The new Swatch watches in Bioceramic

The new Swatch watches in Bioceramic

They arrive at the end of the year with the innovative mix of two thirds of ceramics and one third of plastic of biological origin

(Photo: Swatch) By the end of the current year Swatch will use a new and innovative material to its main watch lines. Composed of two thirds of ceramic and one third of plastic of biological origin, Bioceramic can put on the plate several advantages such as high resistance, low rigidity and a very pleasant feeling to the touch.

Only last September 2020 Swatch presented the Bioreloaded project to replace all the traditional plastic adopted for its watch models with a biological variant, also bringing back an iconic design from 1983. Half a year later, the Swiss company is ready to take the next step with a solution that maintains high attention for a greater respect for the environment to a new generation construction technology.

(Photo: Swatch) The light resistance of ceramic therefore meets the sustainability of bio-plastic with a silky material to the touch and thermosensitive, i.e. able to quickly adapt to body temperature ensuring greater comfort in every season. To present Bioceramic, Swatch has chosen to focus on the characteristic Big Bold model with a large case (47 mm in diameter) with a so-called architectural design and a minimalist naked version that showcases the internal movement. Five colors to choose from between the traditional black and white and the more particular sky blue, pink and gray Pantone 2021.

(Photo: Swatch) The new Swatch collection will be available for purchase from next April 15th 2021 in all the Swatch Stores, on the official online channel and in some authorized resellers for a price of 125 euros.

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