The latest move by the GTA publisher does not convince investors

The latest move by the GTA publisher does not convince investors

Yesterday we reported the purchase of the publisher of GTA, or Take-Two Interactive, of Zynga, the company behind the many social games that conquered Facebook during the first years of the social network boom. There are many doubts behind this acquisition, but the first to emerge were those of the investors, who apparently did not appreciate the move as evidenced by the stock market.

If it is true that the price of the shares and the value of the same is very volatile in the market, it is also true that it is often one of the very few options that investors have to be heard. And so, just hours after Take-Two Interactive's announcement of the acquisition of Zynga, the GTA publisher saw its value drop by 15%. According to Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, the reason behind this collapse is due to the insecurity regarding the synergy of the two realities, which are very different from each other.

If Take-Two Interactive acquires has done more harm than good, at least for now, the situation is different for Zynga. The US company behind some of the most famous social games of all time has in fact raised its share value, with a 40% increase in its shares. A situation which is certainly evolving and which will probably smooth out to "normal" levels over the next few days but it is certainly interesting to note this slight decline.

Take Two's stock price dropped ~ 15% yesterday while Zynga is up ~ 40 %, on the news of the acquisition.

- TTWO is paying a 64% premium for Zynga to limit counter offers. Some investors believe it's overpriced.

- Investors also unsure about synergy between the two.

- Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) January 11, 2022

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In addition to GTA, Take-Two Interactive also publishes the titles of its parent company 2K. This year the publisher should equip itself with a new release, namely the new BioShock. It is not excluded that the acquisition of Zynga is aimed only at conquering a slice of the mobile market and that there is no intention in working to bring some iterations of its franchises also in games for social networks and mobile platforms.

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