China wants to set up a committee to partner with Intel and AMD

China wants to set up a committee to partner with Intel and AMD

Nikkei has recently reported the willingness on the part of China to want to found a special committee, in order to start a collaboration with the main CPU manufacturers in the world, namely Intel and AMD. Through this move, China wants to establish a national supply chain, so that it can circumvent the US sanctions imposed on the country a few years ago.

The organization, which will take the name of "cross-border working committee for semiconductors ”, is expected to be launched in the first half of this year, according to information provided by Nikkei. The committee will also be supervised by the Ministry of Commerce together with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. However, the objectives do not stop at national supplies, the aim is in fact also to increase the stocks of CPUs and other products from Japan, Europe and the United States, by strengthening relations between Chinese and foreign companies.

Photo Credit: Intel The committee also wants to try to persuade foreign companies to increase investment in China to build new development sites in the country, with the promise of further funding and cooperation from local governments. The desire to aim for a collaboration with Intel and AMD emerged from the documents acquired by Nikkei, including the German Infineon Technologies and a Dutch industrial group, of which ASML is part. While some companies have already expressed a positive opinion on the initiative, Intel and the Dutch group have refrained from comments when contacted by Nikkei herself.

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