E3 2021: the point on Ubisoft

E3 2021: the point on Ubisoft

E3 2021

E3 is getting closer and closer and information begins to flood. Ubisoft was not at all idle, anticipating its conference with the full-bodied gameplay of Far Cry 6. A way to open the dance on the counterattack and that seems a sign of great safety.

This year's line up is in fact richer than ever. The strategy adopted by Ubisoft is very transparent and is full of announcements already certain, also due to the amount of titles arriving already in 2021. Yet, according to the latest statements, there will be some big surprises.

Meanwhile that Ubisoft Forward will be held at 9 pm Italian on June 12th and that you can see the conference on the Twitch channel of Eurogamer, in our company. In the pre-show, set at 8pm, there will be updates on For Honor, Trackmania, The Crew 2, Brawlhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion.

Speaking of the London hackers, we will have more information on the Bloodline expansion (coming July 2021) and on the Legion of the Dead multiplayer mode (currently only available on PC). Fans will also meet Aiden Pearce, protagonist of the first chapter.

Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline

Watch on YouTube. The post show will be dedicated to Rainbow Six Quarantine (which will change its name due to the pandemic). From E3 2019 to today we have had, also due to a recent leak, various information on the gameplay, focused on stealth raids with ever increasing difficulties. Blood or tissue samples will have to be stolen from the infected (Archaeans, light-headed monsters) and it is assumed that drones can be controlled. The setting is PvE co-op, but this E3 will tell us more about combat.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege will also be discussed later in the evening. Specifically, the developers will address the latest balance issues and deepen the mechanics of the new Thunderbird operator, North Star. In Ubisoft's intentions, this phase of the show will also be useful to reveal some more details about what was said in the main direct.

But let's go back to the central event. The hot dish, but its own red-hot, will clearly be Far Cry 6, out on 7 October 2021. A not-so-implausible conjecture could be a Giancarlo Esposito in the studio, not to be ruled out a priori given the proverbial affability of the Italian-American actor.

As for the game, the recent gameplay trailer revealed that there will be some third person moments and that you will be able to use special weapons, such as a rocket-firing backpack. Maybe we will know more about cooperative multiplayer. Guerrilla and revolution will once again be the main theme of the wildest FPS Open World ever.

Quarantine teaser trailer.

Watch on YouTube. We will almost certainly talk about Ubisoft Originals, the new label associated with internally developed games. Unlike EA Originals, which is focused on indies, it is possible that this new direction of the French studio will be aimed mainly at the free to play market, recently held in high regard by the management. The hope is that they have understood their mistakes following the launch of Hyper Scape. The first title on the roster will be The Division: Heartland, a spin-off from the main series. The IP universe will grow further, with a mobile game, a movie for Netflix and a novel.

As for Riders Republic, postponed to the beginning of the year, it is hoped that we will at least have confirmation of a date of 'Exit. Behind the sports game of Ubisoft Annecy hides a winning and charismatic idea: skiing, snowboarding, BMX, rollerblading, all together in a concentrate of adrenaline and extreme sports. The modalities will range from acrobatic freestyle to road races, single or team. An open component to Forza Horizon or some other fun and slightly arcade quirks, such as the presence of Jet hang gliders (wingsuit), should not be excluded.

If the post launch support of Immortal Fenyx Rising seems concluded, different the issue for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, of which something is expected about the new expansion planned for the summer: Siege of Paris. It's unlikely we'll see anything about the start of a new trilogy (maybe a logo?), But there's a new Assassin's Creed in the air for Oculus VR, joined by Splinter Cell.

The remake of Prince of Persia: The sands of time, a bit like what happened to Halo Infinite, certainly did not surprise for its graphics. This year from Ubisoft, we expect a shot correction and a more sincere desire to bring the prince back into the spotlight. For the impact it has had in the history of video games, it deserves at least this. And speaking of big returns, Rayman has been off the radar for a while. Could this be the year to relaunch it?

Far Cry 6 gameplay.

Watch on YouTube. Skulls & Bones, announced at E3 2017 and postponed several times, has now shifted to fiscal year 2022/2023 and is likely not to be seen. We will have to wait a while for what will be the greatest pirate experience offered by Ubisoft, after Assassin's Creed Black Flag, with which it shares the naval combat and mobility system. As a side dish, Ubisoft Film could deepen its projects for the big screen (or rather, Apple TV +), among which we point out the excellent comedy series Mythic Quest.

And since we are a bit dreaming and imagining what there will be beyond Ubisoft's current life, it's time to face the elephant in the room. Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been surrounded by silence for about a year: the last Space Monkey Report dates back to October 2019, even if up to that moment the development continued steadily and it seems that six studios (from Barcelona to Montpellier) worked on it. on. BG&E 2 skipped E3 2019 because it was in a delicate but fruitful phase. Could this fair also be skipped?

Much is known about what B & G2 wants to be and the geographical scale it aspires to (an entire solar system), so it would not be surprising yet another absence. We speak, in the intentions, of a transcendental triple A. we can't wait to be able to really fly among the fascinating sci-fi scenarios prepared by Ubisoft: the next-gen could be what the team needed to leave aside worries related to the limitations of old hardware. This second chapter of the world imagined by Michel Ancel may have the surprises Ubisoft talks about.

Will we know more about Beyond Good and Evil 2?

Watch on YouTube. Ubisoft is loaded this year, and unless it has already really run out of cartridges, revealing its cards too soon, it might still surprise us. And there are the foundations to do so: historical IPs (including a Star Wars in the works with Massive Entertainment), competitive multiplayer and single player capable of capturing large slices of the public. If this review has intrigued you, we renew the invitation to participate with us in the live broadcast June 12, 9 pm: do not miss it!

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