SEGA takes leave of the arcade world

SEGA takes leave of the arcade world

More restructuring in SEGA, still a change at the corporate level. As revealed online, in fact, the publisher and developer has deprived himself of another strategic branch, this time concerning the arcade sector, namely that of arcades, a sector already no longer flourishing practically throughout Europe and which has suffered another blow. very hard due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SEGA SEGA has therefore decided to sell the western division that dealt with the management of arcade games. Called SEGA Amusements International, the entire corporate arm has passed under the control of its management team, led by Paul Williams, employed at one of the Japanese giants for over 22 years. The press release is clear enough: the division will continue to operate under the same name, thanks to an agreement that will transfer part of the royalties to the publisher and developer but will develop under new management.

This is a change anyway radical for SEGA. In fact, during 2020 it suffered a lot with regard to the pandemic and just last year it had to sell the arcade division linked to Japan, one of the last happy islands in terms of arcades. Now the western arm will dive headlong into the management of North America and Europe, fortunately without any too traumatic detachment: the cabinets will in fact always remain the same and will all be branded with the logo of the Sonic house.

SEGA therefore seems to be officially out of the arcade market and will probably focus more on the home world. However, the fate of FOG Gaming is not yet clear, the cloud service that allows players to enjoy the arcade physically present in the arcade from the comfort of home. The project should have started in October but we do not know at this point whether it will remain active or not, considering the latest corporate events.

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