The best RPG ever? Planescape Torment

The best RPG ever? Planescape Torment

Ashes on my head: a few months ago I had to shamefully confess that I had never played the first Wasteland. This time it's the turn of Planescape: Torment from 1999, another classic role-playing game that I missed at the time - and the reasons are actually quite similar euphoric than those of the US colleagues. On the other hand, I didn't really know what to do with the scenario: A game character who can't die and that's why I want death - why should I want to identify with something like that?

The 2017 published Enhanced Edition of Planescape: Torment primarily benefits from the higher resolution and the larger image section, which offers a better overview. However, our author played the original version from 1999 for this article.

Source: Black Isle Studios / plassma media agency

After almost 22 years, the gap should finally be closed, if only because Planescape: Torment (buy now) is becoming more and more popular as THE computer RPG. Above all, the game from the pen of Black Isle Studios was way ahead of its time, especially in terms of storytelling and the interaction of the party members with one another.

In any case, I am staying true to my "my first time" philosophy and playing the original version from 1999, which I bought years ago via The larger image section of the 2017 Enhanced Edition, which supports resolutions up to 4K, would give me a better overview. However, I don't want to dilute my retro experience with subsequently improved technology. Let's go!

Although the inventory is tight, it is quite clearly laid out for a game from 1999. Source: Black Isle Studios / media agency plassma bar every memory

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