Games for one evening: 10 games with short playing times

Games for one evening: 10 games with short playing times

Games for one evening

50 hours, 100 hours, 200 hours! Games want to take up a lot of your time and the really good ones even manage to entertain you continuously. But games do not necessarily have to work through a huge fantasy epic like The Witcher 3, but can also be short and crisp. Something that can be played through in one evening. That's why we sat down and picked out ten games for you that are short but extremely memorable. A short playing time and creative game ideas were therefore important for our research.

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Playing time: approx. 4 hours

Developer: Nomada Studio

Platform: PC, PS4, XBO, NSW

Gris tells a moving story - completely without words Source: Nomada Studios In Gris you are out and about in a 2D platformer with the girl of the same name. At the beginning of the game she loses her singing and on top of that all colors disappear from the world. So Gris sets out to find her voice and travels to beautiful, hand-drawn worlds that are minimalist but still offer fantastic panoramas. They are divided into six different sections, each with a predominant color. If you have completed a section, the respective color finds its way into the overall work. In the levels you also have to solve small puzzles, but they are not particularly difficult. But Gris does not draw his fascination from this either. In the course of the story, which revolves around depression and coping with grief, the game sets off an audiovisual fireworks display, as one misses even in some Triple-A productions.

With around 4 hours of playing time, Gris is definitely on to create one evening. You can play it on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

Untitled Goose Game

Playing time: approx. 3 hours

Developer: House House

Platform: PC, PS4, XBO, NSW

Just play jokes as a goose. Who hasn't always wanted to do that? Source: PC Games The world is bad and all people are stupid! This is not only the mood after the boss's anger and after-work traffic jams, but also that of geese! The poultry is in Untitled Goose Game - yes, the game is really called that - the main character. You play a goose who hires jokes in a village and drives the residents crazy. You do that by stealing things, tricking people or even setting small traps for them. You can play the game not only alone, but also in pairs. Of course there is a lot more nonsense to do in the life of a goose. The graphics have been reduced, the controls are very easy to learn and there is a button with which you can start chattering at the push of a button!

Untitled Goose Game can be played in about 3 hours and it is also for almost all consoles published. PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Playing time: approx. 3 hours

Developer: Giant Sparrow

Platform: PC, PS4, XBO, NSW

The house of the Finches is eccentric and exudes a lot of atmosphere Source: PC Games A large house in which you are all alone and have to find your way around . Sounds like a horror game at first glance, but what Remains of Edith Finch is a long way off. The game could best be counted among the walking simulators. You walk through the house of the Finch family with an unspecified person. It's fantastically ornate and really shirt-sleeved. You only have to puzzle your way through the house with a diary in your luggage and experience the stories of the individual family members. Apparently there is a curse on them and many family members die in a dramatic and also bizarre way. The game lets you slip into the shoes of the person whose death you are currently reliving.

The game is constantly on a successful, melancholy balancing act, which always leaves a bittersweet aftertaste. In terms of gameplay, you can expect nice ideas that merge story and game mechanics.

What Remains of Edith Finch is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. And with 2-3 hours it is a short but intense adventure.

The fantastic adventures of Captain Spirit

Playing time: approx. 2 hours

Developer: Dontnod Entertainment

Platform: PC, PS4, XBO

Captain Spirit is heartbreaking and a bit funny too. Source: Dontnod The fantastic adventures of Captain Spirit is a spin off of the episode series Life is Strange and is supposed to represent the series here. Since the respective episodes only take 3-4 hours to complete, the series is perfect for an evening of entertainment.

Captain Spirit was published in the run-up to Life is Strange 2. The game tells the story of Chris. He is 10 years old and has come up with a superhero character in Captain Spirit, which he also plays himself. With a blanket tied around his neck and a lot of imagination, Chris fulfills all of our childhood dreams.

The highlight of Captain Spirit is that you can get it completely free of charge from the stores for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or on the PC can be downloaded from Steam. So a great deal for two hours of good entertainment.


Playing time: approx. 6 hours

Developer: 11 Bit Studios

Platform: PC , PS4, XBO

Frostpunk wants you to suffer. The victory tastes all the better. Source: Ion A build-up game for an evening? You normally play something like that for hundreds of hours? Yes actually. Only Frostpunk does it a little differently. The building game focuses on its story-driven campaign and takes place in a steampunk setting in the 19th century.

Mankind is on the verge of extinction because a new ice age has dawned. The desperate people gather in a final enclave, somewhere in the ice desert, and have to build a city around a generator that provides warmth. The game is tough and throws you one problem after the next, like lack of coal or famine. On top of that, you have to make social decisions that keep you in mind how quickly you can get away from the individual fate and only decide for the masses - including collateral damage. Admittedly, the game is the longest on our list and if the main campaign is over, you should start the game in the late afternoon. We also assure you: Playing Frostpunk right away the first time will be difficult. Nevertheless, it is a successful building game with a high production budget for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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My friend Pedro

Playing time: approx. 5 hours

Developer: DeadToast Entertainment

Platform: PC, PS4, XBO, NSW

Never was Shoot stylish source: PC Games Just shoot around as stylishly as you can. That is the motto of My friend Pedro.

In the little indie game you wake up as a masked stranger to whom a banana named Pedro suddenly appears and speaks to him. She also advises him to blow away the bad bastards with the gun and off you go. You see: The game is partly completely crazy in its story and its staging. But it's also just cool. If you target your opponents on a rolling barrel, then jump over them in slow motion and shoot them, then that might not be realistic, but it just looks damn stylish!

With 5 hours it will be a longer one Evening, the game is perfect for turning your head off after a long day. You can play on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


Playing time: approx. 2 hours

Developer: Thatgamecompany

Platform : PC, PS3, PS4

Take a trip together. Journey sets the scene in an outstanding way. Source: PC Games Journey has been around for almost 10 years. Even so, the game is still played a lot today and is considered one of the best gaming experiences on the PlayStation. In the game, as a little creature with a coat, your goal is to climb a mountain. You first make your way through a varied desert until you come to the snow-covered peaks. The trick is that the game spawns a partner into the game from time to time. This is another player who is in the same place. The game doesn't reveal who that is, and communication is also limited. You can only make a call that the other sees and hears. Despite the limited interaction, it is astonishing how much the playing together welds together and how much you look around for help when you have lost sight of your partner.

You can find Journey on the PlayStation, but now also on the PC play. At two hours, the playing time is manageable, but we assure you: It still stays in your head for a long time.

A Normal Lost Phone

Playing time: approx. 2 hours

Developer: Accidental Queens

Platform: PC, NSW, IOS, Android

What would you do with a found cell phone? Source: Accidental Queens Probably the most unusual and unknown game on our list is A Normal Lost Phone. The game did not appear on any of the major consoles, i.e. Xbox or PlayStation, but only on PC, Nintendo Switch and on IOS and Android. This is probably also due to the premise itself. Imagine that you find a smartphone and can do whatever you want with it. You unlock passwords, codes and more and slowly break down the strange cell phone. You will also recognize the story of the actual owner more and more.

The game relies fully on the curiosity in all of us, because we always want to find out a little more. At two hours, the game is pretty short, but still a recommendation - not just for an evening, but also for in between.

The Dark Pictures Anthology

Playing time: approx. 5 hours

Developer: Supermassive Games

Platform: PC, PS4, XBO

The Dark Pictures Anthology offers you jump care horror for a scary snack in between. Source: Supermassive Games For everyone who likes horror, The Dark Pictures Anthology is the right series. As the name suggests, the series is a so-called anthology. This means that the individual parts do not tell a coherent story and are self-contained - perfect for a nice evening of horrors. With Man of Medan and Little Hope, two episodes of the ghost train stories are already available to play. The third edition, House of Ashes, is slated to appear this year. The games are mostly based on the classic teen horror movie cliché. A group of half-strong boys and girls come on a creepy ship or in an abandoned horror village and have to get by. Along the way, you solve puzzles and make decisions that affect the course of the game. You like to get shocked with jump scares. So the quality of the story is more on the B-movie level. But that's quite entertaining for an evening.

The Dark Pictures Anthology can be found on PC, Xbox One, PS 4.

Her Story

Playing time: approx Hours

Developer: Sam Barlow

Platform: PC, IOS

All hobby detectives will get their money's worth with Her Story Source: Games Aktuell The last game in our list is about to begin all hobby detectives. In Her Story you have to solve a murder case. You don't walk around and you have to combine item A with item B. You only have access to an old police computer on which there are video recordings of seven different police interrogations.

The lady who is being interrogated is always the same - her husband is the victim. However, their condition changes with each interrogation and you have to listen carefully and watch out for small clues. The special thing about Her Story is that all video recordings were shot with a real actress and they ended up in the game as well. That brings a very authentic look into play, which makes the atmosphere even denser. The game has won numerous prizes and is a tip for all Sherlocks out there. You can play Her Story on PC or even on your mobile phone or tablet for IOS. With about 6 hours it is also a game for a longer evening.

We very much hope that you enjoy your game night, because with these games you will almost certainly see the credits on an evening. We hope the list has helped you a little. Which games can you still complete in one evening? Please write us in the comments!

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