Cyberpunk 2077: guide to the endings, what they are and how to unlock them all

Cyberpunk 2077: guide to the endings, what they are and how to unlock them all

Cyberpunk 2077

In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide we will explain how to see all the endings of the game and what are the necessary requirements to unlock them.

As a good RPG and in line with the other works of CD Projekt RED, Cyberpunk 2077 also presents more than an epilogue based on the choices made by the player in the role of V. In total there are four, plus an "ending" negative "rather inconclusive for the purposes of the narrative, but we will talk about it anyway in this article.

Accessing an ending rather than another depends above all on the choices you make shortly before the quest" Nocturne Op 55 n ° 1 "which will affect the final mission. At its end, you will be able to access a specific epilogue, in most cases choosing between two very different options. Among other things, there is also an alternative "secret" version of the final mission that is unlocked by respecting the precise requirements, which we will discuss at the end of this article.

Below we will explain how to access the various versions of the last mission and therefore how to unlock all the endings of Cyberpunk 2077. Obviously from here on, spoilers will abound. If you haven't finished the game yet, we advise you to do it by choosing the options you think are most right without making you too much trouble and come back here later to find out how to access the other epilogues.

In fact, you will be able to see all the endings of Cyberpunk 2077 and get all the Trophies and Achievements related to them in a single run. After the credits, you will be offered the opportunity to return to Night City before the game's "point of no return", represented by the mission "Notturno Op. 55 n ° 1" and then repeat the final mission making different decisions to see all other finals, as long as you have met specific requirements.

How to see all the endings of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077, a promotional image There are several variations of the final mission of Cyberpunk 2077. The development will be influenced by the choices made during "Nocturne Op . 55 No. 1 "and the alliances formed by V during the game. At the end of the mission, moreover, you will find yourself in front of a further crossroads that will define the epilogue of your adventure in Night City.

During the scene on the terrace of the mission "Notturno Op. 55 n ° 1" you you will find alone with Johnny Silverhand to discuss with whom to ally you and how to act, a crucial decision that will significantly influence the events of the last mission.

Accepting Hanako Arasaka's proposal

Requirements: none Final: "Where is my mind?" (two variants) and Trophy / Objective the "Devil" (if you saved Takemura, more details below)

During the conversation with Johnny on the terrace, choose the option: "Trusting the Arasaka is risky, but I think it is worth it ".

You will therefore decide to accept Hanako Arasaka's proposal to ally you against her brother Yorinobu to get her complete control of the corporation. After hiring the omegablockers and saying goodbye to Johnny, V will be escorted by car by Hellman and Takemura (if he is still alive) to the mansion where Hanako is being held. Once you have cleaned up and freed the woman, you will go to the Arasaka headquarters where you will try to convince the board of directors that the real murderer of Saburo is Yorinobu. However, the meeting will be interrupted at the best by the latter's armed forces who will try to eliminate you.

At this point you just have to win, complete the objectives, defeat Adam Smasher (a constant of all versions of the final mission) and watch the various dialogues that will follow.

Once the mission is over, you will find yourself aboard the Arasaka space station, after Johnny's biochip has been removed in V through a delicate operation surgical. You will be subjected to a seemingly endless series of clinical tests, until V refuses to continue. Later Takemura or Hellman will explain to you that the biochip was successfully removed, but that this caused irreparable damage to V's body, which is destined to die within a few months. However, you still have a chance for salvation, if we can call it that. You will be offered to digitize V's mind into an engram, thanks to the experimental project "Secure your soul", which will later be stored in the Mikoshi of the Arasaka.

The choice is yours, you can choose to sign the contract or decline, which will lead you to one of the two variations of the ending "Where is my mind?" of Cyberpunk 2077.

In the first case, V will undergo the surgery to digitize his mind, with the credits starting while the protagonist is under the knife. Refusing to sign the contract, V decides to return to Earth and live the few months he has left as a free man.

During the final mission you will also get the "The Devil" Trophy / Objective only if you have saved Goro Takemura in the "Search and Destroy" mission. To do this, when you are attacked by the forces of the Arasaka, you will have to ignore the mission objective of abandoning the building. Once in the room with the neon cross, turn left through the hole in the wall, pass the enemies and go up the stairs to reach Takemura and save him.

Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny Silverhand

Assault the Arasaka with Rogue giving control to Johnny

Requirements: Rogue's side mission "Blistering Love" must be completed. Unlocked by clearing "Chippin 'In", accepting Johnny's request to have a date with Rogue, as long as you are friendly to the rocker during the conversation in the oilfields.

Possible endings: "Path of Glory" or "New Dawn Fades"

During the conversation with Johnny on the terrace, choose the option: "You and Rogue should go".

V will take pseudoendotrizine and leave control of his body to Johnny, who will attack the Arasaka tower asking for Rogue's help. After contacting Alt and completing the preparations, Johnny, Rogue and the mercenary Weyland will attack the Arasaka tower with the aim of reaching the Mikoshi and heal V.

Also in this case just follow the objectives of the mission, making you road between showers of bullets, up to the clash with Smasher, where Rogue will sacrifice himself to give us the chance to survive and win the clash. Once the boss is defeated, we can decide to permanently reset it to take revenge for the death of Johnny's beloved.

Once we reach the Mikoshi, Johnny will connect to the network allowing Alt to access it. Unfortunately, there is bad news: even by removing the biochip, V's body is now compromised and he has no more than 6 months left to live, but if Johnny gets complete control there will be no consequences. Only one of the two can survive therefore, with the other becoming a digitized AI and going with Alt beyond the Blackwall.

At this point in the role of Johnny you will have two options: follow Alt and leave the his body or take control of it permanently.

Path of Glory: Johnny chooses to leave his body to V and greets his friend before entering cyberspace. In the next scene you will wake up in V's apartment, who in the meantime has become the most famous mercenary in Night City after the events of the Arasaka Tower. You will head to After Life, which you have meanwhile become the owner, to accept an assignment from "Mr. Blue Eyes", who will ask V to storm an Arasaka casino located in space. The game ends with V in a spacesuit among the stars, armed and ready to begin the operation. This ending unlocks the "The Sun" Trophy / Achievement

New Dawn Fades: Johnny chooses to maintain control of V's body, with or without his consent, sending V's consciousness into cyberspace. In the next sequence, you'll wake up as Johnny, now in complete control of V. With the prospect of a second chance, the rocker has decided to leave Night City forever and build a new life. After saying goodbye to Rogue and V at the Columbarium for the last time and buying a guitar for Steve, a boy he befriended, Johnny will board a bus leaving the city behind. This ending unlocks the "Temperance" Trophy / achievement.

Cyberpunk 2077, Panam

Asking Panam for help

Basic Requirements: Complete all Panam side missions. It is not necessary to have a romantic relationship with this character.

Possible endings: "All Along the Watchtower" or "New Dawn Fades"

During the conversation with Johnny on the terrace choose the option: "I will ask Panam for help". You will therefore choose to take on the omegablockers and storm the tower of the Arasaka together with the Nomads.

Once again you will have to make your way through the enemies of the Arasaka by completing the objectives of the mission and finally defeating Smasher. Once he reaches the Mikoshi, Alt unfortunately will not give you good news: due to the biochip V he will die within 6 months, even if he is removed, but on the contrary there will be no consequences if he leaves complete control to Johnny. Basically the same outcome as the final mission with Rogue, but with reversed parts. In fact, V will now make a delicate decision, which will lead to two different endings:

"All Along the Watchtower": V chooses to keep full control of his body, sending Johnny into cyberspace. In the next sequence, we will wake up near the Night City Dam. V has decided to join the Aldecaldos and leave Night City forever and live the time he has left as a free man and, if he is in a relationship with Judy or Panam, together with his better half. This ending unlocks the trophy / achievement "The Star".

"New Dawn Fades": V decides to enter cyberspace, leaving control of his body to Johnny Silverhand. The ending is practically identical to the one we talked about in the previous section and also in this case it unlocks the Trophy / achievement "The Temperance".

Cyberpunk 2077, an image from the game

End it all

Basic requirements: none

Final: negative ending

To unlock this negative ending, which by the way does not unlock any trophies / objectives, during the conversation on the terrace choose any option available to assault the Arasaka and on the next screen select "I could just get it over with".

V will decide not to continue his battle, throwing away the pills and killing himself with a gunshot, as it is the "cleaner and less violent" option that does not involve anyone. In the credits, various characters from Cyberpunk 2077 will comment on V's death and his decision to end it.

Cyberpunk 2077, promotional artwork

Suicide Mission "(Don't Fear) The Reaper "

Basic Requirements: Have completed Rogue's side mission" Blistering Love "and have an affinity with Johnny Silverhand of at least 40% (the central icon of the three at the top of the menu) following him in his dialogue and requests, but without being too compliant.

Final: "The Sun", "New Dawn Fades" or negative ending

To unlock this secret alternate version of the final mission, during the conversation with Johnny on the terrace you simply have to remain silent, that is, do not choose any option, for about 5 minutes. At this point Johnny will interpret V's silence as a desire not to involve anyone else. He will then offer you an alternative solution, which he will define as a "crazy suicide mission". And it actually is. In fact, the rocker's plan is to storm the Arasaka Tower without anyone's help.

We advise against choosing this option if you are not confident enough in your combat skills or well equipped. The assignment "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", in fact, is an alternative version of the final mission in which you will be alone against the forces in the Arasaka Tower, which will drastically increase the difficulty. Furthermore, you will have only one chance: there are no checkpoints and in case of game over the credits will start directly, with V's friends commenting on his death, just like in the negative ending in which he decides to commit suicide. In this case, at the end of the credits you can decide whether to try this suicide mission again or to opt for a different option.

In case you manage to escape unscathed from the mission "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", you will again be faced with the decisions that lead to the endings "New Dawn Fades" and "The Sun", with the difference that Rogue will still be alive in the latter and you will meet her at Afterlife.

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