Preview, Porsche Taycan: hard to find a better (electric) car

Preview, Porsche Taycan: hard to find a better (electric) car

Preview, Porsche Taycan

When Porsche announced plans to develop an electric car, many turned up their noses. One of the most prestigious manufacturers in the history of the automobile, he would have moved away from his own tradition to explore a completely new territory. Many unknowns; a complex challenge. After years of research, the first completely zero-emission model produced by Porsche has an exotic and particularly recognizable name: Taycan.

After the debut of the ultra-high-performance versions Turbo S and Turbo, the presentation of 4S arrives the turn to expand the price list with the "basic" set-up, to whose name no abbreviation is added. Porsche Taycan is a sedan with flagship dimensions: 4.96 meters long, 1.97 meters wide and with a ground clearance of only 1.38 meters. The aerodynamic design is very sophisticated and has resulted in a cx value of only 0.25.

Solutions for improving efficiency that have been integrated into a pleasant body design which is inspired by the recent past Porsche. The lines are particularly soft and rounded; especially the rear is very rounded, where you can see the LED line that extends over the entire width of the boot. At night the scenographic effect is guaranteed. The glance is successful and returns dynamism and charm.

The front area is distinguished by the presence of optical groups embellished with four LED light points, which shine like precious stones; the front hood tends downwards and this emphasizes the Taycan’s sporting instinct. Looking at it from the side, you can appreciate the cleanliness of the image: no aesthetic virtuosity, even the handles are level with the bodywork, all to promote better aerodynamic efficiency.

The interiors, on the other hand, do not renounce to surprise and are offered in a very technological and rational configuration. The instrument panel is curved and develops on a 16.8 "curved screen, the graphics are customizable and the driver can choose whether to keep an eye on different parameters of the car, including, for example, navigation. The resolution is very high and even with sun reflections the visibility of the image is never compromised.

The on-board entertainment system relies on a 10.9 ″ touch screen: image quality it is very high, the graphics are very attractive and the layout of the icons is intuitive. You quickly get used to its use. A second screen dedicated to the passenger is even available as an option. Finally, on the bridge tunnel, which takes up a suspended "aeronautical" setting, there is the control panel of the air conditioning system.

This is the only digital solution comparable to the presence of physical controls: thanks to the haptic feedback you have the concrete sensation of pressure and the layout of the keys is certainly very ergonomic; you can set the temperature and control the ventilation speed without getting distracted. Porsche has devised a solution that was both spectacular and ergonomic for the motorist.

Compared to the rest of the range, the Taycan has a propulsive structure with a single electric motor, located on the rear axle. The car can be equipped with two different battery levels: from 79.2 kWh (and 326 hp of power) or from 93.4 kWh (380 hp with peak power of 476 hp). The autonomy varies, depending on the capacity of the accumulator, between 431 km and 484 km. During the preview, it was possible to drive the version with 93.4 kWh battery over a distance of more than 200 km.

Facing the fast-moving sections, you appreciate the great comfort: the Taycan is fluid and smoothly and at cruising speed you travel in a very well soundproofed environment, the feeling is that of being able to travel hundreds of kilometers without the slightest interference. Moving on a mixed route, Porsche's electric car proves surprisingly agile and dynamic, it enters corners with great precision and speed.

The structure is very solid, the roll is almost completely absent and they manage to take the hairpin bends (even tight) without the slightest uncertainty. It restores enormous safety, while still leaving the motorist free to have fun: anchored to the asphalt, thanks to the instantaneous torque delivery, Taycan allows some power oversteer when exiting corners, and then realigns itself in an orderly manner. The driving dynamics are enhanced by elements such as the variable ratio steering (communicative as few ..), the rear differential with limited slip and a lower center of gravity than a 911. Considerations that are even more surprising if we consider the weight of the car: 2,200 kg. You never hear them.

Honorable mention, finally, for the braking system: the steel discs are exceptional, they never tire. The architecture of the 800 Volt battery allows for ultra-fast charging. During the test, a stop was planned at the Ionity columns, which can supply direct current up to a maximum power of 350 kW. Once connected to the grid, the Taycan drew 270 kW, maximum sustainable power from the car structure and recharged from 18% to 85% in about 10 minutes. Time for a joint stop. Sure: such intense solutions risk ruining battery efficiency, but they remain useful especially when undertaking long journeys.

Porsche Taycan proves to be the best electric currently available: autonomy is excellent, speed of notable recharge, the latest generation of ergonomic technological equipment and driving dynamics is to be crowned as the reference for the entire segment. Despite making no noise, despite not having a heat engine, the Taycan is a true Porsche, and once we got there, leaving the keys left a real melancholy feeling. Prices from 86,400 euros.

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