universal product.

Pokémon Cafe Mix

A delicious screenshot of Pokémon Cafe Mix Now let's talk about a game that has able to exploit the Pokémon series in a completely original and unconventional way: Pokémon Cafè Mix is ​​a very fun puzzle game with a truly adorable graphic style. In the game you will be asked to manage a club for the cute Nintendo monsters as you progress through patterns, puzzles and new challenges that are unlocked from time to time.

Microtransactions are not invasive and are practically superfluous to advance in the game, unless you want to speed up the progression through the many levels available (developer Genius Sorority updates them very frequently).

Super Kirby Clash

We have always liked the cute chubby pink character Once again we are talking about a free game developed directly by Nintendo: it's time for Super Kirby Clash, an action adventure to play in company, together with three friends in local or online multiplayer. You can choose the relative roles, weapons and abilities, and the goal is to defeat the historical bosses of the series by advancing from level to level.

You can also buy the gems in the related in-game store for a fee to level up your character and equipment to the maximum, otherwise you must proceed by unlocking the missions with a lot of patience. Super Kirby Clash is immediate, fun and typically Nintendo gameplay, so a must try. Also because it costs nothing!

Rocket League

A moving image of Rocket League There are some games that in recent years have had tremendous success for their online multiplayer component, one of these is definitely Rocket League, a bizarre and frenetic sports title that mixes football in an original way with the driving of radio-controlled cars. The gameplay is as simple as it is fun: the cars are commanded very convincingly and the only rule is to score more goals than the opponent, pushing the huge sphere inside the doors.

Rocket League is also part of that small group of games compatible on any platform. Its cross play nature allows you to challenge any friend regardless of their console or PC. The game was once paid, but has recently become free to play, exponentially increasing its popularity.

World of Tanks Blitz

Tanks are the real stars of this game. one of the most popular and played free to play games in the world and has led the Belarusian software house Wargaming to success. We are talking about World of Tanks, in its "Blitz" edition which was released on all mobile devices (iOS and Android), but also on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The game, adapted from its original form, maintains all the features of the full version: a first-level graphics sector, the exciting and well-thought-out progression system, its immediate playability, but at the same time deep and strategic.

The microtransactions, obviously not mandatory, tend to benefit those who are willing to spend a little money on the progression. In any case, on the battlefield each tank has its pros and cons, making the game very balanced between those who spend and those who don't.

Apex Legends

Graphics nothing bad on Nintendo Switch! On the Nintendo store there is really space for any kind of game distributed totally free of charge. We talked about puzzle games, adventures, strategic and now we want to include in our special ranking (without order) also a first person shooter. Apex Legends is a well-known FPS both on PC and console, therefore also the version for Nintendo Switch could not be missing. The graphics sector, albeit castrated by the limited performance of Nintendo portable hardware, is still pleasant with all the mitigating circumstances of the case. Playability is slightly different if only for the drop from 60fps to 30fps, which is unfortunately unavoidable. Apex Legends is in effect a rib of Titanfall: the story comes to life several years after the wars narrated in the latter, moreover the gunplay is very similar.

Compared to Titanfall some features have been eliminated such as the double jump and the possibility of running on the walls, making the game slightly less hectic and more reasoned, as well as everything has been declined in the battle royale. Apex Legends is a free to play game to try absolutely for its well structured and fun online component.

Pokémon Unite

All the pokémon gathered! Nintendo is queen in knowing how to take full advantage of its franchises and proves it once again with Pokèmon Unite, yet another game based on the colorful and fun pocket monsters of Game Freak. In fact, Pokémon are the protagonists of dozens of different games: puzzle games, adventures, fighting games and even a game that uses augmented reality (Pokémon GO). It was time to also make a MOBA, a genre of videogames brought to the fore by titles like League of Legends.

Compared to the classics of the genre, Pokémon Unite takes the same main structure, but changes it with some deviations on the theme. Forget long game sessions: here a match lasts a maximum of 10 minutes. There is no need to destroy the opposing base, but to accumulate as many points as possible, making it an unprecedented mix that also brings it closer to the sports genre. Microtransactions (at the moment) are not necessary unless you want to progress in the game faster by getting new Pokémon without leveling properly.

Sky: Children of the Light

Great setting and design for this free to play title After a long time, Sky: Sons of Light also arrived on the Nintendo store, originally appeared on iOS and then also transported to the Android world. From the mobile version it carries practically all the pros (many) and some defects. It is an adventure with extremely simple gameplay and at the same deep, without smudging, with a truly superlative artistic direction. The making of Sky: Sons of the Light enjoys, in fact, breathtaking landscapes and glimpses, even if some technical problems have not been overcome by the mobile versions (some interpenetrations and loss of frames too many).

Regardless of the likely optimizations through targeted updates (which we are sure we will see the great support that the game has), Sky: Children of the Light is one of the most beautiful titles to play on Nintendo Switch. Its free nature, in the face of 4.5 hours of history, make it unmissable.


SMITE is one of the most interesting games in the entire Switch catalog. Now we want to pay homage to what we consider one of the most interesting titles in the entire Nintendo Switch landscape (and beyond). Let's talk about SMITE, a game with MOBA connotations with some deviations on the theme such as the third-person view. The video game by the American Hi-Rez studios confronts many of the most famous divinities in the history of humanity in exciting and very technical fights, with the need to develop a winning tactic and unlock new features with the game progression.

SMITE has an excellent online infrastructure which makes matchmaking solid and quick to start. If you manage to overcome the obstacle of the novelty due to the third person view this could become one of your favorite titles, you just have to try it!


On the Switch there is room for any video game genre There really is room for any game genre on the Nintendo Switch store, even for action like Warframe. Initially received in a rather lukewarm way, it then proved to be a good game despite having maintained some problems. Its playability still makes it fun if played in multiplayer and the free to play nature encourages the road test if nothing else.

Warframe is a game with great potential and we hope that future updates will be able to fix its defects. In the meantime, it certainly deserves a chance.


A title to try, even with friends Born as an independent game, Brawlhalla has been able to conquer more than 40 million players. to the world in a relatively short period of time. Its success finally convinced a giant like Ubisoft to buy its distribution rights and the entire software house responsible for the project.

The title created by the guys of Blue Mammoth Games is a sort of Super Smash Bros free to play with a myriad of characters, items, weapons and scenarios to fight. The gameplay and game setting is clearly inspired by the Nintendo game, but with some new features. The first is that of the weapons, distributed regularly throughout the stage, the second is represented by the hitboxes that make it a very technical and profound game to master.

Over time Brawlhalla has become one of the most popular titles by the general public and also by eSports professionals: in fact it has become the protagonist in numerous dedicated events that have consecrated it as one of the most followed and loved video games of recent years.

Fallout Shelter

The world of Fallout expands with this interesting free to play title One of the best mobile management systems of recent times has also arrived on the Nintendo Switch store: Fallout Shelter. The free to play project, born on iOS and Android, then also arrived on consoles with controls adapted to Joy-con and a few other innovations. You lose a little of the immediacy of the touch screen, but you get used to it soon. On the other hand, the strengths of this game are many, starting from the absolute fidelity to the aesthetic canons of the main series, from which it inherits music, sounds and graphic style. In Fallout Shelter we take on the role of those who make the decisions within the Vault: there is to organize the spaces, stay behind the stocks, treat the sick and defend their positions.

The game is deep and fun, sometimes slightly difficult and punishing if you make a mistake. Purchases on the store are not mandatory to progress in the adventure, making it a real free to play game to try absolutely and one of the most interesting games in the entire Nintendo Switch catalog.

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