Wronged Us, the preview of a very special horror

Wronged Us, the preview of a very special horror

Wronged Us

How many software houses have misused the definition of "psychological horror" to describe the generic horror game they were working on? How many times have we found ourselves playing with these titles that "psychological", and sometimes even horror, had little or nothing, based as they were on jumping from the chair, useful for being appreciated on YouTube, Twitch and the like, but certainly not to leave a mark?

Yet every time the expression is used we can only have a little gasp, because basically reading it or hearing it brings to mind masterpieces such as Silent Hill or SOMA, so how can we not give in to curiosity? So, for the umpteenth time we did not resist and, having read "psychological horror" in the brief description of the work, we gave in and decided to dedicate a preview to Wronged Us, to try to understand whether or not it can succeed in establishing itself in the genre. to which it says it belongs.

The game

Isaac, the protagonist of the game (note the 4: 3 aspect ratio of the image) Delusional Studio, the software house that is developing it, currently composed of a single person, but looking for developers, describes it as a narrative game set in a very small town, in which the player will have to explore different environments facing psychological horror, solving puzzles and fighting against monsters. The exploration of the different parts of this nightmare place will be free and you will be able to interact with different non-player characters, which will allow you to better understand what is happening.

Also according to the developers, Wronged Us has three main sources of inspiration: Resident Evil, for the gameplay and for some mechanics (let's imagine the 4, given the shot behind the protagonist); Silent Hill, for the story, the setting and the atmosphere and ... Dark Souls, for the open world, the design of these assigned by the characters and the way to follow them. The user interface will not tell the player where to go to achieve his goals and will not notify successes or failures, leaving him completely to himself. We assume that the consequences of his actions will reflect on the story, but this is our addition and should be considered as such. But what will this story be?

The trailer

Some scenes are evocative In November of last year, Delusional released the first teaser of the game, which shows clips of gameplay. It is difficult to reconstruct the story from what is visible and audible, but there seems to be a fairly marked religious subtext. The video begins by showing two monstrous zombie-like creatures, which a voiceover describes as abominations abhorred by God. Then we see a house and the voice makes us discover what the name of the protagonist should be: Isaac. He asks him why he's back. The scene shows a power pole full of photos of missing persons, next to a house with a porch that looks like something out of an Edward Hopper painting. Isaac replies that he is looking for someone. So we see him wandering the streets of the town, under the watchful gaze of some inhabitants. We accompany him with our gaze in various places, one of which is full of blood and enriched by a disturbing presence that observes the protagonist from the dark.

So we see Isaac talking to a woman who tells him it's too late, because they've all gone away. Who obviously is not given to know, just as we are not given to know who the woman is (in truth, we also know very little about Isaac). The last part of the trailer is the one that shows more gameplay elements, with Isaac hiding from some creepy figures, one of them hooded and armed, sneaking around. So we see him armed with a rifle, engaged in a fight against a strange being that moves by climbing the outer wall of a house. Finally we see him retreating in front of a very tall, thin and disturbing man, who emerges from a dark room in another house. The video closes by showing some evocative scenes, mounted in sequence: two headless figures on a rocky rise, a screaming crowd in front of a burning building and the face of the wounded and bloodied protagonist.

More info

The setting is creepy For the rest of Wronged Us not much is known. It is known that it is being developed using the Unreal Engine and that it will be released on PC and consoles (unspecified) in 2023, but the whole thing is really uncertain. The work has been going on for a year and a half, at least according to the official FAQ, and has restarted at least once due to some changes made to the project. The game is designed to be played with a 4: 3 ratio, but 16: 9 can also be selected. Finally: the developers know that some scenes in the trailer are worse than others, but this is due to the fact that different builds were used to record the gameplay, therefore of uneven quality. For the rest we just have to wait for some more information to get a more defined picture of the game, which still appears interesting in the premises.

We have seen little of Wronged Us, but that little is still fascinating, even if in its limitation. It is really premature to make judgments about it, but it is a title to keep an eye on in some way, hoping it will not lose its way.


The atmosphere seems the right one DOUBTS Yes really knows too little Have you noticed any errors?

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