Cyberpunk 2077: Guide to romantic relationships

Cyberpunk 2077: Guide to romantic relationships

Cyberpunk 2077

From the studio that brought a saga like that of The Witcher to the gaming platforms, one could not but expect a minimum component of romance within Cyberpunk 2077.

It must be said that the possibilities are not many and which are also linked to certain choices made during character creation. In fact, within the title it will be possible to intertwine stable love stories with only four characters, two for the male sex and two for the female one.

Let's see them together in this guide to the romantic relationships of Cyberpunk 2077.


The following article contains spoilers regarding the main story of Cyberpunk 2077. So continue at your own risk.

Love affairs for V with body female

One of the possible relationships of Cyberpunk 2077 If you have chosen a V with a female body, you will have the opportunity to establish relationships with two characters of the game (even simultaneously): Judy Alvarez (also requires the female tone of voice) and River Ward.

Judy Alvarez

Judy is one of the first romantic opportunities you may encounter during your game.

To unlock the possibility of having a relationship with her, you will have to first follow the main quest about Evelyn, the one that will take you to the end of act 1.

Once this is done, you will also have to complete the secondary missions entrusted to Judy that will follow, starting from the Ex-Factor quest, for which you will have to help her and the Mox to conquer the Clouds.

The mission that will make the difference, however, will be Pyramid Song. During this assignment you will have the opportunity to "step forward" and spend the night with Judy. The next morning the girl will ask you what that experience meant for you. Here you can choose to start a stable relationship with Judy or dismiss it as a one night stand.

Night City ... by day!

River Ward

To begin the storyline involving River, you will need to start the side quest I Fought The Law.

Once this task is completed, the character will show up after some time, asking you to help him with the disappearance of a family member.

Once this is done, he will call you to invite you to dinner. This is your chance to make your "move".

Just like Judy, the next morning she will ask you if you are going to make it serious or give it up.

Sentimental relationships for V with male body

A character from Cyberpunk 2077 If your choice fell on a V with male body, two stories await you (also in this case, intertwined simultaneously): those with Kerry Eurodyne (also requires male tone of voice) and Panam Palmer.

Kerry Eurodyne

Kerry is a character who can be met following the storyline between Johnny and Rogue in 2077. After several missions , will come one called Boats Drinks. Here you will have the opportunity to start a relationship with Kerry.

Panam Palmer

Panam Palmer is another character quite easy to meet, as he will be your main help in the missions dedicated to Anders Hellman , the creator of the Relic that you have in mind.

Here too, you will have to overcome the obstacles of the main missions and reach the secondary ones to start sparking the spark between you and Panam. During these quests you will have the opportunity to step forward on several occasions, although she will push you back most of the times.

In the Queen of the Highway mission, however, Panam will let go, even if you don't have a real stable relationship with her.

Different relationships, different endings

All the sentimental situations that we have illustrated will lead to variations in the ending of the game.

One night stand

In Cyberpunk 2077 there is also the possibility of having sex without commitment Not only stable relationships that will have a weight in the end: Cyberpunk 2077 also offers one night stand adventures.

One of these is the one with Meredith Stout. To unlock this possibility you will first have to contact her during one of the first missions entrusted to Dexter DeShawn (the one in which you have to recover the Flathead from the Maelstrom).

If you deliver the shard with the money, without hacking it or revealing the scam to the gang, some time after the mission, Meredith will call you and ask you to join her at the No-Tell Motel.

Other adventures are those with the Joy Toys of the red light districts of the city, but, in any case , you will have no way of building stable relationships with these characters.

This was our Cyberpunk 2077 dating guide. We hope you find it useful.

Please let us know in the comments what choices you made (by reporting the spoiler if necessary).

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